Putting the Stockholm Rund under my feet

Ever since we moved in a whole year ago now (!) I haven’t been happy with the rug that we had in the playroom. The rug was fine, it was cute, the rug was practical and bright for the kids play area…but…the rug was never meant for that space. It was from Harper’s bedroom in Camperdown. It was too small. It just was never quite right. So where was my perfect rug? From here of course except that they don’t ship their rugs to Australia. Bastards. So I have been searching and searching and wasn’t quite ready for fork out the thousands of bucks it appears you need to to get something just a little bit cool.

Friday when we were in IKEA I looked and looked and pondered and wondered in the rug section all the while Harper screamed and Daisy crawled along the floor. I had been looking at this rug for some time – the boldness of it took my fancy and the size was about right for the space…but I was worried about it being so thin that it would slip and slide all over the place. But. I got it in the end because of the screaming children, the price, and the fact that I could make it work somewhere else in the house if it didn’t work there.

But it does. I think. Kind of? Maybe?

Either way it’s there for now and it can be replaced down the track when “the” one comes along. I ask you though, where are all the fabulous rugs in Australia? Do you know?


  1. C’mon Beth – according to my screaming television there are RUGS RUGS RUGS!!! everywhere. And THEY’VE ALL GOT TO GO!!! Heavily discounted and at NEVER. TO. BE. REPEATED. prices.

    I think it works.
    Your whole stunning home seriously works for me.

  2. Love it, but that’s no surprise. I love your style x

  3. Oh, it definitely works! xxx

  4. So much space! I just love all that room to fling the rug in the first place. I’m mentally drawing a 60 minute diameter around Brisbane as I type. The rug is fun. Black and white is always a winner.

  5. You did well, its dramatic and timeless. You are right, it could go with any number of styles and decors.

  6. looks great.
    i’ve seen on pinterest where someone added some rows of silican on the back of a rug to stop it slipping – just an idea if it skids too much!
    oh – i long for a canberran ikea!

  7. It’s perfect, it looks right at home there on your beautiful floor boards.

  8. I love that rug and have wondered about getting it for my house many times. I think its a great choice!!

  9. You know why it works?

    Because of the black & white bus scroll canvas, & that gorgeous black & white enchanted tree cushion.

    That’s why it works.

    In. Love!

  10. We have the same rug under our dining table. We bought some non-slip stuff at the same time as the rug and it works a treat!


  11. Very bold. Love it. When we build our next home I am going for a black and white theme with a splash of red. Or maybe apple green. mmmmm….

  12. It certainly demands your attention. Ties in with your wall art.

    Is it soft to sit on?

    I’ve been searching for a thick rug for my lounge room for eva. But there are too many rugs with geometric designs that remind me of circa 1982/white ceramic greyhounds.

    If only there was a ‘Loom’ option without the 5 digit price tag.

  13. I love the rug! I would love it even more it there were sippy cups and plastic bits all over it… 😉

  14. I’ve been forever on the lookout for the ‘right’ rug, I can’t believe it’s so hard to find!

  15. i am fairly partial to a nicola cerini rug – when i get my grown up house, i am splurging on one of those…haven’t decided which but you know, details are trivial.

  16. Looks great! Just put one of those sticky rug thingies under it and it will stay down nicely… x

  17. I often get myself all hot and bothered over the Cadrys website. I think your rug looks ace! Let’s ask Sally what she thinks of it… x

  18. I like it! I just tweeted you, my friend Sophie from Seeger Gallery up here in these mountains designs her own rugs. We have one and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!


  19. definitely works! thats the good thing with ikea if you get sick of it in a couple of years you wont feel so bad getting rid of it.

  20. Ooo very funky lady. It has an optical illusion thing going on with my eyeballs. The centre row of stripes appears to stand out, almost 3D style when I stare at it. I’d be bloody looking at it all day if it were in my house… and it would also take up two rooms if it were in my house ;o)
    I have a non-slip thingamegig underneath my floor rug so it doesn’t slip on the floorboards. You can pick them up in all different sizes from any carpet or rug store. Worth the 50 or so buck investment… as it also acts as insulation against the cold and padding for the derriere when sitting on the floor playing for hours.
    (this is a really long comment) xo

  21. I had that same rug. I’m a bit in love with black and white stripes; classic but modern and statement-y. But alas, in the lounge room it kept giving me headaches with its optical illusion type lay-out.

  22. the rug looks fabbo and great score from ikea!

    here are some other options:
    great rugs and there is a fabulous teal one, in the PYD building in danks street.

    design your own rug, the round black and white ones are super cool.

    from agentina and 1/4 price of what you pay in australia.

    you can also go to the regular antique auctions and get a good antique persian, on once a month
    http://auctions.lawsons.com.au/ at annandale, great antique rugs, furniture, collectables and art.

    Coco Republic do well priced rugs at there auburn outlet store.

    fabulous rugs!

    But for now what you have is pretty cool.

  23. Cute Rug!
    Also, Marth Stewart says to lay down striped of caulking on the ack od rugs , let it dry and then you have a no slip or skid rug.

  24. Cute Rug!
    Also, Marth Stewart says to lay down striped of caulking on the ack od rugs , let it dry and then you have a no slip or skid rug.

  25. Cute Rug!
    Also, Marth Stewart says to lay down striped of caulking on the ack od rugs , let it dry and then you have a no slip or skid rug.

  26. I am seriously in love with your house ♥

  27. Love that rug – have contemplated purchasing it 100 times, but am yet to take the plunge. You have almost convinced me once again! It looks great!

    My absolutely ultimate online source for floor rugs is http://www.designerrugs.com.au/
    but you need some serious cashola for their to-die-for designs. Booo! It’s an investment piece though, that’s how to justify it! That’s what I tell my partner anyway haha!


  28. Rugs aside, don’t you love how the humble beetle bug (well that’s what we call it) makes a house with children look cool again?!
    Glad to have found your blog!
    x Stacey

  29. I tried to pay attention to the rug, I seriously did. But I am far too in love with your windows to even see anything else.

  30. Oh my gosh! The rug. The room. That blue chair!! I LOVE the blue chair. I want the whole room…ok your whole house!

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