Show on the road {Crownies}

About time we got another DVD to giveaway and what better than a little something for the grown ups? Did you watch Crownies when it was on? Me either. Well I meant to. Just like I meant to watch the Slap and now have missed the lot. Who knows what I am doing when these great Australian shows are on – I am ashamed to say I am watching a cooking show or the Real Housewives of Wherever. Or reading blogs. Or probably just on twitter.

Anyway…for those that didn’t watch it I gather that it’s about some “sexy” “young” lawyers straight out of Law School trying to make their careers with the big boys. No? Perhaps I should have read the blurb a little better.

But you know what? I have TWO copies of the first season to give away (worth $49.95) each to two of you guys. Want one? Just leave me a comment in this post and I will announce the winner on Monday. Giveaway closes on Sunday night at 8pm (6th November 2011) although I suspect I will be drunk and exhausted from Harper’s soiree so you might just get lucky with a late entry!

Good luck!


  1. I’m a bit of a Crownies fan I have to say. It’s still running here in Melbourne. Watching it tonight πŸ˜‰

  2. Oooh yes. Never get to watch these on tv. Dvd please

  3. Crownies is my new fav show… i am loving it!

  4. I have seen the trailers and it looks like a great show – haven’t got a chance to see it yet so would love to win the series !!!!

    Have a great week !

  5. I remember seeing he ads for Crownies, and had every intention of watching. Not sure what I was doing (just between you and me, I was probably plucking my eyebrows), but I missed it. Would love to see it though.

  6. Oh, I want it – if only to give to my Dad who’s fallen in love with the show!

  7. I love it, I was going to buy a copy for my daughter who lives in NYC, do she can keep in touch with Australian culture.

  8. Bev – I have not seen it but would love too … So pick me !!

  9. Opps and I meant to type Beth πŸ™‚

  10. i was meant to watch this too… but then again, the name threw me… sounds like its about a beer.

    perhaps I just have alcohol on the brain.

  11. Oooh bring it! I kept seeing the bus stand posters and meant to watch it. Accidentally watched the final episode and had no idea what was going on!

  12. I’m exactly the same, normally watching some trashy reality show when I *should* be watching a slick, intelligent drama. Ah well! I do have to say though, I’m watching The Slap and LOVE it, so I would LOVE to get into watching Crownies!

  13. Please give me a chance to love it and I will! Nice giveaway!

  14. I’m a big fan of Aussie TV but have never heard of this series before. Would love to win a copy to check it out.

  15. Ooh yes please!

  16. aballerinasmum says

    Count me in! A new DVD series would be great!

  17. Pick me, pick me! Something to watch while I am stuck on the couch breastfeeding Poppet. Oh, and thank you for lovely giveaways.

  18. Yes please! Meant to, never got around to it – just like Mad Men and Breaking Bad – will catch up one day!!

  19. what is this crownies you speak of. i swear i live in a bubble cut off from the real world. looks like a winner though.

    (you can catch up with the slap on iview). xo

  20. Crownies is awesome! (although the more you get in to the series the more it seems to become more about sex) but non the less – some very good acting!

    PS – Love your blog. Good reading to be had!

  21. Tv on DVD is the only way I remember to watch a show, too many other distractions! This looks like a good show…x ashley

  22. Nobody puts Babymac in the corner.

  23. Ooo, hope my number comes up!!

  24. After watching The Slap, I’m usually too drained to watch anything else so please me me me me!!

  25. Finally a very good thing to watch!

  26. hey!… you know you can watch all of the episodes of the slap online?…
    I’ve watched them all, fantastic! watch it!…

    ps :: please don’t enter me in the draw for the dvd πŸ™‚

  27. isabel Quinn says

    I love crownies but I always fall asleep half way through it!

  28. The Paperbag Princess says

    As a real-life lawyer, I was all hoity-toity about watching it, but recently saw an episode and am now hooked! Would love to see the earlier episodes!

  29. Yes please!

  30. Cool! My husband raves about this show and I finally gave it a go last night after watching The slap (GREAT show by the way) and I fell asleep half way through! Would love to watch the first season!

  31. i live in Talbingo (pop 200 on a good day) and i welcome any form of entertainment. Bring that shit on. Thank you!

  32. I hope you drunk enough to have a great time, but not so drunk that you are totally hungover the next day!

  33. Everyone at work raves about this show and I catch a glimpse a few weeks ago. Keep forgetting to watch. Hopefully I will be able to watch it….

  34. Crownies is a fantastic show. I’ve only seen a few episodes though, so I would love the chance to catch up. πŸ™‚

  35. Another show I would like to see!!!!

  36. Yeah, you sound like me. All the best intentions of watching a new show – but then I forget the time it’s on, the channel or I get distracted πŸ™‚

  37. count me in purdy puhlease

  38. I am hoping I get away with a late entry (pretty please)as I also missed this series and am annoyed with myself. Thanks so much.

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