Spring sunshine

You just cannot beat late afternoon Spring sunshine. It’s soft. It’s delicate. It’s warm, not hot. It makes everything look so exceptionally pretty – especially round these parts. Check out our late Sunday afternoon session up at the pub with some friends last weekend…

I think the sun is meant to be disappearing for a few days later this afternoon. Rain. Showers. Back to cold weather. We have a pretty quiet weekend planned and I plan on enjoying the time inside. The fire back on. Movies and snuggling on the couch. Home made pizza. A visit from my little sis and her husband. A little trip up to Sydney Sunday afternoon and hopefully a little more sleep than what we have had round these parts for the last few weeks. I am OVER it, to say the least.

Whether it’s sunshine or showers for you this weekend, I hope it’s a good one.


  1. I would totally wear what Harper has on. She rocks the stripes.

    You could be at a pub in England.

    This “spring” weather is giving me the irrits. I think up in “sunny” Qld I have had colder days in spring than in winter. Bring on summer I say.

  2. Sunshine, Mrs Woog and the Woogettes coming my way x

  3. I’m so with you on the afternoon spring sunshine. It has been divine holiday weather just to run around in parks. I just watch and drink endless thermos’ of tea and take endless photos in that golden light. So sorry for your sleep deprivation. I had that with my twins and it is torturous! It will end so keep walking toward the light.

  4. Enjoy some rest.
    I could almost taste my bubbles in the afternoon sun up there at the pub.
    Probably not a good sign at 7am on a Friday morn!!

  5. Sidenote: how good is it leaving away from people so they have to come and visit?! hahaha We used to live 2 hours away from family/friends and every weekend we’d be booked up with friends and have long lunches and trips to local pubs etc. Now we live back ‘home’ and never see anyone! I want to go away again so I can have visitors!

  6. *living not leaving

  7. I want to have a long boozy lunch sitting in that pub garden! Heavenly!!
    Sounds like a lovely weekend. Homemade pizza is on the cards for us too. Enjoy lovely!
    ps. How cute and long is Harper’s hair getting?!

  8. Pretty pics!

  9. Im with Amelia, that pub garden looks awesome. Im over the early mornings too I hav been awake since 4.30…need a nanna nap now before the kids get home!!Bring on daylight saving!!

  10. I came to visit your blog about a month ago when we were in Oz and someone mentioned your name. And then I came here again. And again. And again and again and again. Now I’m here nearly every day.

    Just wanted you to know.

    Loving your blog!


  11. The fire on snuggling in front of a movie….that’s why I love winter more then Summer. Am I the only one?

  12. oh pub, pub, pub- i miss you.

  13. Beth I love the photos on your blog. It all looks idyllic. Here’s to a glorious weekend all round x

  14. Gorgeous shots lady. Especially like the one of Rob kissing Harper, precious daddy/daughter moment captured right there xo

  15. I want the sun back too. Boo!! Beautiful images, love Posie

  16. Delightful photos Beth. I know how LONG winter drags on for in the country. Soon it will be sunny again. Keep smiling xx

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