It’s been over 2 weeks since we got back from our summer break up at the farm and since then it seems like it’s been an endless time (and what feels like an uphill battle) to get the kids into some kind of routine before the School term starts. Trying to get them sleeping better – we can continue to dream – trying to get them a little less over tired, a little less feral and in between greeting an endless stream of visitors stopping in for a night, or a few, or just an afternoon. I’m really tired. Properly tired.

On Monday we are heading to the Snowy Mountains to a wee cabin in the middle of nowhere for 3 nights. Just the four of us. No TV. No computers. Just wide open spaces, stars, creeks to explore and nature to be in. Will it drive me crackers? Probably. But I can’t possibly be any more frazzled or tired so bring it on! I have visions of us sitting by the fire playing boardgames, then Rob and I enjoying a simple fish supper I have cooked from his catching earlier in the day. I know the reality will be kids saying they are “Bored” and Rob pissing off and fishing for hours at a time while I wonder what the hell I can do when we have discovered that’s there’s not much else to do besides pick wild flowers, but I can’t help but feel a little excited about a change of scene. And somewhere I have never been before too. The mountains! While there won’t be snow, I know there will be pretty. And there will be the four of us. And with just over a week before School and the year “properly” starting…bring it on.

I’m not sure I’ll get a post up while we are away (what with the whole no computer thing I have said just before) but I’m sure I’ll be on Facebook or twitter recounting just how much fun! We! Are! Having!


  1. Oh Beth, I hope you have a wonderful time. You deserve it. I know that frazzled feeling, was totally there before we left to go away.
    You’ve been in my thoughts the past few days. I know how endless, draining and plain exhausting the sleep thing can be. Hope the mountain air is a tonic to you all. Xx

  2. oooh have fun my friend. take pen and paper. Inspiration always strikes when the computer is missing.

    oh and the playdough- always take the playdough.

    xo em

  3. Wow, looks like a magical spot. I’m hoping for you some of the dreamy days, slowing down and catching your breath before it all starts again. Xx

  4. I will come too?

  5. I think everyone needs some kind of peaceful sabbatical to enjoy before the new term begins. I really hope you have some family fun and create new memories. I am heading in another direction, The Hunter Valley to get me some peace and tranquility before the mayhem of “School” takes over. It’s just me, Mr Fabulous and wine.

  6. oh cabin website please? Sounds perfect, let us now if you recommend it, we need to find a hideaway spot.

  7. wishing for you a great local pub πŸ˜‰ to escape the peace and solitude.
    it looks seriously beautiful and quiet, enjoy.

  8. It looks beautiful. Serene and peaceful. I hope it helps everyone unwind. My kids are in a similar out-of-routine-frenzy… I’m looking forward to hearing if time out in wilderness works!

  9. If you’re near thredbo, take the girls up the chairlift. you can walk to koz, but its 6kms there and back, so not recommended with little ones!!! But the chairlift is an adventure.

    there is also an indoor pool/waterslide there too if things get drastic in the cabin!!!

    I am hearing you on all things feral. I am looking forward to going back to school. Give me 22 children over my 2 little ferals 24/7 any day!!!!

  10. Sounds lovely Beth!

    You know I am a mountain girl, through and through.

    Jindy is sweet and the locals are lovely.

    Tumut is tiny but really quiet and peaceful. Great fishing here.

    Thredbo is where it’s AT! Bobsled track, lesure centre with pool and waterslide, bushwalks, bike hire, so much for kids here!!

    If you have time, a drive to Khancoban is amazing. Windy roads, lush green trees, and a teeny tiny little town when you get there.

    Relax, unwind and drive safely. I hope you get the break you deserve hun. Nothing beats fresh mountain air!


  11. Oh Beth! That sounds wonderful, inspiring, and seriously terrifying all at the same time!
    It is something that I would love to try with my little family, but not quite sure whether I am brave enough yet!
    When we go to the farm to visit the In-laws, I find that hard enough! They have internet, but only satellite so it is seriously slow πŸ™‚
    Hope it is wonderful for you!

  12. Looks ideal….where is it? Would love to go! Email me details

  13. Wild brumby distillery is calling your name.

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  15. Oh feeeeerrrrrrrrck. That place looks Amazing. With a capital A! Enjoy!

  16. Oh yeah, and the Snowy Mountains are beautiful!

  17. I think you’ll LOVE it. I did the no computer, ‘virtually’ no phone thing while we were away and it was fantastico! Have fun and take LOTS of photos :o) xo

  18. um yes i’m with Danimezza, i’d love the details too!



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