Smiling at me

I just snuck a look at the weekly forecast round these parts and I have two words: Blue Skies.

In fact, it is even going to get to 24! DEGREES! You know what this means? It means time in the garden. Washing on the line. Picnics in the garden. Trips to the park. T shirts on, no leggings, tights or jumpers to be seen. Cups of tea in the sunshine. Evening drinks on the verandah watching the sun disappear. Spring!

I have always had a soft spot for Willie Nelson. I blame my dearly departed Uncle Vic for that. Every time I hear his lovely voice sing it fills my heart with smiles and sunshine. Throw in a harmonica? Done. I am done.

Now, just to fast forward to the start of daylight savings. My kids are awake before 5.30am every morning at the moment. And that? Just. Won’t. Do. At least you are getting your BabyMac posts nice and early though right?


  1. You know this excites me? We’re commg to Sydney for our wedding anniversary.

  2. My kids were both awake at 5.50am today. WTF.

    I have officially declared them (and yours) bonkers.

  3. I’m a newbie to your blog, and LOVE IT!!! You make me giggle…lots.
    Here in Somerset England, we are getting a hammering with the tail end of hurricane Katia…….so I look forward to hearing more about your cups of tea in the sunshine and trips to the park……( as I snuggle up on the sofa under a blanket, with my slippers on, clutching a cup of hot tea)…
    Nattie x

  4. I’m on the daylight savings countdown too!

    Loved your description of Spring around your place. Bring on the backyard picnics with clothes flapping on the line as a festive bunting 🙂

  5. Love those blue skies, and totally counting down those days till daylight savings!

  6. Thanks Daisy & Harper.

    Keep em’ comin’


  7. summer time = party time.

  8. I’m celebrating the advent of fall over here and the return of cooler weather (after our record-breaking heatwave). I’m wishing for the end of daylight savings so I can get an extra hour of sleep! Love me some good sleep.

  9. Nice. If only the sun would show it’s loveliness down here too!

    On another note, I’m planning on learning the harmonica soon, cos how cool would it be to be able to whip one out and just play bad ass? My Pop used to play while standing on his head (no joke!) so I reckon I need to do it for him!
    Plus, I’m a hairdresser, and a workmate is currently learning the banjo. We plan on randomly whipping out our instruments and playing for our clients! That’s not weird, right?
    Enjoy you’re beautiful day!
    Rach x

  10. yes even with TOTAL AND UTTER BLOCK OUT BLINDS that would block the sun hitting the earth in my youngest daughters room, she is waking at 5am most mornings. damn birds.

    bring that shit on.

    it also seems to make the afternoon longer… longer for them to play outside and not bother me!

  11. Oh YAY to no more leggings, tights or jumpers! I am OVER the Winter garb. Now to get ‘leg’ ready, mine looking like a special breed of white spider… you get my drift!? xo

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