A very BabyMachristmas: The Menu

I have been watching Lifestyle Food channel like a woman possessed by the Ghost of Christmas Lunch. I love to watch them, I could watch them all day, and they give me the Christmas spirit so it’s like my medication. Or something. This week I was really excited because all the good new ones are on straight from the UK. Last night I had a date with Jamie and his family and Hugh with his spunky new haircut! Then I flicked over to Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas – it was a Christmas frenzy and no wonder Rob put on his headphones and watched a doco on his laptop.

Anyway, I think I have the menu sorted for Christmas day. I think. I am quite nervous about it all because I never really have to make Christmas Day lunch seeing as we are with one of the divorced parents – take your pick there are 4! Actually, the last time I made Christmas lunch was for my Ex’s family about 10 years ago when they requested lobster. Bastards always bled me! I found the whole process exhausting and stressful and hot and um, expensive. Well this year I know it will be cool, and rainy so that’s a bonus and I will also put on unnecessary pressure on myself for it to be perfect. Note to self Beth: 2012 resolution is to not put pressure on myself to make things perfect. If the weather is as shithouse as it has been for the past, oh, 3 weeks, I will just put the fire on and pretend it’s snowing outside. We have the Gay Godfathers, one of Rob’s oldest friend’s and Rob’s Mum and of course the four of us. Everyone is staying over Christmas Eve so we will be waking to presents, ham on toast and a bottle of french as is the Christmas morning tradition around here. Then, well, Bev will go into hyper drive to make the best MOFO Christmas Lunch that ever there was. It’s going to look a little like this:

Squares of mozzarella, tomato & basil wrapped in Prosciutto and fried
Watermelon squares topped with feta & olives tossed in sumac, parsley & thyme
Lashing of champagne

Old School prawn cocktail served in Rob’s new Riedel glasses
Maybe a crisp white

Stuffed (prosciutto, sage, pork & apricot) boned and rolled turkey
Pork loin with herby stuffing (Jamie Oliver recipe) and plenty of crackling
Gravy (Jamie Oliver recipe from last night)
Roast Potatoes in duck fat
Butternut squash & kale salad from here (because I had 2 pomegranates I just had to get)
A hearty shiraz

Traditional Pudd & custard made with love my Grandma
One, OK maybe two sticky wines

I think that will sufficiently put everyone into a coma don’t you? One thing I have discovered in all my watching is the resting of the turkey. My friend Gordon (Ramsay don’t you know) told me that if you cook the turkey for 3 hours then you rest it for 3 hours. Who knew? I’m not sure if I will have to do the same for a stuffed turkey? It would mean that I have to start cooking at 5am so that’s not really an option. I saw on Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas that you could, if you wanted, make the roast potatoes, then freeze them, bring to room temp on the day and reheat for 20 mins. Who knew? I am going to get cracking on the gravy in the next day or so to have one less thing to do Sunday. You could even make it months out and whack it in the freezer. Who knew? Let’s just hope that I can get through it all and most of all enjoy myself along the way, and hopefully not too much fun in the form of champagne on Christmas Eve and or morning which could make for an entirely different Christmas lunch all together!


  1. I just drooled a little… are you sure you don’t want to post your address on your blog 😛

  2. Got room for 4 more? X

  3. Delish…

    Sarah from Canberra

  4. So what time shall I arrive? Lol

  5. Packing the car now to come now 😉

    I have been taping all the food shows and watching marathon style. I agree it’s completely soothing.
    Hugh has always been a big favourite of mine (so going to do the 10 bird thing one day) and the Jamie show is great too.
    Have to admit the Gordon Ramsay family show that was on last week urked me a little. I think I was waiting to start suing everyone!

    We are doing lunch too, but it’s going to be pretty simple and old school. Cold turkey, cold ham, prawns, salads and my trifle for dessert. You know, I’ve never had a hot Christmas lunch in Australia, this year is the year to do it.


  6. Sounds really yum, love the ham on toast with Palms paw paw & mango chutney and bubbles for breaky we do the same :0

  7. Yeeeeah, Bev!! Pretty keen to blow off my own family lunch and come to yours. xxx

  8. i’m not sure if you actually told us what time we need to get there – it is alright if i bring the two crazy whippets yeah? i can be early to help with the ah, well, help with the um, champers…deal?

  9. You are my soul sister when it comes to Christmas cooking shows. I’ve been watching, recording and linking them all. Cannot get enough!
    Your Christmas menu sounds a lot like ours is going to be. Although no French for me… You can have my share too. 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll do a fabulous job.
    I’m planning on being in a very happy food coma come Sunday night.
    Man I love Christmas!!

  10. Mouth is watering now…..

    Love that you have the wines sorted out for each course too!

  11. I think my 2012 resolution might be to find a way to score an invite to next year’s Christmas lunch at your place!
    Don’t spose your girls would like to come and have a play with my boy anytime soon??!!

  12. What time do you want us there?

  13. sounds delicious…i would be the one hovering over the duck fat roasted potatoes for seconds & thirds!!! enjoy the day and keep the drinks flowing. x

  14. we are going to my inlaws for lunch this year – and I know we won’t be getting THAT!!!!!!! don’t have foxtel but watched Gordon last week and I too was shocked with the cooking = resting time method. he assures you the bird would still be warm.. I don’t believe him! I am going to do Jamie’s panatone ice cream pud. x

  15. Oh that sounds divine.
    Drooling over here too (where it will also be cold and raining…)
    x Rhi

  16. If I had more than one champers at breakfast there would be no lunch. But I am guesting this year so lots of champers for me while I watch the kids unwrap.

  17. WOWZERS! Are you seriously putting up a menu like that?? So sophisticated and grown up lady, it looks divine. And this bloody weather, not the Christmas forecast I know and love xo

  18. What time should I plan on arriving???

    I have traditionally always done brunch on Christmas Day for my family but this year I am doing dinner instead. My Thanksgiving dinner was such a hit that I am now receiving hints from my guests at how I plan on “topping that one”.
    Oh dear.
    The pressures on.

  19. Could you just watch Jamie all day? That lisp gets me every time, and that gravy was kick ass looking, wish it was cool enough up here for hot food! Have a sticky dessert wine for me ok?

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