Saturday: Sunday

: Heavy heart and tired Mama
: Breakfast at cafe of pancakes and many coffees
: Ballet concert
: Visit from Nanna & Pa to babysit for the night
: Trip to the pub for a celebratory post ballet concert pink lemonade
: Surprise return of one Dad {ours!} from fishing trip
: One delighted Mama
: Christmas drinks with neighbours
: 3 bottles of Moet and one Piper later
: Two children who slept in their own beds. All. Night. Long

: Early checkout from visitors at 9am
: 10am session of Puss in Boots in 3D with all the family
: One very impressed 2 year old who rolled an entire medium popcorn
: Lazy day on the couch
: Many storms that made for a dark and dreary afternoon & evening
: 8.30pm bedtime


  1. Sounds like an all right weekend to me!
    Esp the part where the kids slept in their beds. Oh and the champagne. xx

  2. PERFECT weekend. How was the ballet concert?

  3. Sounds like a fab weekend … Especially the copious amounts of Champas!! X

  4. Just the sleeping all night through would make the best weekend I’ve had in six months.

    What a great weekend, ready to start a new week!

  5. Spent weekend tidying, cleaning, resting and contemplating whether to finally put three year old in her big girl bed now or leave her in the cot. The cot is just so convenient, plus she can’t get out right?! It’s just I kind of need the cot for the baby now. Am too scared to rock the boat!

  6. All the elements of a pretty perfect weekend there – those bottled and unbottled!

  7. Sounds like a ripper of a weekend to me!

  8. Why your heart heavy, lady? x

  9. all the great things…

  10. Well. done. on the all nighter in the beds achievement… makes you feel so darn clever eh?!
    Love the pics of your gals. Could Harper honestly be any cuter??? xo

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