The very last bit. I promise.

I just couldn’t resist all those photos that I had taken – especially of all the flowers that we had in every colour of the rainbow. I spent $45 TOPS on all these flowers. I got them from Harris Farm and raided the quick sale bucket that they have filled with flowers that are on the turn – mostly opened and with just a few days left in them.

I got our every vase that I owned, every glass bottle and every empty jam jar I could find in my cupboards.

I then raided my ribbon selection that I have from all the left over presents we get with ribbon on them. I used a collection of odds and ends and tied them around the tops of the vases as a contrast to the flowers and an extra pop of colour. You can never have too much colour!

I kept all the flowers of the same kind in the vases rather than mixing them up – as I wanted them to be lined down the table, one colour at a time.

Yes, we used plastic plates and cutlery because I didn’t want to spend 34 hours washing up. I got these bulk coloured packs from the Reject shop for $2 a packet. I grabbed 6 of each colour and added them into the same jars as the flowers. Cute right?

These little glass bottles and lollypops and straws I got online from here. Also some cute chevron lolly bags/plates and some cups. Great company, great prices and a quick turnaround and service – highly recommended.

Look at those peonies! $10! I almost died when I saw them in the bucket at $5 a bunch when they were on the shelf for $25. Thank you quick sale, thank you. And I can assure you 5 days later they are still looking great.

So there you have it – all the decorations and flowers and the very last post on it I promise! It doesn’t have to cost lots of money to add an extra element to a celebration. I think that flowers are a must – but remember to look outside the garden at what you have – even if it’s just green leaves or branches with ribbon on them. The reject shop/$2 shop is your friend – they now have great selections of things in bulk bright colours that look great when all mixed up. The pom poms were made of $1 tissue paper and I think I got 6 out of each pack – pretty economical. The lanterns were just $2 each also from a $2 shop (funnily enough) and I can keep them both for years to come pulled out at many a celebration I’m sure. Look at what you have already and use as much as you can – a simple bit of ribbon can even make a normal drinking glass from IKEA look like a pretty vase. And have fun – I love creating little bits & pieces that while small and not anything special when all put together create a big impact. Everyone will appreciate your efforts and you can be proud of all your hard work!


  1. Looks great! And you didn’t even have to spend a fortune!

  2. Why oh why don’t we have Harris Farm in Qld?

    The flowers look gorgeous Beth and I love your effort and ingenuity – terrific styling.

    Happy day!

  3. Love you and your flowery entertaining ways x

  4. Wonderful. Very colourful.

  5. i love that you use fresh flowers so much in your home. its always so bright and chirpy.

  6. Everything looks so beautiful and bright, you are one creative girl!

  7. Thanks Beth, you are giving me some ideas for Christmas decorations. I really love the glass bottles and the peonies as I have a bit of a crush on peonies at the moment.
    Enjoy the day. x

  8. Everything is beautiful, when are we going to here about your lovely food. Lindel

  9. Huge pat on the back, Beth! What a wonderful party! The kids must have had an absolute BALL! xx

  10. You did a great job, it looks beautiful!

    I have one of those little glass bottles on my desk at work, and always wondered where I could find more. So thanks for the link to TLBC – their stuff is really cute!

  11. Gorgeous Beth, lovely to see your jam jars come out to play! The ribbons around them is a great idea!

  12. Gorgeous fresh flowers, do your girls make potions from the petals as they fall off?? Mind STILL do, it’s gorgeous, once the sludge is removed, it’s gorgeous. Love Posie

  13. Thank you so much for sharing!! Love your work. x

  14. Sooo purrrrdy!

  15. I loved the chevron lolly bags, in my favorite colour! Thanks for the link. x

  16. So gorgeous. Well done hun,


  17. Awesome tips and I’m starting to realise how good those Reject Shop/$2 dollar shop/hot dollar places are. They always seem to have just the nik nak I’m looking for. Those flowers and ribbons and garlands are simply stunning, well done Mama xo

  18. Very very cute!

  19. All of the details, the ribbons, matchy colours for flowers, lanterns are beautiful! Maybe you should make a foray into professional party planning;) love it, x.

  20. Amazing. And inspiring.

    Flowers make any place the happiest of places.

    I’ve never heard of this Harris farm, but I seriously wish Melbourne had one!


  21. Hi babyMac love love love the decorations so funny i ordered nearly the same things as u except mine were for big kids and i did pink and white only all the other colours just make it so cheerfull congrats on a job well done x

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