A Rainbow Party

Yesterday we held a 2nd Birthday Party & Christening celebration for Harper. What a day! Surrounded by all the very closest of our family & new friends down here we shared a meal, had a drink {or two} and celebrated with our beautiful little girl in the only way she deserves – full of colour, and joy and so much love and happiness!

I was just a little bit excited when it was time to cut open that cake…such a shy girl that I am!

I then managed to pose in my best Sale of the Century Model shot…how could I not? LOOK AT IT!

Today I am beyond exhausted and am just two bathrooms off having the house cleaned and back to normal. I will be sure to fill you in on the details of the cake & decorations etc, but right now Mama needs a good cup of tea and a lie down…


  1. Beth, it looks fabulous! Harper is totally adorable in that blue dress with perfect hair and wee clippy to the side! And speaking of perfect hair – she obviously gets it from you! Love your Sale of the Century Pose – totally needed after such cake creation!!!! Happy cleaning!

  2. You did GOOOOOD Beth! I’m so impressed.

    Did the cake taste amazing? I am so hungry right now I could eat the whole thing (damn bridesmaids dress doesn’t fit and I have less than 4 weeks to go!).


  3. What a wonderful party it looks like everybody had a great time.. especially the birthday girl! As for the look of that cake D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!

  4. Looks amazing Beth!

    Where did you get the glass soda bottles and straws from? I have been looking for some for ages, but haven’t been able to find any.


  5. You’ve made me a happy woman Beth.

    I was so patiently waiting for the post, & you delivered, & it was only when I got to the bottom of the post, that I realised I had the biggest, goofiest, dorkiest grin.

    Way to go. What a day. So full of colour!

    Happy birthday Harper xox

  6. You did such a fantastic job!!

    Happy Birthday to your little sweetie. The cake looked amazing.

  7. Looked like a great day. Just showed my 18 year old your birthday cake. He was very impressed and asked if he could have one like that on his next birthday (he will 19 years old). Everyone like they enjoyed themselves.

  8. oh wow is all i can type…i want to eat that cake and everything looks wonderful! so pretty! u must be shattered…but so worth it & love that you r only two bathrooms off getting the house back to its regular state! dayle

  9. Amazing, fantastic and awesome!!! Love, love, love it….

    Well done, looked like a great day.

    Happy Birthday to Harper as well.

    Sarah from Canberra.

  10. Hip, hip, hooray!

    I’ve been waiting to see these images for what seems like forever and I’m beyond impressed with all that you did to make this a truly special day.

    After my dodgy attempt at an alternative rainbow cake last week, you know that I’m bowing down at the temple of Bev in awe and wonder.

    A+ amazing Mummah, you have outdone yourself.

    Happy day!

  11. Well done, lady, well done!

    What a party! Lordy, you’ve done good.


  12. Oh my! This is THE best birthday party I have ever seen. You’ve done amazing and it looks like you all had the best day.
    Enjoy your tea and rest, you sure deserve it. xx

  13. okay DROOLING big-time over the cake and all the GORGEOUSNESS of her day! just LOVE LOVE LOVE it all. well done mamma!

  14. It all looks fabulous, especially that cake! You pulled it off beautifully. You and your husband are both looking ridiculously gorgeous too! Whatever you’re doing, keep it up.

  15. Can’t wait for the Bev cake blog. Gorgeous colours. Well done

  16. Looks absolutely beautiful and heaps of fun. Love all the colours – what a wonderful way for a gorgeous girl to spend her bithday.
    And LOVE the cake!

  17. that cake is magnificent !!

  18. What a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous party.
    It’s my pleasure to announce that that fabulous cake creation has put you in the running for Mother Of The Freaking Year.

  19. Yeah you did! Nice work rainbow mumma! *s*

  20. The cake looks amazing, well done. I hope Harper enjoyed her special day. x

  21. Beth! You outdid yourself!! Not one to shy away from a little colour ๐Ÿ™‚ Harper looks so grown UP and beautiful…and your hair is amazable. And go you for doing so many tissue paper pom-poms! We did them for Scout’s party but I ran out of steam after about 9.

    Time to put your feet up, me thinks.

  22. It all looks so beautiful and colourful! What a great party! Bet your little gal will remember this one!

  23. All looks awesome! You did a fantastic job ๐Ÿ™‚
    Can I also say that I have “Home Envy” whenever you post pics of your gorgeous house, it is simply stunning, now go and have a glass or two.

  24. Yum!
    I love the pop of the colours.
    We are totally doing a rainbow cake for Bluey’s birthday next year, but I think that pictures won’t be needed as it will totally be done by everyone come June. Lol.

  25. Beth you are a freaking party genius. x

  26. love the look of the party, especially those stripey straws and the stunning cake. any cake tips?

  27. Fabulous, Beth. Such fun! Happy christening/ birthday to little Harper. x

  28. Amazing!!! Love that cake so much, and all the little rainbow coloured details – perfect! What a lucky little girl she is ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. what an amazing party! love it all and that house was made for entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!

    love the pic of you and the rainbow cake slice! It’s hard work making a rainbow cake but so worth it! everytime I looked at mine I was so proud of myself:)

    looks like an amazing party

  30. waaaaahhhhhhh!!!! Looks amazingly awesome!!! Those beautiful decorations, the cake! The little girls all dressed up in gorgeous frocks and that pose….all so brilliant…well done xx

  31. This has to be the most beautiful array of party pics I’ve seen! And that cake… heaven sent!

  32. Such a day of colour for a little lady!! Loved it all – gosh you impress me and inspire me to try and emulate such party sophistication. It was all so put together!!! My parties I’m afraid are never THAT put together wow wow wow!!! But that cake, that is something hubby and I definitely want to have a crack at one day soon. Thanks for all the colour this happy Monday ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  33. Such a day of colour for a little lady!! Loved it all – gosh you impress me and inspire me to try and emulate such party sophistication. It was all so put together!!! My parties I’m afraid are never THAT put together wow wow wow!!! But that cake, that is something hubby and I definitely want to have a crack at one day soon. Thanks for all the colour this happy Monday ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  34. have i said you are amazing? really Beth, you rock. everything looks wow. and you look fab. way to go mama! xx

  35. Yep. Bloody brilliant. Can’t wait to hear the deets. C xo

  36. Oh that cake! Fab effort lady. I could almost taste it looking through those pics. And gorgeous pics I might add there. Harper looked so sweet in her pretty dresses :o) xo

  37. As a long time lover of all things tissue pom related & fancy jars filled with candy, this party looks awesome! I’m totally talking one of my girlies into a rainbow party next year just so I can make that cake too ๐Ÿ™‚ Beautiful job, Beth. I know how much prep work goes into a party like that, so to hear you almost have your house cleaned & back to normal is extremely impressive….go you! Can’t wait to hear more details, just beautiful. x

  38. Wow! What an awesome party. You are so creative Beth well done.
    I am attempting a rainbow cake this weekend for Miss 6’s bash – wish me luck!

  39. These photos make me so happy. You are a party goddess. Well done, Beth xxx

  40. everything about that party looks ab-so-freaking-lutely amazing!!

    you rocked that party!


  41. Ah.maze.balls.
    When I grow up i want to be just like you x

  42. So proud of you, and that awesome cake! I love the rainbow theme, there seems to be a bit of that lately. Must be spring. That cake was a mammoth effort, and you all look mighty smug and proud of yourself (too right!)

    You HAVE lost weight. You go girl. Super hottie xx

  43. Every little thing looks amazing Beth. V x

  44. I just love how the most simple of decorations can be used to show rainbow and colour! The balloons are a real classic decoration that pack a big impact. And the super-tiered cake is the icing on the cake (so to speak)!


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