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: We are in full party prep mode for the weekend trying to get bits & pieces done before the weekend so it’s not super crazy when we have 5 extra people staying here on Saturday/Sunday. I *think* it’s called being organised. I am not really that kind of person, but trying to be. Yesterday I cleaned out the reject shop of party supplies and anything with colour. It’s not a rainbow party but a party filled with all the colours of the rainbow. A difference. Not really. It’s pretty much going to be a rainbow party. We have 35 peeps coming for lunch after Harper’s Christening. We have already cancelled Harper’s Christening once before so it’s high time we got her sorted out. She is two after all. I just know she will answer “no” to all the questions being asked by the Priest – it’s going to be interesting…

: Yes, I am making one of those freaking Rainbow cakes that every other bastard on the internet has done. BUT…does it make a difference that I was meant to make it a year ago when we had to cancel her first Christening because we sold the house with a shorter than expected settlement and we had no house in which to have her party? I didn’t think so. BUT…one difference with this Rainbow cake will be that it will be spectacularly dodgy. Already the cakes are different sizes  – how do you equally halve a cake mix? But! They are being made, chucked in the freezer ready for icing on the weekend. Organisation!

: The whole not eating sugar thing kind of sucks when prepping for a soiree when there is sugar EVERYWHERE. I haven’t had one bit though, am resisting licking bowls, and surprising myself with my willpower. I really want to try and stick to something – just to see if I can do it – and then see what the results are. I’m not sure what the end checkmate is –  a month, or two? I haven’t decided. I’m just sticking with it, forcing myself to exercise and see what happens. So far? Boring but good. I hate that people say that exercise just makes you feel better – mentally and physically – it sucks because it’s true. I hate that!


  1. Tipping my hat to you lovely.
    I too have been creating the requisite rainbow cake for a little soiree this afternoon but have gone the easier route with rainbow coloured icing between store-bought sponge and topped with a gazzilion smarties.

    So now as I scrape icing from my elbows and eyebrows [what the!] I’m thinking that maybe the cake baking option may have been altogether easier, particularly if like you, I’d started a week ahead!

    Hope all goes well for the weekend, I look forward to viewing the spectacular results of your labours,


  2. Good luck with the sugar! I tried to do it for a month in late July, it almost killed me. Although I have to agree that it did feel good to stick to something. I’m sure the cake will be gorgeous! I admire how organized you are!
    xx Sannah

  3. You totally stole my idea (joking) I too only just decided today to do one of those rainbow cakes for Ruby’s party next week.

    I look forward to seeing your results and feel free to pass on any tips.

  4. Oh there have been some cracker rainbow cakes in blog land. Christenings, meh, we’re not religious & like the fact i didn’t have a kitchen tea, engagement party, 18th, 21st or any baby showers (i like throwing parties, not so much being the centre of attention at them) i literally just had a wedding . . . it’s a whole lot of pressure!! I do throw a pretty fantastic children’s party, times many, each year. Good luck!! Love Posie

  5. Weigh out the mixture darls to get equal quantities but am sure you worked that out sure it will go well

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