Friday 28th Oct 7.15pm

It seems that crappy number cakes with pink icing are my speciality with Harper. And the delight, joy and wonder is hers.


  1. Happy birthday, Harper, that cake loads fab!

  2. oh bless her lovely face! She is so happy.. well done mummy with the cake. Looks delish! Wish I could do pink icing… think I might whisk some up for the hell of it this weekend! happy birthday Harper, you gorgeous girl! xx

  3. Believe me that is not a crappy number birthday cake. If I had made that I would be shouting from the rooftops! It looks great and I love Harpers little face, joy!

  4. That cake is fabulous – as is the look on that gorgeous two-year-old girl. Glad Harper’s had a happy birthday x

  5. The look on her face is so priceless! How luck you are!
    T xx

  6. Oh wow – that beautiful little face of hers says it all!

  7. Looks rather fabulous to me.. Happy Birthday to your Gorgeous Girl xx

  8. Your crappy = my gorgeous!

  9. Your ‘crap’ is fabulous!

  10. Look at that sweet little face. Someone obviously LOVED her ‘crappy’ cake.

  11. Happy Birthday beautiful girl! x

  12. Look at her most precious face! So gorgeous! Happy 2nd Birthday Harper!

  13. These are the cakes I remember my Mum making! It looks great Beth. Happy birthday Harper!
    Rach x

  14. oh mercy, that cuteness!

    xo em

  15. oh that face, that smile, so so sweet. xx

  16. The face says it all….she loves her cake.

    Enjoy the weekend.x

  17. Look at that sweet face! Happy Birthday!

    I’m about to construct a ‘4’ for my son’s birthday next week. Wish me luck. You did an amazing job!

  18. I think that cake looks wonderful and delicious!

  19. Oh yumbo, Happy birthday in your household, she looks mighty pleased with that cake!! I love the last shot as it shows how huge the cake really is, mmmm. Love Posie

  20. I am putting in a request for one in 2 weeks for my Emmy’s 2nd bday. I have yet to make a cake for either of my girls in the 6 years that I have been a mother. it aint gonna happen any time soon!

  21. Belated happy birthday to Harper. What a delightul cake too and I am not surprised it was a hit with her.
    Yes I remember birthday parties and the thrill of little children sitting around enjoying ‘treats’ to eat and playing games in the garden etc. Those were such happy days.

  22. That cake is gorgelicious! I think it’s a work of art, as is your beautiful little 2 year old lady. Oh my, such precious shots :o) xo

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