Warning: contains grey hair, swearing & wine


  1. Mate, there’s so much grey hair around here it’s not funny. And I don’t need to tell you where. I also had one of those long hairs growing out of my CHEST. It was VILE.And, just no you know,it gets worse. Wait till you’re 41. At least you’ve got a husband.Now drink up, toots!

  2. mad. as. a. cut. snake.

    that’s why I keep comin’ back.


  3. Well I just about peed my pants laughing so hard, yes welcome to the crap years, the hair in the wrong places, the grey hair EVERYWHERE, the decreasing metabolism, the peri peri menopause and yes the list goes on. My gf and I discuss at length the crap that is happening, but we always make sure we laugh and take the piss out of each other. Have a great night.

  4. Growing older is fucked – “mum. You have a mustache”

    I love my waxing girl more than some relatives….

  5. oh darl, wait until you find your first grey pube! the grey eyebrow hair and random facial strand is nothing on that….

  6. Bwahahahahaha!

    I had a hair once, growing from my forehead. It was during my pregnany and I blamed it on the hormones…

    I have greys too. ALOT. And they are all right at the front of my head. My sister has a mole on her head that sprouts grey hair. She actually has a silver streak in her hair. Haha.

    I’m looking forward to Xmas so I can finally have some booze. I’m still nursing Teddy and by the time I put him to bed most nights, I can’t be bothered to drink. But come Xmas time, I’ll be hogging the Veuve like a loon.

    More vlogs please, they rule.com


  7. Ha ha ha ha ha! As always Beth, ha ha ha ha! From one 34 year old to another, cheers! Annie x

  8. You always make me laugh. Yes I am interested about your hair, rhubarb crumble and sprouting foreheads! (I have hair that comes out of my chin, and a friend tried to remove it from me, brushing it off, in a group of other people having a meal – mega embarrassing when she realised it was a whisker!)… xx

  9. You make me laugh, please keep it up. It’s reassuring to hear another talk the things I am thinking. And as a 32 year old at home mother if three boys with greying hair (mine is completely bleached to cover) , banana spew on my shoulder I can smell as I write this and someone who wore trackies and thongs to kinder this morning I often look in the mirror and ask who is this I see looking back at me.

    I love to hear that I am not alone!

  10. Cheers & heres to grey hairs and THANK GOD for short-sighted hairdressers – hope ya tipped her!

  11. Ah hun, I’ve been having my bikini line lasered and they warned me that the ahhemm grey hairs down there were immune to the zap!



    and i also get those rouge face hairs, but now they are congregating on my chin and having a party… so much so that MY CHIN now gets wax attention alongside my eyebrows and lip! soon it will be my whole effin face!


    so yes, i hear you on the whole facial hair thing. loud and clear.

  13. Disturbing story number 723: so I’m at the laser lady, getting my lady bits tended to; the laser lady is a weird French lady who is some parts endearing, most parts scary. As I’m lying on the bed with no pants on, feeling a little vulnerable, she starts tutting. I ask her what the problem is and she proceeds to lecture me about all the damage by ten or so years of waxing my lady bits have done to my hair follicles. WTF? Nothing like a pantless lecture. Strangely enough, I am still seeing said weird French laser lady, it’s like a dual now, who’ll give up first.

  14. what the fuck is up with those rogue hairs? im 25… TWENTY GOD DAMN FIVE and since i had my twins 18 months ago ive been sprouting those long ass mothers from the weirdest places. my husband goes to brush them away and then freaks out “ITS ATTATCHED THE FUCKER
    IS ATTATCHED” this often happens at a cafe or the like.
    And now i feel just positively delighted that if i continue on the same path i should expect grey pubes soon…. just…freaking…fantastic.

    BUT I wanted to say thankyou for my crownies dvd which arrived today, which also restored my faith that the east coast is in fact still there seeing as after moving from the gong to perth 2 months ago ive heard from not a soul. so thankyou. i shall go watch it now :o)

    love your work.

  15. You are too funny! Love It! Enjoy your vino! Mx

  16. If there was ever an opportunity to give a logie for blogging, there’s one right there.
    Blogging GOLD.

    Don’t lose your mojo too long, I’d miss seeing you around the traps lol.

    Cheers to growing old, Beth. And SNAP! to the cocoa pop. Got one of those treasures myself x

  17. And just wait till you hit 40! I swear the day after I turned 40, i had a zillion whiskers growing out of my chin. AAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH
    I’m like the bearded lady at the circus if I don’t carefully examine evry bloody day!

  18. Beth you are too funny, just what i needed tonight. Don’t worry about the crazy stray hair, i’m a hairdresser and see it all the time. And i tell people, because i would want to know if i had one!
    Cheers. x

  19. I came here fully prepared to say, “Hey, shut up about your grey hair – at least your fabulous platinum do hides it” – but man – eyebrows? Really? And forehead hairs? Can you grow two more and plait them?

    Laughter. I needed it. Thank you.

  20. What the F!
    Well I’m turning 28 next week.
    You’ve just depressed the shit out of me.
    I’m going to open a bottle of vino.
    Cheers babe x

  21. Babymac in the corner – welcome mofo to the mofo grey hair seats. Don’t you HATE those cunnole wispy pricks that just, i dunno, decide to grow OVERNIGHT on your forehead or your cheek or whatever. Just a heads up – you think grey hairs are bad, wait till you hit 40 and your period goes back to teenage years of pain and pads cos you bleed so bad – OH YUH, not pretty sister. Your hair rocks by the way man, not your forehead random hairs, your peroxide hot hairs. Rock on Babymacnotinthecorner – Leighrex (sister of Edenland) (as if you could forget me) xx

  22. OK so your pretty funny. I have just had 3/4 bottle of wine so im tired and going to bed, but stumbled across the internet then your blog on my way to bed. ANyway darling i know its really anoying when people older than you you tell you that you are NOT OLD, and are young, but you think “NO IM STILL YOUNG” and think of almost anybody younger. WEll darling im only a tad older (40) and i wreckon its about mid 30’s when all those terrible old age things slightly begin to happen! grey hairs, way to many wrinkles blah blah blah, BUT YOU gOTTTA stop in your tracks and think WOW you growing into a wonderful fulfilled adult. You have 2 beautiful children and a fabulous husband. An amazing house and sounds like ya gotta pretty wonderful extended family and life. SO dont think of that grey hair as an enemy BUT a great friend (cause there will be many more)to the wisdom and wonderful life that you have entailed. PS i started to pluck my greys and in the last 6 months ive had to give up as they have come on WAY TO STRONG after 40. But im cool with that now! Ive learnt to accept, and im happy . xxx

  23. Your vlogs always, always make me wanna have those 14 other sips with you.

  24. I love how Leigh seamlessly goes from grey hairs to periods.

    Us Barrie girls? All class.

    One night in the movies about ten years ago, I scratched the lid off a pimple on my chin except it wasn’t a pimple, it was the longest facial hair you ever did see. Like, long. About 12cm.


    Good to see you on the traps.


  25. Haha! The rogue grey eyebrow hair… I have one too! Bloody mongrel it is. And those faint, almost clear hairs that stick straight out of random parts of the face are super common… and no one ever notices them, so don’t fear lady friend :o) xo

  26. Yup. Age and hormones. Bloody annoying buggers. When pregnant with my first son, I didn’t get random hairs on my forehead, I got a WHOPPING WART!! Did I feel like a witch much? A-huh. Wart disappeared after his birth, but those hairs just keep a popping up on the chin.

  27. You are fantastic in all your bloggy goodness. I love your little nuggets of whatever! You’re hilarious, and chic stylish. I appreciate your frankness and honesty about life, I find myself currently surrunded by a bunch of “my life is fantastic and I have nothing human about me” women friends (we moved to a godforsaken republican conservative town in South Dakota USA four years ago and it’s been very difficult to meet folks of like mind in these parts – take me back to Chicago!!!) – you help me keep my sanity because life is hard and not every part is happy all the time, but there is beauty everywhere especially in trash cans (love it)- and not every home is fucking beige and covered in store bought mass produced art (seriously, save

    Keep it up – looking forward to a post about your weekly cleaning schedule, how your prefer your laundry folded (trifolded? In half? Or all professional like in the shops?), or photo montage – it’s all lovely and appreciated!

    Your distant reader in seriously the last place on earth. Heart.

  28. You had me at hello.
    How about a little freckle of a mole on my chin that repeatedly grows a black hair that comes poking out like a fucking unicorn horn?
    If I feel it breaking through and cannot get to a pair of tweezers I can’t stop stroking it in all it’s spiky glory.
    Kind of like that head case in the corner stroking their chin babbling to themselves…

  29. Beth, thank you for starting my day off with a big laugh. I always get really excited when you post a vlog. My TV goes on mute and I’m hypnotised while I stare at my laptop and laugh hysterically at you (or with you?) for three minutes.

    I once found on of those big mofo hairs sprouting from my SHOULDER, of all places when I was FOURTEEN. I never recovered. My best friend found one on her chin last week. How do they grow so long without us realising?! Scary stuff. xxx

  30. Love it when you video blog!!! Hilarious, as always. Hope you get your blogging mojo back….although I’m just as happy hearing about your rhubarb crumble 🙂

  31. I’ve figured out why I love your vlogs,

    … You are the female Ricky Gervais (in wit, not similarities in appearance).

    Love. It!

    Laughed as loud as I could, without waking Max from his sleep.

    P.S I found my first grey the day I went into labour. Symbolic really …

  32. Oh my god, YOU CRACK ME UP!! Love it xo

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