I have many {blessings} in my life, no doubts about it, but the two that I am most grateful for are my girls. They are funny, smart, well fed and sleep with a roof over their heads at night and a blanket to keep them warm. They are loved. They are safe. They are healthy. I am indeed lucky.

Did you know that this year alone there will be 600 children in Australia diagnosed with cancer and tragically 150 will lose their battle with this disease? The majority who survive will have one or more chronic health problems as a direct result of their treatments, ranging from infertility to learning difficulties. It makes me feel sick to the stomach. It makes me want to put my hands over my ears and sing “la la la I can’t hear you”. But. But. Any one of those families could be one of ours. Or yours. Or someone you know.

Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA) is committed to continuing vital research until all children with cancer can be guaranteed a future and their quality of life improved. Childhood cancer treatments have made incredible progress over the past few decades. In the 1950’s, a diagnosis of childhood cancer was basically a death sentence. Today, seven out of every 10 children diagnosed with cancer survive. The improvement is the result of years of dedicated medical research. If survival rates for childhood cancer have increased so dramatically over the past 50 years, then imagine what can be achieved in the years to come?

CCIA contacted me to see if I could let you know about a Spring Appeal they are running this September. Could I? You bet your bottom dollar I can! They are trying to raise $100,000 for vital new research programs. You can make a donation here on their website or read more about the work they do here. They are on Facebook and Twitter too and if you had a spare dollar or two I bet they would appreciate it. I certainly know that all 600 families with sick kids would. I know I’ll be sending some their way. If there’s some way to stop this revolting disease from affecting so many families, just like mine, or yours, I know I will help these amazing people continue their work to do just that.


  1. gosh Beth,.. I read your post whilst listening to Stevie Nicks ‘Storm’,..and now I’m all teary! 🙁 xx

  2. What an awesome cause.
    Health is wealth, baby.
    Excuse me while I go squeeze my beautiful, healthy boy.
    My little sister is a cancer survivor and it breaks our heart to think of the alternative.
    We need a cure and good people fighting for the cause.
    Good on you, Beth.

    Um, I know you’re not talking about it, but won’t somebody be missing Ben-esque material today??!!

  3. This is a good cause. One of my best friends lost her 8 year old little boy to leukeamia. Then (about 5 years later, her mother AND her husband, both to cancer).

    Will go follow.

  4. Beautiful post.

  5. My husband is currently taking part in the Live For Kids Cycle Classic. They are riding from Brisbane to Newcastle to raise money for the Children’s Hospital here at the John Hunter. Last year they raised $52,000 and hope to better this amount this year. To donate go to
    There are so many sick kids and families doing it tough. Every little bit helps.
    Thanks for the beautiful post and timely reminder. x

  6. This one is close to home beth. I had cancer (retinablastoma) as a little person and I have NO IDEA how my parents dealt with it. Fortunately, i was one of the lucky ones who remains relatively unscathed. Just lost an eye ball, and one is plenty- trust me. When my mum commented on my ‘Spirited Child’ post the other day- that is one of the challenges she was referring to.

    Thanks for spreading the message, you brilliant human being.

    xo em

  7. We have so much to feel blessed for too, and happy healthy children is the number 1.
    I can’t imagine dealing with childhood cancer and will gratefully donate.
    I am sure they will find a cure for Cancer in our lifetime. They just have to.
    I wear my livestrong band every day to remind me of how lucky our family is and how much we must be aware. xx

  8. I hate cancer. Hate it. And when kids have it, it’s just WRONG.

    Thanks for making us aware of how we can help. And may there be a cure soon.

    Really, really soon.


  9. My Mum is a breast cancer survivor and we lost one little girl from our Mothers Group to Neuroblastoma Cancer..her Mum has started a company making sleep bags to raise money for it…happy to say they will be on the website along with a few others raising money for’s so important to do what we can to help x

  10. I know I posted a comment already. But I think this and probably have never said it. But your girls are adorable.


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