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Most days I get sent press releases for this that or the other which I find quite hilarious. I mean why, dear GOD WHY would I need to know about Morteins latest brand of fly spray or the new range of Helga’s bread? At least I am an informed consumer these days. I also get the occasional PR email with something that will float my boat, but the thing that I enjoy most of all is an email from someone who reads my blog. Who {kind of} understands what my readers might like. When there is {kind of} a fit. Unlike Mrs Woog and her Pretty Pushers. Seriously? What is WRONG WITH PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD that they think that women need things like these?! The world has gone mad I tell you. Mad.

Roadshow Entertainment contacted me about doing some giveaways for some kid’s shows that they were releasing and I was like “Oh right, sure, kids stuff. Kids ALWAYS get the stuff“. Which they do. Which kind of sucks seeing as we do everything for them including wiping their bums, ensuring they are well rested and fed and then giving them more stuff. Lucky bastards. So I had a look through their release schedule and I was like “Hang on just one minute here Roadshow Entertainment, there are plenty of things here that would appeal to people other than kids. And kids don’t even read my blog. So let’s do something for the people that can actually read. How about a little something for the ladies? A little something for the men? And I suppose a little something for the little ones? And let’s do it each month? Because I am greedy and it’s worth asking.” And you know what? They said “Of course BabyMacBeth, let’s do that! You are amazing and funny and we love you!” OK, they just said “Sure. You choose and we’ll send them to you so you can fork out for the postage yourself.” And I said “OK, whatever you want. Thanks.”

So. Here we are. I am going to giveaway 3 DVD’s a month for the next little while. Something for everyone, not just the little non readers. Because I am nothing if not generous. First up? Poh’s Kitchen Series one Collection. Could be for the ladies, could be for the men, could be for the kids. Maybe. You decide. All I know is I like it. I like her. I like food. And I like you. What I don’t like so much is the cover of the DVD. She looks a little ridiculous sitting there with a DOG on her lap holding a cup of tea. I wonder is they made her pinkie stick out in one of the shots and then decided to go with this instead?

Want to win a copy of the complete first series of Poh’s Kitchen? Worth $49.95? Well? Do ya? OK then! Just leave me a comment in the post below and I’ll pick a random winner {through}. If you don’t win you could always get yourself to the shops to buy a copy as it is available from the 1st September 2011. I will close off the competition {also only open to Australian residents sorry) on Sunday night {18th September 2011} at 6pm and announce a winner after that. I am sticking to comments on the post this time {no Facebook/twitter entries} and only one entry per person too. Good luck!


  1. Hi Beth good morning. Thanks for the give away and hope I can finish this comment before my macbook air runs out of battery life. I love Poh, love ABC, love masterchef too and I always see an ex master chef contestant (from Poh’s cohort) as I walk past the cafe that he owns and works at that is close to home in Randwick.

  2. I love Poh too.

  3. You’re right that picture looks ridiculous. x

  4. You are of course correct, kids ALWAYS get the stuff. Yay for the grown ups! Gotta love Poh.

  5. Looks really interesting.

  6. Dogs and kitchens, man. Bad mix. I’m telling you, she’s going to accidentally serve a hair with a cake around it.

  7. love poh and love to cook !!

  8. Love Poh too and would love this DVD – great giveaway!
    Thanks Beth!

  9. That cover is HILARIOUS. But love Poh, and love wee little scotty dogs so I’ll forgive them for it.

  10. I love Poh, I would love this, hubby is always asking me to get creative and expand my inner Asian, and cook some different things, so this would really come in handy.

  11. I love your grown-up giveaways! Put my name down for Poh please!

  12. Great giveaway Beth. I’m in!

  13. Love Poh’s Kitchen just wished i had more time to watch so this would be perfect!

  14. I love Poh as well..

    Sarah from Canberra

  15. Hi, I’ve seen her show a few times and love it, she enjoys food so much…nothing wrong with that! Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. Poh’s Kitchen is probably the only cooking show I actually enjoy watching. Loved her vibrancy on Masterchef (and that girl can PAINT!).

  17. So freaky reading about this giveaway lady, I just saw Poh’s show for the first time last night, caught the end of it, she was with a chef making a seafoody dish on a stunning beach in SA (I think!?) She is a cutie, but why on god’s earth did they make her pose like that. Shame! xo

  18. I love Pohs kitchen , mostly I love to watch her cook in her own place.Have you seen her colourful kitchen/house…so cute.

  19. Please enter me in your Giveaway – Like everyone else I love Poh – she has such a vibrant personality.

  20. I love Poh too. & i love sitting on my butt watching a good dvd; so this is perfect for me to enter! πŸ™‚

  21. Awesome love me some good cooking show food porn. Favourites to watch

  22. poh is fun, i like her because she smiles alot. i also like that her dvd cover includes her sitting with a cup of tea (very posh like) and a black fluffy dog…wearing a bandanna. i feel like i have already won!

  23. I’ll have a go although I’m no domestic goddess. I can balance a toddler on my lap whilst drinking a cup of tea. Is that Poh-worthy! My daughter sleeps with Poh, the teletubby so she will love it.

  24. Hi Beth. I really enjoy reading your blog! I dont have kids yet, but one day I will so its good to have a rough idea of what its like day to day.

  25. PIck me for Poh! She has a lovely personality on TV …and the food’s good too.

  26. I would love to win this prize. I so badly need to change my usual dinner repertoire. My family will thank you too πŸ˜‰

  27. Hurrah! Something NOT for the kids. I love cookbooks, and, hey. Why not add ANOTHER to the collection. Surely it will help more changes in this kitchen which hubby hates.

    Too bad. I LOVE new recipes. And that Poh girl too.

    (And LOVE your for doing a giveaway!)


  28. Hi, another ‘mad for POH’ reader. Shocking DVD cover I agree. Am thinking she had no input into it at all…colors are all wrong and a dog? What’s that about…

    Helen From Brisbane (dog and food lover)

  29. Poh is pretty awesome! Winwinwin!!

  30. Poh is pretty awesome! Winwinwin!!

  31. I love cooking, poh too and reading your blog!

  32. Luv your blog & luv Poh, always thought that she should have won.
    Thanks for the competition.

  33. that dog looks photoshopped in! weird.

    but yes, she was a fav when I cared about watching masterchef. now, not so much.

  34. I love Poh too & I agree that the photo is pretty bad.

  35. I love Poh too & I agree that the photo is pretty bad.

  36. You are so kind, generous and thoughtful!
    Count me in for Poh’s Kitchen : p
    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  37. i love Poh, my almost 4yo son LOVES poh & this show used to be our “QP” once a week in the winter, we would snuggle on mumma’s bed & watch it together πŸ™‚ awww remember when they liked to snuggle?? now only “blow kisses” maybe if i win, i can recreate the memory & convince him to a snuggle…….for old times sake

  38. Would love a copy! Thanks

  39. I love Poh – but that photo is funny!

    Fantastic Blog too


  40. GreenKellyBean says

    the dog looks better! the food smells great and i dont like normal tea…so please random choose me! x

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