Saturday: Sunday

The weekend began just the way I like it, with my not talking to my husband for all of Friday night and then a Ballet concert photo shoot at 8.30am Saturday morning. What? You guys don’t love those things? Weirdos.

Once Rob and I finally spoke to each other again on Saturday morning, well, actually, once I decided that I would stop being a stubborn bitch and actually enjoy the weekend, I took Daisy and her bestie and Harper of course {she cannot miss a thing} to get their photos taken for their first Ballet concert which is on in a few weeks time. I thought I did a pretty good “ballet bun” but when I was pulled aside just before we left suggesting that I come and get a tutorial on how to do it before the full dress rehearsal next week, I gathered that I was not so good. My head is whirling with requests for body stockings and MAKEUP bags and hairspray and gel for my 4 YEAR OLD. Lucky she looks so cute.

Once we got home Gma came to stay from Sydney for the night while I went out to lunch with all of my family for my loss of the Family Footy Tipping comp. Let’s just say that next year I will be paying a whole lot more attention to the competition. We left the girls screaming and banging down the windows while we drove out the driveway and that caused me to not talk to Rob again for an hour {because clearly it’s his fault that they were crying and distressed. DER} but we I eventually decided to talk to him and actually enjoy each other’s child free company. I am slowly remembering that I am a crazy bitch when I’m off the pill. Sure I might actually want to put out, but why would you want to when I am so nasty. Catch 22.

This was me in the cab on the way to lunch because I am loving myself sick and the moment and have a huge ego. But that’s OK, I’m a blogger and that’s what hot bloggers do. Snort. This was as fresh I was all day because I got drunk. Drunky Macdrunky DRUNK. Great fun though. We had lunch at the restaurant at the Tilbury and then post cocktails at Ms G’s in Potts Point which was fabulous and made me feel like I was somewhere like London. Or something. I liked it.

Sunday I woke early because I was very hungover, and when I am very hungover I am unable to sleep. Sleep in, or sleep at all. This must have been very annoying for my husband because I kept rolling over to tell him that I was very hungover, and couldn’t sleep. He could sleep, but I could not, so I ensured that he knew my position on the matter and that we were up and heading home much earlier than he would have liked. Because I was very hungover you know? And I missed home and my kids. Who’s the weirdo now? I spent the day very quietly, with some neighbour’s in the afternoon, some picking of flowers and in bed by 7.30pm because by then I could sleep. Very well in fact.


  1. LOVIN you sick McDrunky in your fully sick shades. xx

  2. How FREAKING hot are you looking in those sunnies!!

  3. I want more photos of you Beth! You’re a bit cute.

  4. Real life has its Ups and Downs. Good on you for keeping it real, Beth.

  5. Sounds like Daisy’s ballet bun-gate was handled a little more tactfully than my experience yesterday.

    I did the same early morning ballet concert photo run with my 9 year old. And boy did I get a passive-aggressive dressing down by the chick in charge. Not only was I late, but the hair ‘wasn’t done’ (really? I smashed a box of bobby pins in that mess) AND I forgot the eyeshadow and red hooker lipstick!

    What a fail. But I squashed my first response (ie look sorry about all that, but seriously, f*&k you!) and instead I apologised (once) then turned on the charm and got busy. Within 5 minutes the angry chick was having a good old cackle with me and said my daughter was ‘absolutely gorgeous, as always’!

    You catch more flies with honey, I guess?

  6. You are lookin’ smokin’.
    With the temper to match by all accounts!!!!! 😉
    Pots and kettles and all that jazz.
    I hope the hormonal weather calms down soon and lets you enjoy what you were aiming for.

  7. One sexy Mamma and two gorgeous girls.

  8. You’re a cracker Beth.
    One hot looking mumma with a killer hangover, lovely husband, cute kids and one great (if you ask me) ballet bun!!

  9. I’M sorry all I got out of that is..YOUR OFF THE PILL.

    Are you going for #3??

  10. Daisy looked beautiful, her hair looks darn fine to me… oh those ballet rules, never could get into it myself.
    Love the pic of your girls together, what total heartbreakers they are going to be some day :o) xo

  11. We had very similar weekends!

    Only I wasn’t doing ballet buns.

    … oh, & I also don’t have an amazing jawline like yourself.

    But the hormones, & the silence, yes. yes. yes!

  12. How good are the cocktails at Ms G’s? Did you have a slushie one? or the one with jelly in it? x

  13. We did photos on Saturday too. Now we have one concert Thursday night and one Saturday. I’m making hubby go to Thursday and he can pick her up at half time. Aren’t I generous! I’ll sit through the whole thing and enjoy, 90% of it. Have fun.

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