: I’m spending my day sitting and admiring all the flowers I have in my house
: Watching the rain and wind lash about my windows and garden
: Eating more leftovers
: Trying to get through a mountain of paperwork pushed aside last week
: Watching a Dorothy the Dinosaur Christmas DVD. Don’t ask
: Preparing a roast lamb dinner and a rhubarb crumble for Gma who is coming to stay
: Sending off goodies to winners at the Post Office
: Fretting over how much it costs to register a car {again}
: Blogging instead of packing a lunch for School & getting ready
: Watching these girls sit and read their 16 new library books we picked up yesterday

What are you doing this Thursday?


  1. I am getting the twins and my 3 year old breakfast while reading the blogs. I am dropping my 3 year old off at day care and then going to the shops to buy ingredients for the lunch I am now cooking today for my boss’s husband and wife who are here from the States and coming over for lunch. I found out about it last night!

    Have a great day πŸ™‚

  2. Warm and sunny here, the school bus has just left!! Off to the shops for a coffee and pick up a few things, must spray the carpet first ‘summer fleas’ have popped out of the carpet this am!!

  3. *fretting about how much it costs to fix a car after you’ve backed into a pole (again)
    * blogging instead of packing lunch and getting ready for school.
    *getting ready for a wedding!

  4. Reading blogs in bed – quietly.
    Being amused/bemused that my Magoo ALWAYS sleeps later on my workdays.
    5am for non workdays.
    It’s now 6am and not a sound when Mummy could do with the extra minutes to get him out the door.
    – Crap. Did I just whinge that my kid is still asleep. Ugh.

  5. Reading your fabulous blog while should be working…back to work..sigh. Have a great Thursday!

  6. Your day definitely sounds more pleasant than mine which is being at work and getting month end finished – all day !!!
    At least I have training tonight which is always good fun even if it is hard work.
    Have a good one !

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  8. Good reading Harper!

    I’m about to go play netball, come home cand clean the house then make myself pretty to go to my new job that I start this afternoon!!!!

  9. I am sitting here reading ‘blogs’ as I am home sick from work (again). I am watching the TV and listening to the rain come down and wishing I had my water tank as it would be full by now.

    I need to have a shower to get ready for the doctors’ at 10:15 but can’t drag myself to do anything.

    Love seeing the girls with the books reminds me of this place where my kids (and husband) spread their books out after a library trip. Have a great day.

  10. Those peonies are divine.

    I’m about to tuck my baby into the baby gro and throw him into his cot for his morning sleep and wondering what I should wear to a lunch thing I’m going to at a fancy pants clothing shoppe.

    I covet your garden.

    If you wake up and find it stolen you know it was me.

    Love the blog.

  11. Making pumpkin soup (yum!), watching “Barbie: A Perfect Christmas” (don’t ask!), and trying to get to the end of never-ending laundry (ugh!). But the sun is shining so now we’re off to the park for a bit πŸ™‚

  12. Pause. There just isn’t enough of it.

    But after your mammoth week, it’s well-deserved. I’m having some quiet time. One boy asleep, the other at a friend’s place. I’m scheduling posts for the next week, because it’s going to be mental.

    oh, and I’m working. Well… meant to be working!

    Enjoy the space, and those Christmas DVDs. There’ll be more where they came from!


  13. This nighties! Too too cute.

    Seriously, doesn’t that make your heart melt, the two of them reading library books together.

    Enjoy the pause xx

  14. Play>Pause>Play>Pause… that’s my Thursday so far…

    * Hit the shops with the kids, Mum and my sister and niece.
    * Order a salad at lunch and think I am being healthy.
    * Then order an ice coffee and chug it down in minutes.
    * Buy floaties and pool toys for the kids.
    * Buy my Dad a Birthday present.
    * Become overwhelmed that Xmas is around the corner and I have not bought ONE PRESENT YET!!!
    * Come home, feed the kids again and send them both to bed so I can blog and eat kit kats.
    * Eat dinner alone because husband has a sesh with his personal trainer then a uni study group tonight.
    * But then realise that tonight I can hog the sofa and watch the NEW season of Gossip Girl. And eat more kit kats.

    Happy Thursday Bev!!


  15. I love littlies ‘pretend’ reading. Yours made me grin like a goon, and in their sweet Little House on the Prairie nighties.

    Um, my Thursday morning is now a blur but included cleaning and mopping floors, feeding and putting bubs down for morning sleep and trying to get 3.5 year old To. Stop. Whingeing.

  16. I’m thrilled I found your blog- that’s what. Am sitting here in London, missing Australia- and now I’ve just had a cup of tea and lost an hour reading your archives and am in a fantastic mood. Thank you….

  17. Love the book review, including the page turning. She made every bit of sense to me.

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