Merry Christmas to….you guys!

Ok. So it’s December so I can “officially” talk about Christmas now. Phew. Me and my stupid Christmas rules.

I love opening up my emails (which is quite a good thing as I seem to compulsively doing so many times an hour throughout the day) and the other day I got a cracker from a lovely lady who we’ll call Lexi, seeing as her name is Lexi. Anyway, she is a reader of Babymac (Hi Lexi!) and she wanted me to know about a fabulous company she works for called Sseko Designs. I checked it out and put it past my style radar and you know what? It passed! With flying colours.

So what do they make?
Sandals. That’s what. And not just any sandals. Fabulous ones. And now also clutch purses which are equally fabulous.

Where are they from?

Who makes them?
Glad you asked. Sseko \say-ko\ Designs was created to help these bright young women continue their education. The Ugandan school system is designed with a nine month gap between secondary school and university. These nine months are intended to allow time for students to earn money for tuition before continuing on to university. However, in an impoverished and male dominated society, many of these young women struggle to find fair work during this time.

Sseko Designs hires recent secondary school graduates for this nine month period to live and work together, while earning money that will go directly towards their university education. These women will not make sandals forever. They will go on to be doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers and teachers that will bring change and unification to a country divided and ravished by a 22 year-long war.

You can read more about their story here.

So, stylish stuff that is helping out women further their education?
Yep. Great right? Well, I thought so at least.

Now. If only I could do a giveaway for every day leading up to Christmas. Alas it’s not going to happen but I’ll tell you what I will do. I’m going to give away a Stocking Stuffer Package. And when I say I’m going to give it away I mean I am going to take the $65 out of my bank account and pay for it for you. Thanks Rob! It’s the season for giving right? And I’m a giver! Well I’m going to give away something for this great cause AND they are fabulous! Win. Win!

So what do you get? Well a pair of Sseko Sandal soles and THREE pairs of straps in navy, grey and gold. It comes with the story & instructions as well so you can be sure to work out how to tie them. Perfect for us down here in the Southern Hemisphere in the middle of summer.

OK. To make sure it gets to you before Christmas (or as close as we can make it) the giveaway will only be open for a few days until Sunday night 4th December 2011 AEST 8pm. I will choose one winner at random (using and as soon as the lucky winner sends me their details they will be on their way to you hopefully before the big day! A little BabyMac love under your tree! Oh yes, and it’s open to EVERYONE ALL OVER THE WORLD. Yay!

Leave a comment (one per person) and you are in. No extra entries on FB or twitter because I am being generous already and I can’t deal with the logistics of that.

OK. Go! Comment away. And? Merry Christmas! And be sure to get some of these fabulous sandals under your tree for the festive season even if you aren’t the lucky winner. Β You can read more about them here or on Facebook.


  1. WOW these look great, just the multi-function type shoe I need for when we ‘hit the road’ next year to work anywhere and everywhere. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. ooooo LOVE these! I know I have a whole 6 months til the weather warms up here… but it will be worth the wait. Or wear them at home with socks πŸ˜‰ xx

  3. They look awesome, perfect for Summer πŸ™‚

  4. Oh, these look great! And love your generousity!!!!

  5. Gorgeous giveaway, I love the look of the sandals.

  6. fabulous, I would love some

  7. LOVE these! x

  8. You crack me up. Always ALWAYS good for a laugh. For today you can call me ‘Donna’ (even though my name is Linda) .. and both Donna & Linda LOVE these shoes .. so here is my comment.

    Let’s hope Mr (or Mrs) Random finds my little post and say’s SHE’S A WINNER!!!

  9. wow these shoes look awesome not sure how they would go chasing 2 little boys around but i would try!!

  10. Leashie Gale says

    These are seriously gorgeous, do you think they make size 11??? That’s the size of my two boats!! Oh well if I win by some chance I could play the generous card & give them to my tiny sister who is five foot nothing & gorgeous πŸ™‚ xx

  11. Love the sandals! Would love to win a pair… if I don’t I may well get Santa to buy me a pair!

  12. Woot, get that Avent calendar out!

    My beloved Witchery sandals are almost dead after our trip to Thailand. What a cool idea. And thanks for being generous and organising this. xx

  13. What a wonderful initiative – count me in and “God Bless Africa!” And the strong and wonderful women that help those not so able to help themselves.
    And you Beth have got you a big heart.
    Love from a new Sseko fan.

  14. They’re gorgeous and such a great company to support. Lovely!

  15. Ooh, gorgeous! Going to check them out now. Such a great idea and so stylish. Would love a little parcel under the tree… (fingers crossed)…!
    Also love that there are kind, funny, generous & honest people in the world like you. Great stuff.

  16. I’ve never heard of this brand before but what an amazing ideal – sandals that have changeable straps? I love it!

  17. What a gorgeous idea! Count me in, I might even buy a pair for my sister!

  18. These are fantastic! I love an ethical pressie.

  19. LOVE these! Very generous Beth, for such a good cause!

  20. What a fabulous idea…..
    Great Chrissy present….

  21. What a fantastic initiative! Would love to own some! Great idea for presents for girlfriends! Brilliant giveaway! X.

  22. That’s such a generous thing to do….you make me feel all Christmassy. x

  23. wow, these are gorgeous and how generous of you! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

  24. Amazing story behind the brand – LOVE THE SANDALS and LOVE YOU! x

  25. What a gorgeous giveaway!

  26. Aren’t you lovely!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!! They look fabulous! Mx

  27. What gorgeous sandals and YAY for the competition being open for us here in NZ too! Thanks so much. I love your blog and Merry Christmas to you too. Katie

  28. Aww talk about some good Christmas spirit! Good cause and out of your own pocket you, my lovely lady, rock x

  29. aballerinasmum says

    Love it! xx

  30. Okay, seriously: you are FAB!

    Sseko Design is totally new to me, but I already love it! Great style, great cause, just … great! ( I am so eloquent, huh?)

    I always struggle to find sandals that I like AND that fit, so these would be fantastic for me. And with those YouTube videos, I THINK even I can do all those different styles! (I especially like Baylee’s braided thong sandal tie and Emma’s knotted slip-on tie…)

    Thank you for such a generous giveaway, you rock!


    keejah (at) gmx (dot) de

  31. Long time follower, first time commenter. <3

    Thanks for the regular inspiration to see the world just that little bit brighter!

  32. I love the fact my sandals (yes, I am thinking positively) will help a future African doctor help their community in the future!

    Good on Sseko and you for helping us find them, Beth.

  33. Merry Christmas to you Beth! I’m feeling the Christmas fun now that Dec 1 is here and you’re being so generous! They are gorgeous – what a great prez they would make for my sister (& me).


  34. I love christmas!

  35. You really are a giver! I’m entering cause I’ve lost three pairs of shoes in the past three months. Like completely vanished, have no idea where they’ve gone. Including my beloved pair of sandals. I got teary last week wheb someone posted a pic on FB of me wearing them, I miss them.

  36. Nice one – and nice sandals!

  37. What an amazing idea?….those sandals are gorgeous, I would love love love to wear these Beth :-))))

  38. love them, they’d be a great xmas gift to myself.

  39. love them! very stylish.

  40. I was so intrigued to come and look at this post after you talked about it last night. You are so generous and I could see that you were passionate about this cause when you spoke about it.

    And they are gorgeous sandals! I currently live in things so would be nice to have something a little more dressy.

  41. I spied these a few weeks ago and they actually are on my Christmas list BUT my husband laughed at me so I highly doubt I’m getting them πŸ˜›

    FYI – I’m still in denial about christmas and I only just brought my first present yesterday.

  42. totally cool x

  43. They are seriously gorgeous, & so generous of you/Rob! Please count me in, & season’s greetings to you Beth.

  44. LOVE the idea ….

    very generous giveaway!… I’ve been followng you awhile … feel a little bad that this is my first comment!!

    Merry Christmas x

  45. I have just put in a request to Hubbie for one of those beautiful clutches. I love the whole concept of this company. Thanks for sharing.

  46. Inspirational story…and fab sandals. Perfect for a Kiwi summer…

  47. These are beautiful Beth, thanks for sharing them! And what an amazing story.

    If I don’t win, I may have to buy a pair anyway πŸ™‚

  48. Wow, these are gorgeous, and with a real benefit!!! Pickmepickmepickme,!!!

  49. oh pleeeease,let me be the winner!!!

  50. Loving these! no under the tree though – more straight on the feet Xxxxxx

  51. Love everything about these! What a fantastic idea and product!

  52. What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win these fantastic shoes πŸ˜€

  53. What a fabulous idea!!!!!! I would LOVE this prize!

  54. Women…can do anything…but we already knew that!

  55. Fabulous giveaway Beth and what a great story behind the sandals.

    Thanks Beth and Merry Christmas, have loved finding your blog this year x

  56. how cool are they! want! count me in.

  57. merry christmas πŸ™‚

  58. Wow what an amazing story behind these sandals Thanks for sharing :)would love to have these wrapped under the tree for my daughter who i know would love them, Thanks for the chance to win them!!

  59. Cute off to investigate x

  60. Love the idea behind this business, and they are totally gorgeous shoes too!
    Thanks, BabyMac!

  61. Oh yes please – it would be nice to get something under the tree that I haven’t had to go out and buy!

  62. If i’m going to win a competition, i’d love for it to be won that aids another woman’s education.
    So….winner, winner – chicken dinner!

  63. How gorgeous. Great concept and product; would love to win a pair!

  64. What a fantabulous idea! And they look gorgeous too!!!

  65. Oooh, they are gorgeous. I love a bit of feel good shopping!! Will have to get me some…

  66. I’m always up for new shoes! These look so comfy and versatile too.

  67. They look beautiful and comfy too!

  68. What an awesome idea and company! And my gosh Beth, so very generous of you!! Would LOVE to win them!!! x

  69. They are the coolest things EVER! too generous of you though! but heck, Im in!
    Merry Chrsitmas to you and your beautiful life.

  70. What a great idea. Thank you. (Happy Christmas). xxx

  71. Gorgeous. Off to explore the website.

  72. Gorgeous! I just went and bought myself a pair, but I’d love to win a pair for my sister too. What a great company!

  73. Beautiful sandles for a beautiful cause. Great stuff BabyMac!!!!

  74. Oh my goodness, how fantastic. Win or not I’m gonna support this company and make my christmas buying a bit easier!

    [email protected]

  75. Oh, never seen them before but they look great, bit fancier than my trusty thongs!

  76. Ummm, I love them!!! I want to buy a pair NOW!! What a great company!

  77. 73 comments? Dang, my chances are shot!

    These are super gorg. Totes gold for Xmas. HoHoHo


  78. I think I NEED those sandals! Great story too xx

  79. look lovely. would love to win some!

  80. How gorgeous are those sandals?
    Merry Christmas to all the Macs!

  81. How gorgeous are those sandals?
    Merry Christmas to all the Macs!

  82. I love them!! I feel greedy even entering because 1. I live in the states and you are already being so generous. And 2. We are headed into a snowy, icy winter and I won’t even be able to wear them out of my house ( because know they will be wore in the house for sure!) for months!! But I love them, and and and I never ever win giveaways! Thanks for all you do Beth, and Happy Christmas!!

  83. Love the Sandals Beth.My 18 and 20 year old daughters could share/fight over them.


  84. What a great giveaway and a beautiful company. You are too generous. I’m in, but if I win I’m going to pay it forward and give them to Corinne because losing three pairs of shoes coming into Summer just sucks. (can I do that??) Merry Christmas x

  85. How cool are those sandals, thanks for being so generous!!! Merry Christmas!!

  86. Cool idea, love the shoes!

  87. Thank you both

  88. great idea for us indecisives!

  89. how on earth did I miss this?!? Those gold thong-y ones are DIVINE! Count me in! xxxx

  90. These look look lovely – just what I need for returning to Aus after a decade of living in the uk, not sure my feet will be up to standard though πŸ™‚

  91. Woot woot! These are awesome!

  92. Cool shoes for a great cause. I’ll get behind anything that assists with educating girls so if I don’t win, I’ll buy a pair for myself and spread the word.

  93. Just gorgeous! Thanks for helping me find the perfect pressie for my sister-in-law. I want some too! πŸ™‚

  94. Hi Beth, just had to say thanks for sharing this company with us. I now own a pair of sandals and a clutch. I cannot begin to tell you how comfortable these shoes are. I’m spreading the word to everyone i know now. I love the concept of Sseko. Thanks once again.

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