Style alert: Hootkid

Is there anything better than something delivered to you that’s not a bill? Why yes, yes there is. That would be something you have ordered online. Even better than that though, is something that has been sent to you for free from the internet and EVEN BETTER than that, is something for free from the internet that is fabulous and wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string. And lucky old me got that very thing delivered to my door last week. See?

I still snort at the fact that I get sent “media releases” but only for a second because then I feel very important and only wish I had a lanyard to wear that said “Media: BabyMac”. One day grasshopper, one day.

Caroline from Hootkid sent the girls a package filled with fabulous things from her new range of online clothing for kids. When she contacted me to say she would like to send stuff to me, I was immediately skeptical (because I just am) but one look at her website (first check of cool for me) I was “Oh. OK! Pretty! Look at the pretty!” and then I had a browse through her range and it immediately ticked all the rights boxes for me. Cool styles, reasonably priced, and then once the stuff arrived my last checklist – good quality. Here’s what we got:

: A gorgeous little frock for Harper

: A totally fab scarf for Daisy and by GOD we need scarves around here. These are light cotton ones though so could be used as fashion rather than warmth.

: The sweetest Fedora hat for Harper which is honestly too sweet for words AND very good sun coverage as well

And some fab little clips as well. Here is Harper in her hat. Um, did someone say ADORABLE?

And here is her older sister who is totally pissed off that the hat doesn’t fit her and not happy that she didn’t get one. Whatevs 4 year old, tell your grumpy story walking…I didn’t get ANYTHING. Want a fight?

Thanks so much Caroline for all the fab stuff and I have to say that I will be back online soon for another round of fab stuff. First on the wish list? These shorts for Harper for $29.95. Could they be any cuter? Could I sound any more like Chandler Bing?

So what’s in it for you guys? Well, for BabyMac readers you can get $5 off your order by entering BABYMAC at checkout. How exciting – I am a code at checkout! I am always on the look out for great online shopping given our location to shops and this one is a winner in my eyes (and not just because they gave me free stuff…promise!) So off you go, have a look and start shopping!


  1. Damn you woman. I’m not allowed to buy any more clothes for my children until after christmas! They are some seriously cute shorts!

  2. Oh shit! I just made an order last night! BUGGERRRRRRRRR!

  3. i love that hat! x

  4. That hat on that little face is just adorable.

  5. I love this post and all that it says about the clothing and your little ones.
    A code at a checkout? I’ve never before met anyone that is that so it’s a first in my life. How wonderful.
    I really must return to your blog more often although I am a great-grandmother (who you never know just may need clothes for a little one).

  6. Oh Daisy! The evil stare of the eldest child, I have seen that once or twice around these parts ;o)
    Great hat though, understand the jealousy! xo

  7. That’s why you get press releases – I know where I’m Christmas shopping!!
    Oh and those 4 year old eyes look soooo familiar, I get stares like that all the time.
    Hope your 2 beauties get lots of fun in their new digs. x

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