The evolution of Rosie Macdonald

Saturday afternoon we had the arrival of the Woogs clan to our house for the night. The visit was fabulous and everyone got on swimmingly. What a delightful family! Those boys? Including Mr Woog? Gorgeous, inside and out. We went and had a drink at the pub, I fed the children a nutritious meal of sausage rolls for dinner, we drank champagne and ate a shit load of cheese, we lit the fire pit and cooked a fabulous dinner, I showed Harry how to make Bearnaise sauce and he made the pear and rhubarb crumble for dessert as well as setting the table for me. We drank wine, I even smoked a few ciggies with Mrs W. Rob and Mr W played darts. The kids slept, we had pancakes and coffee and packed down on the couch in the morning. It was quite fabulous and if I wasn’t having such a good time I would have taken more photos showing you all.

But the Macdonald who got the most of it? Rosie. The Guinea Pig.

As you may or may not know, The Woog’s have Guinea Pigs. Two of them! (who knew you should have two of them? Not me). And as soon as she saw Rosie she whisked her out of her cage where she has spent all of her life (8 months) with us here. She was cuddled up to Mrs Woog’s ample bosom and she scratched that Guinea Pig until Rosie was squeaking with delight (who knew they squeaked with delight? Not me). Rosie was released inside where you could almost hear her saying “How long that this shit been going on?” She loved herself sick. My girls were beside themselves picking her up and putting her here, and there, and Rosie was cool with it. She got some more scratches from Mrs Woog and after a spin her in new wheels, she parked the car, bipped the alarm on and she was returned back to her cage where she collapsed with pure joy, excitement and exhaustion. Needless to say, Rosie’s life is changed. Forever. For the better, because of the visit. And we have to get to the pet shop this week to get another one of the fuckers. Who knew they needed company? Not me. I wonder if I will be able to get them to squeak with joy in the same way? I can try.

There was also a certain almost 5 year old girl who’s heart was stolen. One Daisy Macdonald. By a certain 6 year old Jack Woog. They danced together, swapped clothes, slept in her new bunk beds, swapped necklaces and bangles and even got married yesterday morning. I performed the ceremony while Mrs W watched on from the comfort of the blanket on the couch. If she kissed him once, she kissed him a thousand times – and they were proper lip smackers with full gusto – she’s a little like her mother when she sees something she likes. Jack will be back next holidays to stay for a week. It’s been decided.

Mrs Woog and I will be feisty Grandmothers won’t we?


  1. Sounds so divine. And those children of you and Mrs Woog are simply gorgeous x

  2. Sounds brilliant.
    I vote the MacWoogs get their own reality tv show NOW.

  3. Let us know how Rosie goes with her new tenant!

    Daisy and Jack are adorable together!! Looks like Daisy isn’t letting go anytime soon. Cute!

  4. Gorgeous. Bet you are glad to get the first mother of the bride thing over and done with early!

  5. What cuties – and look at that smooch on the cheek!! Look out for the teenage years!

  6. God love those Woog boys (and that Mrs W is a bit of ok too). Adorable couple – bring on the wedding for real!

  7. Thanks for having us Baby Mac! Had the best time. Jack wanted to speak with Daisy this morning. He is suffering from withdrawals. I am suffering withdrawals from your couch. xx

  8. Most boring pet of my childhood – a guinea pig. It just sat there. And ate. We might have had two. They both just sat there. Are you trying to tell me it was just me?
    Such a great weekend and I love the photos! Matchmaking for the kids? The best. My 3 year old boy is spoken for… still keeping an eye out for the girl.
    Great to know you’ll get on well with the in-laws!

  9. what a perfect weekend! x

  10. Oh thats awesome! Look at Rosie’s little face in the car- I think a companion would be a very very good idea so she has someone to um share the ‘love’ πŸ™‚

  11. Sounds like a great weekend. Look at Rosie go.

  12. Traci 'Sparkle' Devlin says

    SO much about this that I love. What a fab weekend!

  13. What a great weekend! The photos of Jack and Daisy together are too divine for words. x

  14. PS – I made the Apple Snow on Saturday and it went down like… snow. They loved it. x

  15. what a fun weekend! Be careful to get a GP of the same sex otherwise you’ll have 10 million of the little darlings in that cage, that breed like, well, rodents!!

  16. I can’t even BEGIN to imagine how cool the Macdonald/Woog grandkids would be! Sounds like an amazing weekend xxx

  17. Congrats on the marriage. What a wonderful time for both families.

  18. Those two kids are the business. Seriously.

  19. Cannot articulate how deeply and rofly I just laughed at this joyous post.

    Just love it so hard.


    (How hot is Mr Woog!)

  20. Sooo sweet, my heart is singing looking at them, what a lovely way to pass a weekend…wedding and all πŸ™‚ Beware getting another gpig….my friend did and ended up with multiply baby gpigs!!

  21. Cute! I didnt even know you had a guineapig. I grew up with guineas. I used to dress mine up. ahem. They sure do squeak with delight – maybe not from being dressed up though.
    Those kidlets are totally adorable and those are 18th birthday comedy gold photographs you have there! heheh!

  22. I love everything about this post ! Love, love, love it !

  23. I reckon I’d squeak with delight if Mrs Woog scratched me – just quietly.

    Lovely post Beth – walking off all warm and fuzzy.

    Gabs x

  24. Just a suggestion, but you may need to upgrade to a Tonka Tipping truck to fit in the new pig on the block…..worked a treat for the four kittens my son used to give “joy” rides to round and round the yard.

  25. Sounds like like fun!
    You guys would make awesome granparents haha!!

  26. How adorable!

  27. Sounds like a abulous weekend. The kids are adorable.

    P.s Make sure you choose a girlfriend for Rosie or there could be a mac-evolution of grand proportions…speaking from experience…the guinea pigs, not me.

  28. Just read your post and Woogsy’s back-to-back – absolutely hilarious!!! And I’ll say it again. So jealous.

  29. Oh so cute!! What a lovely experience & adventure for you all, pets included!! Marriage is always easier when arranged by parents who like each other. Love Posie

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