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After hosting many, many, many friends and family over the past year we have become quite the experts at it. From getting beds ready, meals planned and enough “stuff” for kids to play with while they are here – when it comes down to it, a successful and memorable visit only happens when a few stars align. And they don’t always. These stars are…

: Good weather
: Kids happily playing and sleeping reasonably well
: An abundance of good booze and food provided by all sides (hosts and visitors)
: One night stay
: Relaxed state of mind (mainly from me)
: Never ending compliments to the hostess (kidding. Actually, I’m not)

This weekend all the stars aligned and we had a fabulous visit with some friends from Sydney. The clouds opened as soon as they arrived and the kids all disappeared. Perfect. The boys that will be boys (including 2 year old boys) had a new toy to play with – a remote (by your iphone or Ipad) controlled helicopter thingy that had a camera built into it. This camera proved handy to see exactly which tree it crashed landed into in the neighbours garden.

There was the cutest, chubby 4 month old baby girl who my girls could not get enough of. Daisy in particular played with her, watched her get her nappy changed, gave a running commentary on her changing moods “Mum, she’s calmed down now.” “Mum, she is just so cute.” I know Daisy, I know. Evie smiled a gummy smile at me yesterday morning at breakfast and I actually got a tear in my eye. That simple, honest joy that only babies have. Clucky? Maybe.

The children screamed a lot. You get that when you are constantly being chased by a flying thing.

And they ate a lot. You get that when you are little. And growing.

Besides Christmas and some family visits I think that’s it for the year. Phew! Did I say that out loud? I really do love to host catch ups in our beautiful home and give people a chance to see just how beautiful our village really is. Sure it’s hard work. Sure it’s expensive. Sure there is always a mountain of washing and mess to clean up from, but the chance to properly spend quality time with people you love and not have to rush off to another BBQ or kid’s birthday party afterwards and of course have a chat in your jammies over tea in the morning, well, it’s worth it. All of it.


  1. Aw this looks like the funnest ever! I love having visitors, but always remember the quote I once read: “fish and guests tend to smell after three days”… I totally get that! I once had someone stay with me for two weeks and I was clawing my eyes out by the end πŸ™‚

  2. We are so the same – and I too like the quote above. One night is perfect. But I sometimes yearn for just a drop in for coffee and nothing more that we used to do in the big smoke……

  3. No better place for giving that helicopter it’s ‘wings’.
    I see the letters B & B in your future, Mrs.
    What a gorgeous weekend.
    Your guests are lucky sods.
    And little baby smiles. Aaaahhh.

  4. Loving it, Beth. You captured the spirit of your weekend so perfectly – bravo! I think Shar makes an excellent point. What do you think? J x

  5. What the helicopter thingo called ?

  6. Simmy – it’s called A.R Drone here is a link:

  7. That looks like fun!

    I think we might need to organise a school hols day trip in January…

  8. It looks so worth the work. I hope to be able to do similar when we move to the country.

  9. You are so generous with your lovely home, Beth. What a wonderful way to live. x

  10. There I was clicking on ‘post comment’ & planning to say nearly exactly the same words that Bron said.

    So … what Bron said.

    You really are. And you host so well x

  11. I am so looking forward to this in my new up and coming future! Also. Picture of girlies running and screaming = pure 21st birthday party gold.

  12. Oh sounds like such fun. Well done Beth, you sound so welcoming and your house is filled with warmth. x

  13. Defo the hostess with the mostess. Beautiful pics, wonderful memories :o) xo

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