Saturday: Sunday

Saturday I

: Woke with a hangover and immediately took 2 panadol to deal with the killer headache
: Promptly threw up
: Swore
: Went to bake scones and realised I had no Self raising flour
: Swore
: Drove to nearest town to find flour but all was shut
: Swore
: Baked scones with flour & baking powder (thanks Twitter)
: Went to get cream out of fridge and realised it was frozen
: Swore
: Drove to butcher to get cream
: Realised I was running very late
: Swore
: Screamed instructions at Rob to finish scones & take up to morning tea
: Attempted ballet bun and make up
: Swore a lot
: Drove to ballet rehearsal at sat around for 1.5 hours
: Ate one sausage roll, one pink finger bun & one large coffee
: Got cranky at myself for eating all that crap
: Drove home
: Went to Christmas tree Farm, got tree, set it up
: Went to hall to set up for Christmas party Sunday night
: Helped make coleslaw for 130 people
: Got take away pizza for dinner
: Got kids to bed, made ginger tea and passed out at 9.30pm

Sunday I

: Woke to a freezing, dark, misty morning
: Watched Bedknobs & Broomsticks under the blanket with Daisy
: Lazed around colouring in, eating, reading, listening to Christmas carols by Kings Choir
: Had pancakes & endless cups of coffee for breakfast
: Went out to buy 150 ice creams, chips etc for Village Christmas Party
: Came home and packed down in bed with Daisy
: Fell asleep for 20 mins
: Went to Christmas party
: Came home and sat under the tree with the family listening to Bing Crosby
: Passed out at 9.30pm


  1. That sounds like a perfect Sunday.

    I love your blog … I just started one up myself and would love to know what you think.

  2. Oh dear, you need to go back to bed!

  3. Man. Saturday sounded hectic. Reading this post just made me really, really, really keen for a big coffee and some scones. xxx

  4. Tis the season to be silly, hungover, swearing and always in a rush!!! Gotta love this!!!

  5. Did that hangove knock you about a bit my darling? x

  6. All I saw was scones.


  7. oh bedknobs and broomsticks, i thought mine was the only family that even knew of that movie’s existence! angela lansbury at her finest one might say.

  8. Oh god the best part of breastfeeding is no chance of a hangover. They seriously suck. x

  9. I don’t think you swore enough.
    Must work on that for next weekend.

  10. Fa la la la la la la la la.

  11. Oh potty mouth…

  12. I love the black and white striped rug. Is it all one? Or a few long ones sewed together?

  13. You did more in those couple of days than I did in a week – no wonder your tired.
    Sounds pretty fun though!

  14. Hard core Saturday lady. Lucky the Sunday kind of made up for it a bit :o) Nice bun by the way xo

  15. Haha. OMG, days like THAT Saturday. Soooo funny later. So not when they’re happening.

    Bedknobs & Broomsticks!! Loooove.

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