Postcard from 1994

Hi guys!

We are having the best time. Silly, good fun. Beautiful warm weather and tired but happy kids. That whole daylight savings thing has meant that the kids are again up at 5am, but that’s OK, it makes the days last a reeeeally long time.

We planned this holiday to make the most of all that Surfers is. All of it’s late 1980’s/early 1990’s glory. And that’s not hard to do seeing as it’s still stuck right bang there – let’s call it 1994. Rob and I both never went to Schoolie’s so we are (kind of) having a crack at it. But with two kids which kind of dampen the partay mood. To start with we arrived at the airport we were picked up in a car. Why are we looking so happy and stupid you ask?

Because it was a LIMO. 1994 people, 1994. The baby cried the entire trip though because she was beside herself with tiredness so that kind of ruined it. Even the limo was cheap and dodgy and a little disappointing – just like Surfers Paradise.

I spotted this and took it for my Mum. Can’t say I would be heading into this boutique unless I was…off my

The apartment does not disappoint either with it’s nautical themed kitchen. And all those cups up there? Plastic! It really is a great apartment though – loads of space and fabulous views – 1994 or 2011 that doesn’t change.

We hit the beach for a few hours yesterday morning which the girls adored. Harper ran and screamed, ran and squealed, ran and ran and screamed then ran. Needless to say she lost her shit when we got home from exhaustion, sheer exhaustion.

We went to Dreamworld where Daisy told us “all your dreams will come true”. And if your dreams include overpriced snacks and being scared beyond belief on a ride called the Buzzsaw, then they did indeed come true. Seriously though, I had the BEST time. We got to go on rides – all the adults swapping minding the kids, then taking the kids on rides, getting on water slides, roller coasters – I felt like a kid too. Best day ever? Possibly. In a Gold Coast kind of way.

Yesterday after the beach Lucy and I hit a spa for a massage and a pedi. I tried to get into a few of hotels but couldn’t get in so went to this place that looked OK. It was maybe that. The only redeeming feature was the fact that the massage was good – I finally figured it out that it reminded me of a brothel. A brothel from 1994 of course, but a brothel nonetheless. It was dark and a little porno – leopard print couches, ladies sitting around drinking cocktails called “sex on the spa” and the like. As soon as we were done we made a run for it.

We finally found somewhere cool and a little 2011 for a cocktail and a new hotel that had opened (or has been revamped) called QT. The interior was right down my alley – 50’s slant on a modern classic design. Great bright colours and patterns and fabulous cushions. I love cushions. And they had a Hendricks Gin cocktail – yes please!

We drank and drank and drank some more and then had a great dinner (in the bar as well) which was a little American a little Mexican. All I know is that the tacos and SLIDERS came out in little red baskets. Just like in the movies from America! For a gal that has never been to the states this made me most happy. In fact, there isn’t much that isn’t making me happy this holiday. Good fun, great company, happy kids, warm weather, laughing, early nights and early mornings. So. Much. Fun.

Today? Seaworld! Where all the dreams of the sea come true? Or something… Then we are home tomorrow night. See you on the other side!

Beth x


  1. Lovin the instagram recap! Cute fedora, and congrats on an obviously successful vacation with the mini people!

  2. sounds like you’re all having a great time! goldcoast is on our list of places to visit – i’ve heard it’s tacky but that’s an appealing factor for us LoL!


  3. love me some theme park action!
    yeah – you’re so right – surfer’s is absolutely stuck in the 80’s. ha!
    so glad you’re having a great time.
    cheryl xox.

  4. The Gold Coast has lots more to offer than Surfers Paradise. Maybe try Burleigh next time, I don’t think it is still stuck in the 80’s. Surfers is kind of on the nasty side. Except for the beach. That is beautiful.

  5. Oh I love reading your travel adventures Beth. And that bar looks so cool. Make sure you don;t get too Off Ya Tree!

  6. There’s nowhere like the Goldy for a holiday. Nowhere.
    Lil still asks when she can go back to Dreamworld.

    And a Hendricks cocktail? Yes, please. I’m sure you could express post that bad boy to me.

    Enjoy, love!

  7. Ah you’re so cute!

    I never had a schoolies myself, but I went to about three when I lived on the Gold Coast… nice to see the Surfer’s-’90s-time-warp still exists.

    Enjoy our sunshine! xo

  8. FUN FUN FUN!!! Thanks for the update!

  9. Damn you look good in a hat.
    I have resisted the Gold Coast, we head straight to my husband’s bachelor pad at Enoggera – still stuck, well, beyond 1994, red carpet & yellow walls?? Who cares, free holiday in Qld right!!
    I didn’t do schoolies, neither did my husband, clearly a class above the rest. Love Posie

  10. Double jealous.

  11. Totally rad, Beth!!
    The tone of this post is awesome.
    Makes me wanna talk fast, knock back a bevvy and dance a little.

  12. Any holiday away from home is fun. So glad you are enjoying this one. Sun and beach for me is on the top of my list for a relaxing time. Enjoy!!

  13. Luuuurve it lady friend. You’ve summed up all the reasons why I love the Gold Coast. It is seriously like a time warp isn’t it? But what a fabulous time warp it is. Love your pics. Lookin the goods in your sunnies and hat disguise… gotta keep the paps guessing ;o) xo

  14. I’m still in Bali (sans mini people, with you and Rob virtually)!

    But, this is quite fun too! Glad you all had a great time.

  15. I’m now off dreaming of cocktails πŸ˜‰

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