Friday Findings

: Itsy bitsy pony tails are the stuff little girls are made of. Deliciously cute and flippy, each and every time she has requested a “pody tail” this week I have been happy to deliver. They just make me smile.

: Which kind of makes up for the fact that almost 2 year olds lose their shit a lot. This week it has been lost 457 times a day which is quite exhausting for everyone really. Whether it’s because there is something on the TV that doesn’t quite take her fancy, or the fact that her sister gets a drink of water before her, or something, this Friday I am really quite keen to have some time away from numero duo. Just a few hours at least. For some quiet and non shit losing. That would be nice.

: Sydney big town home sickness sneaks up on me from nowhere. Earlier this week I was thrilled to be here, in love with everything, and then on come down Tuesday it hit me. I felt lonely for no reason. I wanted to pop around to my Mum’s place for a few hours just to hang out. It passed just as soon as it hit me, but it still took me by surprise.

: Last week I was scouring a shop in Bowral for a birthday present for my Step Mum when I stumbled across a basket filled with the sweetest little ceramic knobs. I know! Knobs! I didn’t realise I needed them, but when I left with 3 desperately wondering where they could go, I got home and soon discovered they could go on an old antique dresser that we got last year. Winning! And I love them! I love the little lift! And if I get sick of them, I can always get some more, or put the old ones back on. AND I felt quite handy putting them on! For $4 each how could I resist?

: A $12 bucket of dinosaurs from Aldi can provide a weeks worth of entertainment for an (almost) 2 and 4 year old. They have played them in the morning, afternoon, night – best thing I have bought in ages. Thank GOD for the Aldi centre aisle…

: I bought a new garbage bin this week. No big deal right? Wrong! Look at the shiny! Isn’t he a beauty? I have decided that he is like the son I never had, and we shall call him Ben (thanks Bianca!). He shuts himself QUIETLY, ALL BY HIMSELF! He looks pretty, and I kind of feel grown up having such a fancy bin. Oh and holy shiz bins are expensive! But, I figure it’s going to get plenty of use and the shitty $2 shop one I have had for the past 10(!) years was well and truly not fancy enough for this house. I love Ben. IΒ Love him. I’m not afraid to talk about my love for a bin even if it is a step down from a post about lamps. How do you like this one Anon? Now I really need to get a life. Except I don’t! Because I have a fancy bin! So there.

: Someone is really ready to start School. She is putting little bits of nonsensical writing everywhere telling me that they are signs. This one says “This way to Rosie {the guinea pig}. Just in case you couldn’t quite pick it up. I know I could probably focus and get her really ready for school with writing and stuff but I kind of think that’s what next year is for right? It could be really boring waiting around at the start of the School year for everyone to catch up to her. That, or I’m just lazy.

: Trips to the library aren’t what they used to be. Instead of picture books it’s straight to the non fiction sections to get books on the Human Body, Dinosaurs, Elephants, you name it. Daisy is quite the nerd every night pouring through her text books learning stuff. As I said, ready. READY for School. How many months to go…?

: When she is onto a good thing, she works it. I have a rotation of Preschool paintings on the splash back in the kitchen. I like the pops of colour, and she loves seeing them up there. Currently it’s all about the sun, flower, grass and clouds.

: Trimmed hedges make me happy. Trimmed hedges done by someone else makes me even happier. The fact that the grass is growing before my very eyes is not making me happy.

: I think I need to get myself into Seed to purchase this little cropped jacket. Don’t I? Yes, I think I do. It is calling my name and it continues to call my name. It would be rude not to listen.

: We are off to Sydney this afternoon for a quick overnight visit. I am catching up with my old book club because they have an author coming along and everything! I can’t wait to offload the kids to my Mum for the night, spend time with some old friends, drink buckets of wine and consume a lot of cheese. Well that’s what we used to do at least. I hope things haven’t changed too much…

: Oh and Happy weekend to you!


  1. SEED makes adults clothes. OMG. I need to get myself to a seed outlet. My kids may have been dressed in a lot of seed when we lived in sydney. Total north side snobs πŸ˜›

  2. Danielle – YES Seed makes adult clothes! As having no kiddies myself I am often in Seed with mums staring at me going what are YOU doing in here? lol
    Lovely friday finds beth – I featured your house over on my blog today πŸ™‚

  3. I love ALL these photos. It’s so nice to see what you’ve been up to, and I am LOVING Ben the Bin. Have a great weekend πŸ™‚ xxx

  4. Ben the bin, with turn into Tim the thumbprint magnet!!!! BEWARE and afraid – I had one of those BEN’s, but also 3 kiddos and we had to decide who do we get rid off to save my sanity – damn those kids!!!

  5. I can really hear that jacket calling your name. I think it is crying a bit… RUSH!

  6. I too am missing the big smoke. You’re an ex inner westie, right? Same here.

    cute pigtails. x

  7. I am in love with you’re house especially those floor boards and the gorgeous gardens πŸ™‚

  8. I tried on that jacket and it’s gorgeous! You will love it!

  9. hello! me again. regarding the bin post, lets just say that maybe a read of edens latest post, and concentrating on the lines about a little less navel gazing, and more about thinking how you can change the world rather your home appliances, might go a long way towards helping you feel better about yourself. condescending i know, and im ready for the howls of derision from your supporters, its just a suggestion. it worked for me when i was in your position. new stuff and shiny floors just never fixed anything for very long.

  10. anonymous – why do you read Beth’s blog? It clearly bothers you, and your comments bother the rest of us.
    We read it because we enjoy what Beth has to say, if you don’t then there’s a very simple solution……

  11. I don’t know what you do in your daily life anonymous and how you affect the world on a daily bases but to be and a lot of ppl new stuff and shiny floors is what our lives consist of and its nice to now that your not alone! so if you fel so stronly about saving the world go do it and stop wasting your time reading blogs that you obviously don’t care for!!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Shiny floors fix EVERYTHING! Bugger off anon.

  14. p.s excuse the spelling and grammar in my last post. I was righting in response to the self righteousness of anon and forgot to edit myself lol

  15. Dear AnonymousOne,

    Whatever makes you think that Beth doesn’t feel good about herself? I’ve been hanging around here for a while and I don’t get that impression at all.

    How about instead of commenting on blogs you obviously don’t like YOU go and do something to change the world?

    Have a lovely lamp-less and bin-less day.



    (I had to remove my last post becuase I got Beth’s name wrong!!!)

  16. Now that’s what I call a bin! Hope you have a lovely weekend away and as for ‘anon’ she is very much alone in her opinion! Personally I come here to get away from the shit and love how I can relate to how you feel.

  17. How cute is a toddler ponytail?! Definitely makes up for the tantrums which we too are experiencing. Yesterday I had to introduce a naughty corner for the first time… good times.
    As for Ben, I want a son just like him.
    And the Seed jacket – loves. Do it.
    This post is making me smile lots. Full-time bum changers of the world unite! xx

  18. I guess I’m not off to save the world, because I come here every day for new lamps, shiny floors, trimmed hedges, your beautiful home, and your ability to decorate it just so.

    Why do anon’s always take the cowardly approach and go ‘anon’?

    And why are they always flippin’ wankers?

    Love Ben. Love your blog.

    Anon … yet another tool of society. Le sigh.

  19. So this anonymous person is enlightened enough to realise that bins and lamps don’t make them happy (or save the world)… and yet they are wasting their life away reading material that CLEARLY doesn’t resonate with them, or make them happy in any way?? Some people don’t know how to be anything else but miserable. I’m guessing it’s probably just shock value and reaction that get them off, and in that case… well… how low can you go? Perhaps they should just stop reading your blog and go back to saving the world.

  20. Hey, can you do another bin post just to give Sally the shits. Dare you…

  21. Hey, you need another blog: Beth’s Bin Blog. Sally’ll be your first follower.

  22. Is it bad that when I read trim the hedges I immediately think below the belt?

  23. I’m suffering bin (Ben) envy!
    Love it, Beth.
    Go the dinosaurs too.
    Anon – in the words of Kamal – “Why are people so unkind?”
    Why do people (who shall remain nameless – because they don’t have the balls to put their name where their mouth is) bother to spread nastiness???
    Happy Friday!

  24. Ohhh lady, loving those knobs! Seriously gorgeous! The bin is a wee bit spesh too! I could so do with both of those items… if it weren’t for a cheeky one year old who inhabits our place. They would both be like a red rag to a bull with him. One day I’ll graduate from the recycled Woolies plastic bag for a bin ;o)
    How beautiful are Daisy’s paintings!? I never get sick of seeing the artworks roll out… and what better theme than sun, flowers, grass and clouds. Lovely :o)

  25. Don’t worry about Anonymous.
    DOn’t even justify yourself on who you are and what you do. It is absolutely perfect be who you are and do what you. WHo cares what anonymous says.

    Forget it, and do not worry so much, I betcha Anonymous does not put their name as they don’t even know how to do it, i.e. use technology.

    Beth really do not even go down to that person’s level just be yourself and keep doing what you do as you are great and a great mum and we love mindless meaning shit that does “not save the world” and comes from you.
    One day you may save the world or your babies or your grandchildren or someone you know.

    I tell you what from my experience life is better if you do what you enjoy doing and are good at that then say you are a mediocre doctor or salesperson and hate doing it. And you my dear are doing well and are really good at blogging and expressing yourself in words and in photos!
    take care have a nice weekend in Sydney (from a fellow sydney sider who is enjoying this fabulous spring weather we are having).

  26. I just began following you, but give em all hell, a blog is just that, for blogging, not to change the wold!! Just to make you happy.

  27. Seriously??? Anon is clearly a tool. I love your blog and sometimes it is the shiny new bins and the clean floors that are just some of the happy moments of our days and sharing this kind of stuff is valid and important and why we all read and love your blog so much. Yes, there’s other bigger issues, but so what?! Life is not all about changing the world. Sometimes it’s just about living it with positivity and grace. Ignore the haters Beth, jealousy is an ugly emotion and not worth spending any more of your precious energy on. And please know that your blog in all it’s gorgeousness makes me smile and feel a little bit happier every time I read it, just knowing there’s people like you in the world!

  28. Beth, don’t worry about Anon – they clearly have no idea. Keep blogging, you inspire me as a mum and I love reading everything you write. p.s. I put a bin on my weddding registry and it was the best present I received x

  29. I’ve got a bit of a thing for ceramic knobs going on. Just might have them scattered throughout the new house everywhere i can. But i paid a hugely inflated $6 for mine on ebay! You got yourself a pretty bargain!

    Might be time for comment moderation at your place, non? Pain in the arse, but better than giving a voice to those that don’t deserve it. Just a thought…


  30. Do you sing Michael Jackson’s Ben to Ben? It would be ace. Vlog that.

  31. A bin named Ben! That’s the shit I keep coming back here for. Keep doing what you do.

  32. I need a new bin and currently have the $2 shop variety that you had and of the same vintage. Maybe all bloggers should do a bin (or bin envey) post:)

  33. It’s the little things in life that make us happy….when my floor is clean (occasionally!) I do feel good, and I LOVE that bin! I would feel happy about that every time I went by especially if it closes by itself. It’s part of stopping to smell the roses and appreciating what we have. We all do our own bit for saving the world…..on my way to reading your blog I stopped at the hunger site for my daily click to give… therefore you contributed too! Cathy

  34. Dear Anon,
    Please start your own blog (you obviously have internet access) so we can all read your wise and witty prose on the importance of your place in the world. Really, we all do want to hear what you have to say.

  35. I just stumbled upon your blog from edanland. This post made me smile especially about the tantrum part. I have 2 year old twins so tantrums LIVE at my house too. The way you described them was perfect. I can’t wait to read more.

  36. Agh so shiny!

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