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The other day when I was staying up in Sydney at Mum’s place she had found some old stuff of mine and my little sis that she wanted to give us to keep. Some old travel journals, some School books, that kind of thing. There were a few pearlers that I had to share with you.

Exhibit A: A Short Story

Personal highlights for me include her fantastic score of 330 or more. And her sexy husband. She was quite the fortune teller – she did get an excellent score in her HSC except it was 95 and not quite 330. And her husband? Well, I’m not going to say someone else’s husband is sexy but I will say he is quite handsome AND A chef. Yeah, she did alright.

Exhibit B: An Illustration

Taken from a holiday journal that we kept when we went on a Family road trip in the late 1980’s (yes we were the Griswald’s) from Sydney to Melbourne, then to Adelaide and then up the Birdsville Track. Mum encouraged us to write about what we had done each day, stick in postcards and memorabilia picked up from the motels we stayed at and any drawings of things we had seen along the way. There must have been some sweet trannies spotted in Mansfield is all I’m saying. Wow.

Today I am heading away with my little sis on a family holiday of sorts. A very special kind of 1980’s holiday too. We are heading away with our sexy husband’s and my two kids to the Coast with the Most (Goldy) for 4 nights. We are staying in an apartment on the beach and we plan on being total dags going to theme parks and sipping West Coast Coolers in our jacuzzi. Yep, the apartment has a jacuzzi. I might treat the blog like an online journal along the way, or I might just see you when I get back on Sunday. I haven’t decided yet. In the meantime check out my Facebook page for any action that may come along. Trannies in swimmers and all! Or maybe that’s just?! I do look a little like the lady in the one piece…


  1. LOVE IT. i have old letter I sent my grandparents from when I was 6, always worth a chuckle.

    Can your sis cut my hair ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Brilliant!!
    I love that your sis wanted to sell Rainbows, and then clarified what they were ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I have some old road trip journals too, but my parents were such nature loving hippies that mine are all “today we saw a spotted owl, and Dad stopped to move a dead kangaroo off the road and checked to see if it had any babies”, and my drawings are of lakes and mountains. Not half as exciting as trannies.
    Have fun on the Coast!

  3. I love how kid has been crossed out & replaced by child. lol!

    It’s just brilliant.

  4. Things like this so take me back.
    I think my Nanna has kept some of the letters I wrote to her when I was little – makes me want to have another look at them.
    Love the drawings – so fun!

  5. Gold! My sister and I are always going through silly archives of stuff like this – hilarious!

    Have fun but go easy on the west coasts x

  6. Reading old diaries and journals can be very insightful!!Let’s hope you don’t see too many people like the ones in the picture while you are on holiday!

  7. Pure gold yet again!!

  8. Haha, go the Westies, they’re awesome, Scott pays me out something chronic when I drink those ;o)
    Love love LOVE your drawing. Funny but the shoes and feet are remarkably similar to how I used to draw them. They do look a bit like trannies, I agree.
    How cool of your Mama to encourage your creative side like that whilst on holidays… no wonder you’re so good at the written word now. Have fun in Goldie xo

  9. Classic – in every sense of the word.
    Happy holiday.

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