Show on the road {Misfits}

Well, what do we have here then? ANOTHER DVD giveaway, that’s what. Thanks to Roadshow Entertainment I have a copy of Misfits Season 2 {released 1st Sept and worth $29.95} to hand over to one lucky reader.

Now, what’s this Misfits show I hear you asking and why on earth did she pick this one? Well, when I was going about choosing a little something for the ladies, a little something for the men’s and then for the  kids I saw that Misfits was on the release schedule. Rob LOVES this show. I asked him to explain it a little and this is what he came up with. Clever bastard.

“It is a rare show that takes an unconventional, some may go as far to say absurd, premise and turn it into a show of such unique attractiveness. For those who missed the first series (clearly you also missed I ROCK as it was on before it), Misfits follows a motley bunch of young offenders who, during their first day of community service, get caught up in a mystical storm that renders each of them with a super power. Think the ability to teleport, turn back time, read people’s thoughts among other things.The first series sees each of them come to know their powers and each other, all the while haplessly getting up to no good adventures.

The second series expands on everything that was so good about series 1. It maintains all the humour, wit, sexiness and drama while expanding the story lines away from the core group, introducing a strange mix of crazy characters for them to deal with.

This is a show of fantastically drawn characters, superb writing and grounded, nuanced acting, not to mention a slathering of good old fashioned juvenile behaviour thrown in. Misfits is a show at the top of the pile of a new breed of youth drama that perfectly balances the refreshing imagination of the hyper-real with wonderfully engaging story telling. It is sure to tap into the latent super hero in all of you – either that or the petty crim.”

Rob even made me watch a few episodes on I-view which I did, and I have to say, it was great. Really. Not every ones cup of tea, sure, but great nonetheless. Should you have seen Series one to enjoy this? Maybe. But it’s a head start not having to fork out some cash for this season while you go and get the first. You can even get a box set of the two of them together, but that wouldn’t really make sense if you won this now would it?
Want to win? Leave a comment in the post below {again no comments on FB or twitter) and I will chose a winner through Competition closes Friday night 8pm (23rd Sep 2011) with the winner announced sometime shortly after. Good luck…next up? Those greedy kids.


  1. You don’t need to have seen Season 1 to love Season 2. I began watching this series in Season 2 and absolutely love it. It’s silly but clever and funny! I popped over here as soon as I saw the pic of The Misfits logo on PPMJ sidebar. But now I wish that I had waited. Random Org. never picks number 1 comment!

  2. hELLO RANDOM.ORG. Sorry caps are on. Pick me, pick me says emu with squirmy 1 yo on lap…

  3. Sounds good to me!

  4. Helped having the teen to explain WTF was going on and now I’m hooked – can’t wait to see Season 2…eventually!

  5. My husby, otherwise known as Captain Sensible, LOVES this show! Fingers crossed!

  6. piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.



  7. Um, have not heard of it but Im game to try it!!

  8. I love love love Misfits *fingers crossed 🙂

  9. Hi Beth & Random Org; PLEASE pick me. The Rescue Remedy isn’t working, & god I need a laugh.

  10. oh my my hubby loves this show too!

  11. Hi Beth,

    My husband and two boys love this show. Hopefully I am picked but if not, good luck to everyone else. Have a great day.

  12. This sounds right up the 15 year old and the husbands alley. Me not so much, but I would love to win it for them.Fingers crossed Michelle

  13. aballerinasmum says

    I will join in the fun!!

  14. ooh yes please! sounds like my cup of coffee

  15. yes please!!! Have also left a comment on your f/book page too :o)Kelly from New Zealand

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