Happy {last day o’} Holidays

We arrived home a few hours ago with two of the tiredest children that ever there were, bags full of dirty washing and I’m sure one too many wines over the week under my ever expanding belt and overtired baggy eyes. Holidays are great but it’s always so good to get home when you have little people isn’t it? Their own beds. All their stuff. Back to norm.

Our last day was a cracker though – worth a photo montage. Even with a song. But I can’t think of what song because I am very tired too. A holiday with kids will do that to you…

We spent the morning at Piss weak world Sea World which instead of being stuck in 1994, it was stuck in 1989. Not much had changed since then. Some sharks and rays perhaps, but it was just as I remembered it from 1988. Harsh? Maybe but I think it was deserved. Rides not working, general tiredness, seemingly endless costs for things. Maybe I was just tired. We got back to the apartment around 3pm and hopped into the spa with the kids. I toasted the fact we were home from a theme park with a champagne. Cheers!

It was a cracking afternoon – every time you looked out the window you would see whales or dolphins on display – very pretty! OK, well not every time, like this time. But most times. Promise.

We got (overtired) little people in jim jams and fed quickly. Maybe even by 4.30pm. What of it?

We planned our dinner ahead of some fresh seafood picked up from the Seafood co-op near Piss Weak World – why hello there Red Emperor Snapper and fresh prawns!

The girls watched a little Horton Hears a Who, as you do. What a view!

Rob sat and tried not to think about work that had managed to creep into our holidays. Stupid work that pays all our bills which allow us to go on great holidays like this…

Although this looks like a dance routine I was just making Rob pause before we snapped our heads up for a photo so we looked young! And fresh! And in love!



Shame I just look like Bob Downe.

Some people are just naturally in love and fresh and young. Whatevs. They have been married for 5 minutes and have no children.

We put some prawns on the BBQ…

Hang outside and drank and were silly…

Ate those bad boys…

I drank some more cause my kids were asleep {for the moment} and I was on holidays! On the Goldy! It was my Schoolie’s after all…I blame Seaworld for making my hair look like that.

And then that Red Emperor was ready. Look at the level of focus and attention on our faces. What can I say? We like food.

And? We LOVED our holiday.


  1. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous! Okay, I’m going to be boring and asked what you put on the Red E?


  2. God, I want to go on holiday – even to PissWeakWorld.

    And jesuschristonabike – do I need that red emporer!

  3. Your photos are awesome! Love that freshness! Super love those prawns, they seriously made my mouth water. Sea World can be a bit sucky, but the new rides are ok, & I do like shark bay. That volcano always makes me laugh. But that is all.

  4. Beth, wow!

    What a holiday, & what a view.

    Don’t you hate blackberry’s/smartphones being able to send work e-mails to husbies whilst on holidays? Ugh! But yes, like you say, those damn jobs do pay for little people, & big houses, & wonderful holidays 🙂

    By the way, the black & white photo of you is divine!

    I think sea world hair is a good look for you. I’m serious.

    Welcome home xx

  5. OH I loved your holiday too. But glad you are back in one piece .xx

  6. Hey, even great hair deserves a holiday!
    (Well, that was my mantra while camping this week!)
    Your holiday sounds absolutely terrific.
    Piss-weak world and all.

  7. Ohhhhhhh lady, this all sounds like bliss. BLISS! Maybe I am just too easily impressed, but I liked Seaworld… granted it was about 5 years ago AND we’d also done Wet n Wild, which was WAY cool, so I was probably just in the mood.
    Love your photos and might I add you look young enough to BE a schoolie in your arty black and white shot, sexy-cool ;o)
    Harper’s face in the 3rd pic is totally squeezable, gorgeous gal!
    How many times I’ve wanted to throw the f*ckin blackberry in the sea. How. many.

  8. Sounds like a great holiday.
    Loved Seaworld in 1995. Went back with kids at Easter and we all thought it was pretty PW too. Some rides weren’t working then either, had to pay extra for every second thing, rides that were working were a bit lame, generally a bit bleaugh. That fish on the other hand looks fab!

  9. I love your photographs. I love the word summaries. I love that you had a holiday and shared it with us.

    Great memories! xx

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