Pink sky at night, Beth’s delight

After an 8 hour trip (in the mostly pissing down rain) door to door we arrived at the farm yesterday afternoon. And the strangest thing happened…there was sun. And blue skies. And in the evening? A sunset!

This place, it’s my happy place. We are here for a week or so, soaking up the country air. Visiting the cows on the back of the truck. Going for swims. Venturing to the beach. Eating and drinking, napping and reading. The summer holidays have arrived.


  1. Have a fabulous week xx

  2. looks utterly blissful. enjoy x

  3. looks utterly blissful. enjoy x

  4. Have a great relaxing time.

  5. Wow who lives there?! I want a holiday there!

  6. ‘Red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning’.

    One knows you can’t start such a fantastic quote without finishing it.

  7. Oh my – what a spot! It looks like it would be tempting to spend the entire week just sitting on that verandah, or under that pergola, G & T in hand, breathing in the country air. How that does revive one’s spirits! Enjoy! Virginia x

  8. Have a blissful time lovelies XOXOX

  9. Looks lovely πŸ™‚ Have a relaxing time!

  10. Looks and sounds heavenly. Enjoy the holidays. Cute metal cows on the grass I spy? πŸ™‚ Oh happy days…

  11. Mmmmmmmm.

  12. Gorgeous; glad the weather knew you were on holidays!

  13. Aaaah.
    Soak it up.

  14. How lovely! Enjoy. xx

  15. Gorgeous! I can almost smell the air myself if I close my eyes and inhale deeply πŸ™‚

  16. Stunning – I’m a country girl and THAT just made me sigh out loud. Have a gorgeous time, I am completely green with envy.

  17. Oh those pics, only nature could deliver the scenery for shots like that. Bliss lady. Enjoy your week (or so) in paradise :o) xo

  18. Wow this place is beautiful! So serene.

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