The week that was

It’s Friday afternoon. In an hour or so I will call it the weekend and will crack open a bottle of something because DEAR GOD this has been a long week has it not? We got home about an hour ago from Sydney and to welcome us back we have a bird stuck up our chimney that we have no chance of getting out so will most likely kill when we light the fire tonight. Which we have to because? IT’S FREEZING. And pouring with rain, just for something different. Our garden is growing before my very eyes with no chance of us mowing it because it’s so wet. It’s all happening here. Before I get too carried away, let’s look fondly at the second week of the School Holidays, otherwise known as Hell Camp: Week two (without the swimming lessons).

Monday, yes the Monday which was a holiday, Rob was working all day so I pretended it was a regular, normal Monday, one with rain thrown in, so I did what any mother would do, I took my kids to Mittagong Big W toy section to just walk around in, play in, and be in while I sat and looked like Muriel’s Mum in Muriel’s Wedding. We got some new textas, colouring in books and pencil cases which bought me 17 minutes of peace once we got back home.

How much fun is the shopping centre? I was so desperate for just a few minutes respite that I lost $6 on this ride. That’s 3 go’s to you and me.

Tuesday my Mum hesitantly sent me a text to see if I still wanted her to come down and stay for the night. That’s the problem with putting everything (namely my bad mood and fighting with my husband) out on the internet, they tend to know everything. Der. She minded the girls for me while I finished off some writing I had to do which I did out in Rob’s office. We were both sitting there, quietly tapping away when he turned to me and asked “You going to Gary’s drinks on Friday?” It was JUST like being back in an office. Kind of. I also had to ask Kevin from IT (aka Rob) how to connect to the internet. He’s funny. After work I drove Ma and the girls into Tulip Time because it was the day after it was on so it was free and all the tulips were still good. I’m cheap like that. It was SO pretty. The colours were ridiculously pretty. Do you like Daisy’s face when I asked her to sit on the wall with her sister for a picture? I am officially a middle aged mother asking my kid to do this sort of thing. I swear I used to be cool.

Wednesday we packed up and headed to Sydney to my Nephew’s 9th birthday party. It was just family but it was so nice to catch up with everyone and not have to rush back home. Like Harper below, I ate and ate and ate some more. Best bit? My Dad popped in to see the girls because he knew we were up and I had a chance to sit down with my Mum and Dad (no step fathers or mothers) and have a drink and a chat. I can’t remember the last time I did that – well over 15 years – and while I love the steps boy was it nice to sit with them both and chat. Divorced parents can be complex things so it was nice to be reminded that once upon a time my parents were a couple that raised us and that it was good, maybe just in bits, but it must have been good. Any which way those 30 minutes on Wednesday were good.

Thursday morning we went on a play date to one of my oldest friends place in Surry Hills. They have a fancy terrace that they have recently done up and moved into and it was quite the challenge for the country girl to find her way to Bourke St. I was happy to see I still had it. We had a lovely few hours chatting with another friend from High School while the kids ran amok. One the way home we drove past out old house. Yep, that little number squished in between the other two. It looks like they have done lots of renovations – new roof and new everything inside. I was feeling all nostalgic, chatting to an old neighbour who runs a cake shop when I was almost booked with a parking ticket. I talked my way out of it, cursed, sped off and was glad that was no longer our neighbourhood. I swear my blood pressure rose again just being back.

This morning we had a few hours to spare so I thought that we would hit Ikea. I know. Mental. Ikea is never to be tackled when you are tired, or without a pram, or without a specific item to purchase but we were driving straight past and I used napkins as an excuse to go. Before we even got in I had buy the girls a lolly pop – yes it was 9.30am what of it? And then some red jelly and coffee from the cafeteria for me. Yes I did have some meatballs. I almost choked at the checkout when our feast came to a total of $7.45. Awesome. The girls happily walked around and around and then around again but Harps lost her shit when we had to go downstairs where all the actual stuff was. I stupidly forgot a trolley and Harper kept asking to “Carry Mummy CARRY” so I had my handbag, the big yellow plastic bag, a rug (cause that was easy to manage) and lots of other bits. I cried with relief when I saw the flat pack trolleys in sight but then realised that the kids wanted to stand on it and be pushed around like some kind of float in a parade. When I had to locate the aisles for the toy kitchen and office chair for Kevin (aka Rob) I managed to jam Harper’s fingers between the Duktig and the Moses boxes. There were tears, there were stories explained to any passer bys what I did (child abuser) but the checkouts were in sight. We rolled out spending approx $400 more than what we needed to and then made the mistake of taking the flat pack trolley into the car park without realising that the lift we exited from was 1km away from where our car was parked. The float carried on through the car park, over speed humps, with packages and boxes dropped along the way. It was sweet relief when we found P1 G where the car was parked and once everything was wedged in we were off and on our way home.

To the rain, overtired kids, a potentially dead bird and a husband still working. I need a drink. And no doubts you do too after reading that EPIC post. Happy Weekend *clink*!


  1. You’re one crazy woman tackling IKEA. Crazy!

    Those tulips are ah-mazing!

    Clink! I have a bottle of Veuve in the fridge. I’m looking after 3 kidlets Han Solo tonight. The temptation is too much. damn medication. damn breastfeeding. That bottle would be in my belly otherwise.

    Happy weekend xx

  2. Cheers!
    Hope you remembered the napkins.

  3. I literally LOL’d while reading this. I love reading your posts. They bring me so much joy. Your approach to motherhood is so endearing and REAL!

  4. Oh my hat!

    I laughed, & frikkin’ laughed at the ‘muriel’s mother’ description!

    You seriously have such a way with words.

    IKEA was everything I pictured it to be 🙂

  5. Well done. I find IKEA stressful, time consuming and expensive and that’s just the car park!! Hope you remembered the napkins….

  6. Pass me that bottle, I’m fricking exhausted! It’s surreal sitting with the actual parents, huh. Definitely doesn’t happen much here!

  7. Ikea in school holidays…. mental idea! so we all want to know did you get napkins?
    clink clinking with you!

  8. Oh Beth. I’m grimacing at the thought of your being stuck in Rhodes IKEA like that. It used to be 5 minutes down the road from us so I can picture your torment. No wonder you need a bottle! J x

  9. i hope you had more then one glass.

  10. You crazy lady. Well done for surviving that Ikea trip.

  11. Ohh so many bad memories of Rhodes IKEA, mainly involving flat packs and trying to squeeze them into tiny cars. Or gross tummy troubles caused by $1 IKEA hot dogs. Bravo for even attempting it.

    Loving those tulip photos – gorgeous xxx

  12. I like to ignore the fact that anyone reads my blog just so I’m not ludicrously self-conscious all the time.

    Tulips are divine.

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