Show on the road {The Cat in the Hat}

So, to win a copy leave a comment below. Closes 8pm Friday 30th September with 2 winners announced after that. Winners will be chosen by and open to Australian residents only. Good luck!

Sorry about getting that song stuck in your heads.


  1. Yes please! We’d love one at our house!

  2. Wow, we’d definitely love one of these!

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  4. You are hilarious!! What’s even funnier is at the end of the video is the still of your infamous video to Sally. Gets me every time!
    Hope the holidays improve for you. And your hair looks FAB!
    ps. We’d also love one of those DVDs in our house.

  5. Oh, we’d kiss your feet for this one Beth… us sick 3 (Mummy, Daddy and 1 year old Elliot) are all stuck indoors with the flu this week… lord give me strength… or a new DVD to keep Elliot entertained for just a little while so Mummy and Daddy can die a slow death of snot and coughing in a corner somwhere without a little man wanting to play horsey around the loungeroom. The joys… I know you understand! πŸ™‚

  6. I snorted (with laughter) so loudly I woke my child.

    Hair is lovely! Great cut.
    Love a good giveaway so I’m in.


  7. too too funny! we would love one, please! x

  8. cookcleanstudy says

    My girls would really love one of these electronic babysitters!!! xx

  9. I love your vlogs, hilarious, and yes you did a good job of getting that song stuck in my head. Thank you!

    Oh and yep, count us in, would love one.

  10. Good, good hair.
    No matter what – that’s some good hair.
    I’m sure Sally would agree with me, being connected to your Hubs and enjoying being with your kids – who needs that?
    Good hair, man.
    That maketh a good life.
    In all seriousness, I do place a lot of value on my hair.
    And yours is rockin.
    Focus on the positives, right?!
    I hope your week improves.

  11. sing it again Beth. AGAIN!!!

    my lovely Lilli thinks winning one of these would be tops.
    she thinks your singing was the bomb.

    school holidays. oh yeah. i’m feeling it x
    the only good thing is i don’t have to go to work either!

  12. PS I guess now is not a good time to mention i’ll be sipping me some potato head mojitos in a week and a half’s time then? not a word about it then. not a word.x

  13. My son just heard you sing and ran over with “whaz zat? whaz zat song mum?” Not impressed you didnt keep going πŸ™‚ he’d love a copy thanks

  14. Id love to win one of those bad boys! Hope your week improves πŸ™‚

  15. Yes please- love the hair

  16. Oh yes please, love one : )
    You’re hair is awesome, love you’re fringe!

  17. I’m in!! I’m yet to introduce the girls to cat in the hat so now’s my chance!! I’m sure your week will get better as the weather improves.

  18. hit. me. with. it!

    our lives sound EXACTLY THE SAME!

  19. I will make a comment as I (and our little one) would love that DVD. Hope your week gets better as I am sure it will – chin up until then.

    Sarah from Canberra.

  20. im sure madam 5 would enjoy that… or I could palm it off to all these damn 6 year old parties she seems to be invited to lately!!!!

  21. Hi I would love the cat and the hat dvd. My 4 year old son loves the books.
    Love your blog and hope it gets sunnier, these raining days are the pits!

  22. MMMAAATTTEEE – I hear you on the fucked up school holiday weather man, these ones always seem to be a bit shite weather wise uh? Love to win one of your Deev’s – cheer up mate, sink some more champs ey πŸ™‚ xx

  23. LOL I dont think I want that dvd if I get that song stuck in my head. Nothing against your

    p.s the fringe rocks.

  24. This weather is doing my head in. Why oh why was it so lovely only a week ago only to go to shit the minute the school holidays start?

  25. both my 8 year old, and my 17 month old L.O.V.E. the cat in the hat… pick me,… Pick me!!!

  26. I reckon you should use a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song for the next giveaway. Give it away, give it away, give it away, now! You know the one?

  27. I just had to comment and say how much I love the ‘do’! Fabulous work. Nothing like a good hairdresser.


  28. Loving the hair, fab fringe, fab colour….. Would love to get up, up and away on an adventure…especially in a thingamajiga x

  29. Hair is looking hot!
    Write the article. Stop procrastinating.
    Keep singing.
    Would love a copy!

  30. Oh Beth, I *love* how you keep it real. Throw my hat into the ring, please! J x

  31. Love your hair and your blog/vlog! Count me in to win…

  32. Love Cat in the Hat, you dont need a hat , your hair is bloody fab, gotta friend here who just had her’s cut the same but black…very Cleopatra…you can be a blonde Cleo!! Bloody silly weather doesnt make for good school hol!

  33. How do you do it? One minute I am sympathising (school holidays arent a f*ckin holiday okay!) and then the next crying with laughter… bloody brilliant post. Hope you get some rest tho… and your hair looks awesome. Open a bottle… or is it too early over there, dunno what time it is.. it’s early evening here to chink chink.. cheers Lou xx

  34. My Grandson loves Cat in the Hat and would love the DVD so please include me in your giveaway…..

    I wish sunshine and happiness for you in the days ahead – things always seem better when the sun shines.


  35. Hope the holidays improve for you! The singing part was a total highlight!

  36. Bwahahaha, I go even more over the top, UP AND AWAYERRRRRRRRRRRRRR…

    I think Sally’s mother is a little bonkers. She lets them explore and go on adventures with a CAT? She it mental and I loves it.

    Abi would go bananas over this DVD.

    Major hair envy too, my hair looks like a wet mop at the moment. Literally, a skanky high school janitor’s wet mop. Gah!


  37. Once again total hair envy with you girl …rainbows and lollipops pick me xo

  38. We are big Cat in the Hat fans in our house…it was the first book ella could read herself so we have read it 100’s of times! Sooo we would be very excited to win!! Weather is pretty crapola here in canberra and I am hoping it is not a sign of things to come….want a long hot summer thanks!

  39. do you think it is pushing it entering another giveaway on your wonderful blog??

    hope the holidays improve. the crap weather reached us up here in Brisvegas today. πŸ™

  40. Chin up, here’s hoping for better weather for all our sakes!

  41. i think my bubsas would appreciate one of those ‘bad boys’

  42. Beth! I don’t want the dvds cos my kids are too big now but I just HAD to say – ace fringe! It looks fab on you, and great singing, cabaret suits you too! We need to see more of that on your vlogs please!
    Rach x

  43. Good morning,
    Loved the singing. The hair is totally awesome. Maybe you should dear all of us with a blog to do a singing vlog (that would be so funny, especially me who is so tone deaf).
    Anyway, have a great day. xxx

  44. Consider me entered, and seriously hoping I win – mainly so I can master the art of singing that song like a pro! It didn’t get stuck in my head, but I can’t stop thinking about your hair and how much I think I need it, I need it otherwise I might explode. That is all. K. Bye.

  45. Pick me!!!

  46. Love the hair! Yes please xx

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