Snapshot: 5 days

: Friday I had the morning to myself so I went and sat in a cafe and drank coffee and read the paper all by myself. Beyond enjoyable.

: I dropped one neighbours child home Friday afternoon when the other neighbour’s called me in for a wine. I left 4 hours later with a bunch of roses from their garden, dinner in my belly, bathed and fed kids and approximately 34 wines under my belt. Oh and some Sing Star performed. Daisy got in on the act too.

: Saturday morning I had no time to waste – up to the hall to set up for a show we had on Saturday night. Tables and chairs for 150 then back home to clean the house, do some house keeping and prepare for my Mum & Step Dad who came down and stayed the night & saw the show with us. I had a brief moment to have some tea.

: Because we were out at night I made a special lunch of Rib eye, roast potatoes, crumble and more…you guessed it…wine!

: I was so tired on Sunday I took not one shot, but we drove to Sydney for brunch in Rose Bay and then turned around and drove right back again. I can’t remember being as tired as I was Sunday night.

: Monday we went to swimming then had a quick bite to eat in a cafe before heading back to Sydney for a girls dinner. I dropped the girls at Mum’s place

: Almost passed out in the nasty heat

: And escaped to Mrs Woog’s house for a quick champagne before heading out to dinner with my old School friends. I could have sat at her kitchen table for hours…

: This morning I got the car cleaned {they had a Macaw at the Car wash Cafe – is that the strangest thing ever to be at a car wash cafe} before heading back home to pick up neighbour’s child to take to a School concert that the Kinder kids were invited to. We finished the concert, came home and I washed and pottered about and am even more exhausted than I was on Sunday night. Is that even possible?

: I also am amazed that Instagram can make my legs look good. And also that a 34 year old Mother of two thinks she can get away with shorty shorts on. Honestly…

: If anyone needs me I’m hiding under my doona cover, pretending not to hear my over tired, feral kids and ignoring the fact that I am a hormonal wreck after going off the pill because I figure that having some sex drive might make up for the crazy psycho I am when I am off the pill. At least I might put out right? I think I need a good night’s sleep…


  1. My pimple and I loved having you!

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  3. I haven’t been on the pill since forever and I still don’t want sex.

    It aint the pill… trust me. It’s called having 2 kids under 6.

  4. Wine is my absolute favourite food group ever.

    It calms the nerves and soothes the soul. And it’s deadset cheap and legal. Hooray. I might go and have some of it now.

    I’m 39 and still deluded enough to wear shorts. I once got a blog comment that said “My, you’re brave to wear shorts AT YOUR AGE”.

    Carry On.

  5. so ironic how the pill does that to ya. Also, lovely photos. Sweet dreams!

  6. Well that sounds like an awesome few days.
    I think your legs look fab. Im 44 and a mum of four and I love shorts.
    Being on the pills ends me nuts, so funny that us girls are so different.
    Enjoy your doona time.
    A friend once suggested that mothers need a day a month in bed, love that idea or doona time.

  7. I haven’t worn shorts since the summer of ’86 so bravo. Jealous again…

  8. I read somewhere that we shouldn’t wear short shorts after 35. But who cares right?

    Your legs look hot – loving that nail colour!

    What an awesome weekend! Love the pop in – friends like that are the best!


  9. That 3rd stool could be getting a new occupant?

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