Posies o’ Rosies

Without a doubt, the view of the house at the moment is out of one Daisy Macdonald’s bedroom. Here, come and have a look.

All my roses in bud or bloom despite this gloomy week of weather we have had! The standard iceberg is lovely but next to that are the longest stems of beautiful white and creamy buds that ever there were. Ever.

I know they are just flowers, but honestly, so beautiful. And unlike the bunches that you get from hot houses there are no droopy necks, no browning, just slowly opening flowers that get better as each day passes by. And from my garden nonetheless! I have nothing to do with their success, but I can’t help but be a little proud of their beauty.

And the best bit is that there are so many more I will white blooms for weeks and hopefully for my Christmas Day Table!

This weekend we have some friends from Sydney coming to stay for the night with their 3 kids. I am really looking forward to catching up as it has been aaaaages – they even have a new baby girl, Evie, who I can snuggle as much as I want. Not that I’m clucky…it could be a good chance to see whether I want to go down that road again. Or not.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Stunning roses! What a picture perfect little girls bedroom.

  2. These roses truly are beautiful! Enjoy your time with friends and all the snuggling of the new baby – I’m sure it’ll help with weighing up the options…

  3. beautiful. i love Daisy’s room. newborn snuggles are the best. have a lovely weekend. xx

  4. oh yes stunning roses lol!!

    Yes some use a pen others use personalised stickers lol !!!

    I must be so bored with my life hey !

  5. Looking at your roses made me feel happy. That is all. x

  6. white roses have always been my favorite. elegant subtle understated and yet still the poshness of roses. yours are lovely.

  7. You forgot to mention the sweet scent lady friend. I can almost smell it from here. Garden grown roses have it all over their hot house grown counterparts.
    What a magical room for Daisy to grown up in, beautiful xo

  8. ROSES – gorge! My lovely man has been bringing me home a bunch of long stems every Friday for a couple months – from a truck stop no less! They are pure bliss – LOVE your garden man. And that house – don’t get me started……xx

  9. please come and save me from the hell that is my daughters room. I swear you need to be an interior designer.

  10. Beth your house is something out of a Country Style Mag. Just gorgeous. WE have some white roses that I am hoping will be just perfect for Christmas Day too x

  11. i love love roses..lucky you, ours looking great too, i love this time of year…
    your daughters bedroom looks
    have a grat last day of the weekend, *sigh* sunday already

  12. i meant “great” not grat lol

  13. Nice to see the lovely and cute furniture for the children in their rooms..it is also essential to get as much storage for them to really preserve and organize all their belongings.

  14. Beth, those roses are simply stunning and I would be proud of them if I were you ! x

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