Isn’t she lovely?

We have a new member of the family that will be coming home with us when we leave in the next few days. A sheep! A lovely sculptured sheep made out of old 44 gallon drums. It was our Christmas present from Rob’s Dad and Step Mum and I am completely in love with her.

And look at the name of the label would you? EE-I-EE-I-O nonetheless! Isn’t she going to look wonderful under the tree in our yard?


  1. Gorgeous. We have them at the nursery near us and I would love one.

  2. This is every kind of awesome!

    She really will fit right into your house πŸ™‚

    Does she have a name?


  3. She is too fabulous!

  4. Awesome! Who made it?

  5. That’s every kind of awesome.
    Was it her I spotted (and loved) from afar in a previous photo or do they have one of their own too?
    She is going to be very happy at BabyMac.
    πŸ™‚ x

  6. He he – just read up and saw Cherie’s comment!!
    Great minds and all that!!

  7. Oh how I love her!

  8. She will be very happy grazing away under your tree!

  9. ohhh…Fantastic sculpture. wow. who is the artist? She will look stunning in your garden.

  10. Oh that is ADORABLE! I want one. Although she wouldn’t look quite the part in my villa courtyard!

  11. How lovely! I love sculpture in the garden. She looks a bit like Shaun the Sheep…or maybe Timmy?


  12. She can come and meet our “wonder dog”… I’ll do a post on him sometime so alll will be revealed! x

  13. Now that is super cute and such a thoughtful, clever thing to make for you guys, gorgeous xo

  14. Ace! love it! x

  15. Very clever :o) And so adorable too! I’ve found your blog via Chantelle at FatMumSlim and think it is great! :o)

  16. Super gorgeous! I can see this lovely lamb in your garden. Will you be naming her? I picture her with Santa hats in future years, and being a real part of the family. πŸ™‚

  17. she’s gorgeous!


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