I’m dreaming of a White Christmas…

This morning I have a bit of an achey ear. I’m tired. I am sick of sharing my bed with a 2 year old who hogs the entire pillow. I am looking forward to some time away from my kids this morning even if that means the time is spent in Big W at Mittagong. I’m a little sad that it’s summer but it doesn’t feel like summer. I mean if it’s going to be cold, let it snow! I don’t even seem to have any Christmas spirit. I’m tired.

So. Let’s rewind. 3 years. To when we spent Christmas in Paris! When Daisy wasn’t yet 2. When we met my sister and her now husband and Mum & Step Dad in a fabulous 3 bedroom apartment just around the corner from the Champs Elysees. When we drank endless champagne. When Rob and I spent some time together, alone, in Paris while doting relatives looked after Daisy. When it snowed. Yes, let’s go to my Christmas happy place.

You can trawl back through the archives to December 2008ย and January 2009ย to have a read if it takes your fancy. It certainly is taking mine this morning…


  1. that little picture of her in the brown scarf – melts my heart what a sweetheart great memories

  2. Oh, lovely pics what great memories for you, could have a worse happy place than Paris!!

  3. Gorgeous shots love. Oh Paris, how truly beautiful you are.

  4. I remember those posts ๐Ÿ™‚

    I remember thinking, every couple deserves to have their child minded while they explore Paris together ๐Ÿ™‚

    That’s a Happy Gilmore ‘happy place’ right there.

    Maybe you’re due for another holiday some time soon? With doting relatives who’ll mind two children while you take in a bit of culture in another magical place?

    Hey, it’s Christmas … we can dream ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  5. Oh fabulous! We were in Paris 3 years ago too. Bloody excellent. No kids, muchos beer and way too much love (came home with baby on board… too much information?)


    Dream on my friend, i’ll join you.

  6. Oh Paris how I love you.
    We have sunshine here today … I will try and send some your way!

  7. That is SO my Christmas happy place. Can I steal it? I’ve never been to Paris but oh so want to .

    Hope you’re feeling cheery soon.x

  8. Its my dream to spend Christmas in Paris or New York! Lucky you! What a great memory for you to have ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Oh gay Paree!

    Such an amazing place, isn’t it.

    Can’t wait to take my kids there one day.

    We have booked a HUGE O/S trip next year. Cannot wait. Like am counting down the months till we go.


  10. OMG.
    That was ME this time last year. Except I didn’t have a lovely husband, and my little girl was 8!!
    I feel so nostalgic for Paris that I nearly jumped in to your photos.

  11. As I sit here with more sore throat and tired ears during witching hour with my fractious baby who is making long distance calls on my landline I want to be in Paris too.

  12. Oh just perfect. Perfect. xx

  13. Divine lady, divine. Love peeking through those pics. Love every one of the Daisy shots, she was WAY cute :o) xo

  14. I need a Christmas in Paris – stat.

  15. Oh scrummie, i need a Christmas happy place right now, too many without my husband, love Christmas overseas, ahhh, thanks for the journey, love Posie

  16. I have always, always, always wanted to go to Paris and am yet to get even close. Your time there looks amazing…everything looks so magical in the snow. I wonder how much Daisy will remember?

  17. oh I love paris! hubby worked there when I first met him and i would spend my weekends there! by the end we took it for granted how beautiful it was over there but always hold the dream that we’ll go back………..with all the kids! won’t that be fun:)

    enjoy the memories:) love those photos, especially you at the window looking out!


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