An afternoon walk

I almost had a car accident the other day when I was driving up the road from our house and saw that my all time favourite cottage in the village {that has just been renovated} had it’s weeping cherry in flower! Honestly, it looks like it’s straight out of a picture book. Actually everything does. I can’t believe I am lucky enough to live here.

We walked out through the front garden, past our own flowering plants, up the road past the “magic pink tree”, down to the duck pond, past the cow paddocks and then back again.

Want to come for a walk with us? Come on then, go get your gumboots on, I’ll wait for you…let’s go!

Doesn’t it just do your soul good?


  1. Stunning! I’ve been doing alot of walking lately, definetly feels good for the soul xo

  2. I love where you live. So tranquil. xx

  3. Soul food.
    I drove to Mudgee recently and the cherry blossoms were incredible. Breath.taking. The wattle amazing. You live the lucky life.

  4. Wow … !

    I wake up & take Max around our neighborhood, & there’s every kind of construction-something that make all kinds of NOT-good-for-your-soul noise, haha!

    But I tell myself to be patient, because they’re building the homes of future families that we might be friend’s with.

    And maybe (hopefully) these people will plant amazing blossom trees that we’ll admire on walks one day 🙂

    Seriously love where you live! It’s just so pretty!

  5. OMG how amazing are those blossoms!!! Oh I wish I was there…..

  6. I needed a little of this right now so thank you.

  7. Beth, You are a breath of fresh air. There is alot to be said about the job-lot of us Mum’s. The mundanity we experience with children is worth talking about.

    How I wish I was able to connect with other mothers when my eldest 2 were little. We had moved from Brisbane with a close-knit family to sleepy Hobart. I was devastated and so isolated. My ex-husband is a naval architect and when Christopher Skase (his boss) did what he did we had to go where the work was. I was pregnant with my 2nd child (he’s now 20) and my daughter was 15 months old. My pregnancy with Nic was horrific and we bought a renovators delight, so pregnant, a baby and a move to a vastly different environment was the biggest culture shock for me.

    The mothers I connected with were (no offence meant here btw) somewhat different, and much older at the time than me. Im rambling now…I wanted to comment and encourage you to keep going with your blog, your honesty and openness is refreshing and I love reading…watching what you have to say.

    The Sad Sally’s of this world can bugger off, how can she criticise you about ‘changing the world’, how on earth does she think her negative comments would have anything but a counter-negative effect? I admire people that ‘save the world’ but thats not me, they obviously have different things to offer the ‘bigger picture’ but for me its ‘local not global’, if I can invest everything I have in the next generation (my children) then I am satisfied with my life. I remain blissfully ignorant about things that I have little or no control over…but Im as happy as a pig in mud!

    In time the sting of her comments will fade…

    All the best Beth to you and your lovely family!


  8. Beautiful pictures, Beth – and what a great comment (above) from Ange. Have a wonderful day…

  9. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    not helping beth, not helping!


  10. I love that tree …. wishing it was in my yard that’s for sure!!
    You really do live in a gorgeous place!

  11. A beautiful post. How lovely to go for a walk where you are.

  12. Love. This morning I took a photo of the still-bare cherry trees on the median strip in Leura today. Because soon, SOON THEY WILL BLOOM. That’s called “hope.”

    Now hurry up, motherfuckers. I want my spring.

  13. Just beautiful!!

  14. Just gorgeous Beth. I agree with everything you write! cheers Wendy

  15. I love where you live!!

  16. What a beautiful place to raise a family and I imagine it’s only going to get prettier the next few months 🙂

  17. Now I want to move back to country NSW – instead I’m stuck in country Queensland! Not all its cracked up to be!

  18. Oh wow! That really is picture perfect. I wish I could come down and take photos, it’s just beautiful.

  19. I think we all are coming to visit:) Stunning photos xx

  20. Ooh that tree is stunning, you just crappeda ll over the stunning Magnolia I saw this morning but that is ok as you shared!! xx

  21. How beautiful. YOu are so lucky to live where you do…far cry from the inner west of sydney hey!

  22. Love the cherry blossoms! Do you remember the beautiful one from the Dickson Street kitchen window? Not as spectacular as the ones in your photo but still colour in what can often be a bit grey …

  23. What a beautiful childhood you’re creating for those gorgeous girls and I don’t just mean the “prettiness” of it all. I mean having the time to walk them along and discover the beauty in their environment, taking the time and care to celebrate special days and involving yourself in your and more importantly what will be their community. The world needs lots of different people, yes it does need “Sally’s” to encourage us to remember the people who can’t necessarily help themselves and it also needs the Beth’s , the Eden’s and all the other wonderful women who are out there doing their own little bit in their own way. Clearly I’m feeling the love today lol.

  24. Stunning, wore my thongs for the walk though, dont own gumboots….lol

  25. Oh you take the most beautiful photos Beth! I love reading your blog and your photography adds such a special touch. I live in Hobart now and I really miss the NSW countryside. looking at your photos today made me feel a bit homesick for my hometown. Just gorgeous!

  26. . . . and here i was thinking i lived in the most gorgeous place in australia!

  27. Where in NSW are you? I dont’ remember such beauty when I was over there. It looks like the UK. xx

  28. Beautiful. Spring in all its glory! I love looking at all the colour and the new flowers of fruit.

    Oh, I love that you stop and (literally) smell the roses. Life is far too short. xx

  29. Yep, those cherry blossoms get me every time. That blanket of colour is just divine. Also loving the pic of the little ladies walking along rustic foot path. It’s a magical scene. Beautiful pics xo

  30. makes me homesick for the east coast!

  31. It does it does it does! Beeoutiful. x

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