Saturday: Sunday

: cooked Preschool end of year BBQ and spent with afternoon with Daisy finishing up School
: shed a little tear as my biggest girl ran as fast as she could in her new direction
: Had friends over for dinner who bought me the most beautiful arrangement of flowers ever
: cooked Nigella’s spanish chorizo chicken which was delicious and dead easy

: frocked up and headed to Sydney for Christmas with my Mum
: Arrived and proceeded to eat and drink constantly for 8 hours
: Received & gave some fabulous presents
: The CWA cookbook
: A new Elk necklace
: Makeup & Zoe’s book
: Rob got some Riedel glasses
: Ate the most delicious tiramisu pudd covered in red currants that Mum made
: Slept in a house filled with children and family

: Celebrated Christmas with my Dad & step Mum at my sister’s place
: Wondered at her fancy Cath Kidson crackers
: Ate an amazing starter artichoke soup with scallops & crispy pancetta
: Ate the most delicious salmon on the BBQ with salsa verde & hollandaise for main
: And did someone say Chocolate fondant pudding for dessert?
: Headed back home with pants undone most definitely 2 kilos heavier
: Passed out in bed for all of 3 minutes before Harper vomited
: Spent another night with a 2 year old hogging my side of the bed

Today I plan on eating air and drinking water. I plan on exercising. And I plan on finding the Christmas spirit that seems to have exited the building perhaps believing that Christmas has been and gone? I plan on staying in my Pyjama’s and getting excited by the fact that we don’t have to rush to swimming, or to School. I plan on reading some of my new books and looking out the window willing summer to arrive, for some kind of sunshine, not just for my pile of washing, but so it finally feels like Christmas is here.


  1. I know what you mean about getting into the Christmas spirit. It just doesn’t feel right this year.

    I think it will get better when our visitors arrive from overseas and hubby finishes work.

    I put some Boney M Christmas carols on at the weekend. That helped for a while!

    Merry Christmas Beth!

    PS. Zoe’s book is fantastic!

  2. WOW what a weekend! Did the girls get some lovely presents? It sounds like your parents & step parents are marvellous cooks! Enjoy this week, I am sure the Christmas spirit will be back soon!

  3. I hope you are studying that cookbook hard for my upcoming visit! I too had a family Xmas event and I also partied way to hearty. The Christmas spirit can go suck it and I am blaming this weather xx

  4. If at any stage you happen to find that christmas spirit, can you let me know!?

    I’m having a crap of a time {polite terms} myself..

  5. Sounds like some lovely indulgent Xmas fun (except the kid bed hogging bit)

  6. Artichoke soup with scallops & crispy pancetta? Wetting my pants…..

  7. NO WAY – we had Spanish chorizo chicken at our house on the weekend too!!

    Hope Harper is feeling better.

  8. gorgeous weekend and in envy over your recipe book! I say bake something out of that book and see that christmas spirit come alive!

  9. I got that CWA cookbook for my husband(yes, really!). I can’t get over how beautiful the book is… I just love the cover design… x

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