Friday on my mind

Well, what do you know? It’s Friday! We are all a little bleary eyed, voices a little hoarse from the yelling and the disciplining but you know what? I think we have PROGRESS! Daisy has managed to go to sleep, in her own bed, BY HERSELF, AND STAY HERE for a few nights in a row. Harper is managing the transition to her big girl bed well, waking 4 times a night sure, but going back to sleep, IN HER BED ALL NIGHT LONG. It’s progress, small sure, but I’ll take it. The feral behaviour can be addressed next week right?

This weekend I have the fabulous Woog clan coming down to stay. Today I will spend the day trying to get the children to practice pronouncing “Mrs Woog”. Daisy is excited she has a fellow ballet dancer coming to stay and I will continue to tell Rob that real people from the internet can be fabulous and he and Mr Woog will have a bromance that will last long after the weekend passes. They can stand around drinking beer and get hard ons looking at our lawn and ride on mower at least while Mrs W and I guzzle champagne and toast our brillance.

Today I am also over at another blog. I know, I’m all over the web like a rash. Snort. My friend Bridget (Tai Tai) is having her first baby in a week and I sent her a little note with a few hints and tips. She mustn’t have been too scarred, because she has published it AND even had some nice things to say about me to. Why don’t you head on over, have a look and send her one of your own pearls?

Oh, and have a fabulous weekend!


  1. OMG I can imagine the nonsense that this pairing will generate…..please vlog it, even if it’s just raucous, snorting laughter please…….

  2. LOVED your letter!

    Every Mum to be needs a friend like you.

    Er, is it bad that I still have {& wear} my hospital undies?

    I just can’t bear to pass with their harry high waited cotton-y goodness!

  3. *waisted even

  4. I just snorted my tea over the keyboard reading about men getting hard ons over the lawn. PAH! Even sleep deprived and horse you are a cracker Beth. GO you! *s*

  5. I wish it was tomorrow today x

  6. dude, para 12 had me bawling. like. a. baby. – at my desk in my very professional office. i had to lie and say i just put eye drops in. cos those words, they got me. one day, captain sensible and i will have a baby, and i know more than anything else those words will ring true.

  7. I will not tell my husband that Mr Woog has already dropped him. The air was thick with bromance up here last year … and just quietly I think Mr Styling You would leave me for a ride-on mower …

  8. The best part: “They will get hard ons looking at our lawn and ride on mower”.
    So feckin true….now if only it would FULLY take care of business…ya know???

  9. God you make me laugh.

  10. Enjoy those fabulous Woogs! x

  11. oh to be a fly on the wall at your place this weekend.

    funny as shit.

    I am hearing you with feral children. 6 y.o is hanging on by a thread, but 2 y.o is feral. I cannot go near public places in fear of reprisals from the general public. Get this. Mid tantrum walking in the main street of Ulladulla, an old codger at the ATM turns around and says SHUT UP. Rude. But apt. Like I WANT her to be screaming at the top of her lungs.


  12. Oh small mercies! Not that you’ll get any sleep this weekend with a house full of Woogs. Remember, a glass of water and a berocca before bed and 2 panadols the minute you wake up. Put it all beside your bed ๐Ÿ˜›

    And that letter is just beautiful. So many things I wish people had of told me when Miss M was born.

    To add to your list, dont let your guests stay longer than an hour at a time. You need to get up and do the cowboy walk for 20 mins to get blood back into your nonni. I sat for 2 hrs then couldnt sit anymore ๐Ÿ™ trying to feed a prem sized baby on your side with GG boobs isnt easy for either party!

  13. Glad the sleeping is going better for you. We’re still having little late night visits from Mr O now he knows he can get out of bed. Damn it!

  14. I’m sure you will all have an awesome weekend – enjoy!
    x Sannah

  15. Loved your letter to B.


  16. Awesome letter! I wish someone had given me these pearls of wisdom.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. What a great letter Beth! Just popped across to have a read and wish someone had given me a letter like that before I became a Mummy ๐Ÿ™‚

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