Cue the panpipes

Daisy has been pestering me for weeks to go on a picnic. Which was fine because I thought that we would be able to get away with it in the garden. But oh no, it had to be “in the bush”. So we could “see Koalas”. Hmmm. It’s no wonder I kept putting it off – it can be hard in the week to find time for picnics in the bush when there is shopping, cleaning, washing, blogging a little work and school to do day in, day out. Monday morning we woke to cloudy, foggy conditions which I thought gave us a valid excuse not to go, but when the afternoon cleared, and we had nothing else to do, we just got on with it, packed a basket, jumped in the car and off we went.

Why did I put this off?

Fresh air. Sunshine. Views. Bush. No Koalas. Some afternoon tea. Some time with my girls. And a donut that was dropped and rolled like a wheel all the way off the cliff and into the valley! A perfect way to spend a Monday afternoon.


  1. Lovely! What a beautiful day and the view is brilliant! Hmmm… picnics… I’ll have to put one on the agenda! Thanks for the idea!

  2. It’s sometimes hard to find time to do ‘fun’ things when there are so many chores to get through. Usually, if not always, they turn out such fun and we wonder why we didn’t do them sooner! x

  3. mum of the week, for sure!… looks beautiful, and sometimes it’s such a good thing for all of us to take some time out to reconnect. kudos to you.

  4. What a glorious way to spend an afternoon Beth and those views – spec.tac.u.lar!

    How cute is Harper climbing those steps, I bet it was a very gentle stroll at toddler speed.

    Happy days indeedy….now why do I have “Picnic At Hanging Rock” theme song rolling through my mind?
    Ah yes, because you’re one very devious lassie and popped it there with your clever title!

  5. babymac, seriously stop with the amazing life posts. I am jel. And wishing I was miles away from Sydney this very minute.
    ps your girls are cutiepies x

  6. Gorgeous! What a view. x

  7. We’re a big fan of the picnic, and we don’t go all out either – just a blanket, some food from the pantry packed into a lunchbox, and off we go!

    I’m glad you did go ahead, and enjoyed it. 🙂

  8. oh lovely! just lovely.
    cheryl xox.

  9. CUT.IT.OUT – Harper is friggin adorable in this outfit! Very envious of your fresh air, views and picnic. Am reading this from my fluro lit air conditioned office.

  10. That is too cute, although I had to laugh because at first glance at photo number 5 it looked like your little girl was lighting a cigarette!! LOL. Love your blog xx

  11. We LOVE picnics at our place. And do it often. The moment there is sunshine, we’re outta here!

    Glda you had a lovely time. xx

  12. Oohhh that looks like such fun! Is that fitzroy falls? I remember going there as a kid but I could be confused. We are surrounded by beach up here in sunny qld which is great for some, but I do miss the bush and mountains. Oh give me mountains! Your girls are divine xo

  13. Now that is a picnic location!!

  14. Looks beautiful…what a gorgeous outing!

  15. The view almost makes up for the lack of koalas! Gorgeous scenery ! x

  16. Angie Clare – NOT bad! Well, not Fitzroy but Belmore Falls just up the road from there!

  17. what a view! i wouldnt mind a picnic there any day! x

  18. Fantastic views indeed! Sounds like it was a wonderful time. x

  19. LOL your Little is soooo cute. Love it. Make the most of your cruisy days coz it all gets faster once school starts

  20. I say that to myself all the time. ‘Why do I not do this more often?’ fresh air, bush, beach or wherever it maybe that brings that tranquil feeling I heart.

  21. How adorable are those little girls with their afternoon tea, poppers and little hats! Too cute.

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