Friday VLOG: Cause I’m lazy


  1. – Your neighbour sounds awesome. FACT. (Perhaps I need to move).
    – Your hair is looking FABULOUS. FACT.
    And the greatest fact of all – Maggie Beer’s Burnt Fig ice-cream is TO DIE FOR!! Thank you thank you for kicking my butt into getting some. Such a good friend you are.
    Have a fantastic weekend lady. xx

  2. Beth you ate such a social butterfly! Btw I can teach you how to make pasta, my potato gnocchi is to for for, (if I can say so myself)

  3. You’re adorable, seriously. And you have a voice MADE for vlogging. I’m seriously envious of that. Mine tends to take on the more husky male kinda tones. Not vlogging material.

    Your neighbor is AWESOME. capital A.

    Oh, & that freeze frame was really kind.

    That’s another reason why I choose not to vlog.

    I fear where the freeze frame may choose to park itself.

  4. i am moving. i want spaghetti neighbors and slow cooked anything. you are awesome. enjoy lovely. xx

  5. Check your hair, its looking awesome.
    Don’t have another one. Borrow mine πŸ˜›

  6. hair looks good babe, I like a bit of fringe action … and I can’t make spaghetti either …

  7. I didn’t watch it all today (sorry) but just wanted to ask – are you like a newsreader and only wear ‘good stuff’ on top – when really you are in your jp’s and uggies?

    I so would be.

    Have a great weekend (-:

  8. I love it … “You’re amazing because you just are” That pretty much sums up how I feel about you.
    Enjoy your fancy spag bol!!

  9. You know what’s amazing?? Those earrings! I don’t think I heard what you said cause I was hypnotised by them!

    Have a GREAT weekend! xxx

    And spag bol? Love it.

  10. No, YOU are amazing. Good lord, I love you. I always look forward to watching your vlogs. Enjoy the spag bol with the fancy pants homemade pasta xxx

  11. Copy with what everyone else said. I love your hair. I want my hair to be that colour without me looking like a complete freak. Were stopping at #4 but I think when he turns 2 I will still be craving a new little baby, does it go away ever??

  12. You rock Beth. That is all. x

  13. I love when I check your blog and there is a VLOG waiting! You are a pleasure to read and listen to- hope Harper has a wonderful party xx

  14. Is it okay that I saw it was a vlog and got giddy?
    Could seriously listen to your voice for ages – like a whole bottle’s worth, I’m sure!

  15. I think you could do it Beth (#3)? I don’t know you, just anonymous cause I don’t know how to have a name. But geez girl – well does hubby want another? I think you’ve definately got to be in it together…..XX

  16. I know how you feel about the kids growing and not needing you so much!! We are known as the Donut Neighbour as my son works part time at Donut King and brings leftovers home for us and God lov him takes them in next door as well.Have a fantsatic weekend too!

  17. Hope all goes well for the christening. Look forward to hearing about it.

  18. I want those earring for my 40th …do they come in clip on ! ha

  19. I hope you had a great night last night. If you want another one, I can give you two boys for a trial run (15 years and 18 years). Very lazy but polite (they say please when they want you to get them food).
    Any way, have a great week-end and good luck with the christening.

  20. love these vlogs!

    I’d be hosting dinners every night with neighbors like that!

    P.s great hair!

  21. You make me giggle, like Ricky Gervais makes me giggle. I actually clapped during that Vlog. YOU are amazing.
    Don’t know how to make pasta? There’s some sort of Dumb Sluts cooking class around your neck of the woods I hear.
    Have a great day tomorrow

  22. Ha Ha. Love this. Awesome neighbours! Hope it was a relaxing tonic!

  23. Gosh I love your vlogs – do more! Please…


  24. You look gorgeous, and it looks like you have lost weight. I love the expression in your eyes when you talk about Harper’s Birthday, so loving and full of life. I would also like another one but knowing there are billions (7) of people in this world, the future looks scary at times. Also I am still breastfeeding my little 18 month old and It will just be a never ending task it seems.
    Anyway have a great Sunday!

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