Tunes for these crazy days

I surround myself with people that are cooler than me in the hope that some of it will rub off on me. Oops! My secret is out. Luckily for me I have a husband who knows the cool – the films, the TV shows, the magazines, the random cool things from the internets. My little sister for all things related to retails. Especially clothes/jewelery etc. My brother in law being a chef keeps us in the loop on food – where to eat/what’s hot and new (hello beef ribs I will make you soon). And then there are the gazillion things I find on the interwebs from all of you cool people out there – see? I am a nobody.

My big brother keeps me in the loop with the cool music alongside with Rob. He sends me little hints and tips, play lists that I inevitably download, like, and then can look cool when I recommend it to others. He sent me a cracking list last week and I asked him if I could share it on the blog – it was a good list – others might like it too. So I emailed him and his reply was something along the lines of “If you must” so I am. Because I must. This week I am spending a whole lotta time at home – mostly because of the rain, but because of the cooking and winding down after a busy year. These tunes are helping the time pass a little more pleasantly. Hope you enjoy them too!

1. Truth by Alexander Ebert
2. Video Games by Lana Del Rey
3. Hold On (featuring Sampha) by SBTRKT
4. I’m His Girl by Friends
5. I Changed My Mind (Stereo MC’s Rattlesnake Mix) by Brand Lyrics
6. Car Song (featuring Santigold) by Spank Rock
7. Gabriel (featuring Valentina) by Joe Goddard
8. Awkward by San Cisco
9. Embody by SebastiAn
10. Hustler by Simian Mobile Disco
11. Pharaohs (featuring Rose Gabor) by SBTRKT

Now, I am off to the butcher to pick up many kilos of meat and get a gravy started before heading off to some Christmas drinks later on this afternoon. Tomorrow it’s the first of the Christmas visitors to arrive, after a trip to the movies, Friday hair and then Saturday as much food prep as I can get done. It’s a crazy time of the year isn’t it? And I love it.


  1. Sorry, he’s not that cool. Your list is missing ‘Ice Ice Baby’. Best song eveeeeeeeeer.

  2. My sister is one of those seriously cool people.

    It’s actually ridiculous how cool she is!

    She’s chilled out, doesn’t offer herself to anyone who she doesn’t like/rubs her up the wrong way/sees no purpose in a friendship with.

    She also knows all the cool songs, bands, movies & just to top it all off … she remembers quotes from movies! And incorporates them into conversation. And everyone fucking laughs.

    And I just sit back in awe, & think where the hell did you get your cool from?

    Oh, & just to top it all off she’s size 8 with this amazing effing bust.

    Do love her so.

    Love cool people πŸ™‚ not one of them πŸ™‚

    … But maybe that makes me cool?

  3. Lana Del Ray is amazing. I’m in the process I’ve trying to nab free tickets to her sold out show. It sold out in 3 minutes flat.

    I’m seeing SBTRKT next year too, they are super cool.

    Seen Spank Rock and Simian too, when I used to be young and hip and worked in music/media.

    Great playlist you have there hun.


  4. It’s a funny thing with cool people. I always feel seriously uncool around them. I wonder how people can be so (apparently) effortlessly cool. I’ve been playing that San Cisco song for a few weeks. It’s pretty catchy. But I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make me cool πŸ™‚

  5. Oh dear I dont know who any of these are, does that make me super UNCOOL???!!!

    Meh story of my life. But I am happy with my super daggy self πŸ˜€

  6. Not cool, my arse!!!

    FAB playlist darl πŸ™‚

  7. Love the play list – parties at your house must rock if you play tunes like these!

  8. I’m in a bit of a Davie Bowie, Ziggy Stardust faze, so I can honestly say they are all a bit too cool for me! Happy Christmas.

  9. i need new music after my fav band decided to call it quits and broke my heart…

    but unfortunately, these aint it. Can’t stand any of them. I can tolerate San Cisco. barely.

    I am happy to be a dag. Duran Duran are coming in March. Tres excited about THAT!!!

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