Label me: Organised

And or: cheap
And or: grateful

When an email popped into my inbox last week from Bright Star Kids I was quick to reply that “Yes! I would like to get some labels done” seeing as my baby starts Big School in a few months time. Sob.

I have never been an organised Mum. I have friends who always have packed food for their kids. Always have Tupperware filled with cut fruit and sandwiches with crusts cut off and water. I just have never been that person. I am always driving to a servo to get some overpriced bottle of water because I forgot the drink bottles. Again. I am the Mum writing my kid’s names on their drink bottles and lunch boxes with black texta, only to do it again the next day as it has washed off in the dishwasher. Again. As much as I am organised in some areas – this is not one of them. So you can imagine my delight that next year I will be able to whack these fabulous labels and iron them onto her clothes (although that will involve ironing which I never do. Not ever).

We got the School Labels value kit which is valued at $39.95 and comes with what seems like a gazillion labels. It’s easy to fill in the details, choose a font and icon picture and in a day or so it arrived. Easy! They have Name Labels and School labels and looking online a whole range of decals, bag tags and even stuff for the home.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to be smug and organised, and throw out all the dodgy permanent markers I have around the house.


  1. ohh I need some for Daycare! oh and I’m so totally the “servo water bottle” mum too x

  2. Hold onto those markers!

    I have all these and Popps pulls the stickers off every single thing. SHe is a picker, pick, pick pick away she does.

    The iron on labels I did do once, but then once the iron was packed up I just went back to the Linen marker again. And I just picked up the prep school dresses which have a big section for writing names on, Woo Hooooo.

    However, if you happen to ebay clothes, I think it is easier to get the iron on labels off, rather than to have a huge name in black marker across the back of the clothes!

  3. Oh they are fantastic!! They really do last, in the dishwasher too, you just have to trust your child not to lose the entire lunch box. They are expensive too, so freebies, yahoo. I had to argue with the Stuck On You people when i refused to get my children’s names individually printed but just “McClelland family”, i was not getting 4 lots of labels, especially when my children lose everything & it’s easy for Lost Porperty to lump all the McClelland lunch boxes in one (no kidding, the lovely mums from school pop them on my car bonnet!!) We’re on our 9th school now & have quite the reputation – i’m organised, it just hasn’t had a flow on effect yet.
    Exciting it’s almost school time!! Love Posie

  4. I love labelling everything!!!!! I think I may have an addiction. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Do they work on clothes?? Kindy teachers love asking mums to label all clothes, hats, jumpers and library bags. So don’t throw out the black markers out yet!

  6. I do love a label (not high fashion – just a label.)
    I’ve resisted buying a little Borther labelling machine because every surface, living thing and item in this godforesaken home would be labelled.

  7. I ironed a shirt in 1983, so I’m with you there. Fab labels! I just got some business cards in the post! yay for the print word!
    T x

  8. DITTO on the retched IRONING!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. Who cuts crusts off sandwiches? God I sound like my mum, but what a waste of food!

    I am contemplating a label maker. I feel like such a dag now.

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