24 hours in Melbourne – iphone style

Excuse the phone camera shots but our weekend in Melbourne was a whirlwind one, that could not be weighed down by my Digital SLR. We left home Saturday morning at 6am, drove the girls up to Sydney and dropped them off to Gma, drove to airport, flew down and arrived at 11.30, went to pre drinks at 12.30 and then lunch at 1pm. Sunday we left at 10.30am, flew in at 1.30 picked the girls up and then finally arrived back home at 5.00pm. Phew! We ate, drank, laughed, drank and ate some more…here are some snaps along the way.

Lunch was here and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough for a lovely long lunch. My bro in law (the birthday boy Chef) was friends with the head chef there so we were well looked after all afternoon. The food simple French Bistro but flipping delicious. Think charcuterie platters, pates, terrines, steak tartar, steak frittes, pork belly with lentils, roasted chicken, beef daube, little pots of mashed potato, apple tarte tartin and many glasses of crisp whites and light pinots. The perfect lunch. Parfait!

We then headed down the river for some fresh air and a few more cocktails. First stop some tiny little bar underneath one of the walkways over to the city. Grungy, cool and the perfect spot to freshen up.

Then we crossed over to the city for another cocktail (because that’s what we needed at this stage) to this place where they took cocktails quite seriously. It was teeny tiny teeny and perhaps a little too small for 8 of us but we had a delicious cocktail (where they even cut their own ice with little ice hack thingys) and were back on our way.

We headed back closer to our hotel for another cocktail (yes I was still standing) to this bar where we sat and people watched. There was some kind of fashion event on at Crown with all these women jazzed up. It was truly fascinating. And the cocktails? Delicious. Look at the huge block of ice in this one? And my favourite? A take on the bloody mary with beetroot juice instead of tomato. Amazing.

Things didn’t last too much longer – a 4.30am wake up will do that to a lady, so we retired back to our hotel room here where we had been upgraded to a suite (gotta love that) and rested my poor feet that were a little worse from wear from all that walking in those new boots.

Sunday morning saw us still awake at the normal 6.30am (damn those children!) but we spent a few hours relaxing, having baths, watching TV, reading magazines, having room service and admiring that view!

A few hours later we were back at the airport waiting to get back on the plane and home again. My poor feet, the boots are fabulous but maybe not the best trip to wear them in!

Now back to reality. To kids. To house work and a mountain of washing. And that’s alright by me! Cocktails and hotels and restaurants are a nice little taste but there really is no place like home. When it’s this home at least…


  1. What a fabulous little trip! I’m itching to go somewhere soon… Thank you for some inspiration

  2. Thanks for taking me along Mrs Mac xx

  3. Melbourne my favourite place, food and shopping in particular. My husband just got back yesterday from Melbourne. He had ridden his bike from Adelaide-1200km. His weird idea of having fun. Me and Melbourne? Lunch and relaxing in a hotel sounds great! Have a good week.

  4. oohhh you hit some of my favourite places in not more than 24 hours !!!
    Sorry we couldn’t give you some Spring sunshine for the visit.

  5. Even your phone pics are amazeballs.

  6. I don’t know if I would have wanted to leave that hotel room! Lux. Glad you had a little breather after all of the dramatic sex talk on your blog lately. πŸ˜‰

  7. Oh i felt fatter just looking at that delicious French food tour of your plates, yum!! How completely wonderful to have a weekend away. So wish our parents would babysit, i guess we can just give up, our eldest is in high school now, soon she can do it & we can escape to a hotel or little interstate hop.
    Great boots, imagine how divine they’ll feel next Winter, all walked in & everything, love Posie

  8. Sounds lovely! I don’t know how you managed to wake up at 6.30 (without a hangover?) after all those cocktails!

    What a cool weekend…

  9. Fabulous! I ate there last year and can attest to how yum it is. What a fun weekend! xx

  10. Well that all looks pretty damn fantastic to me!

  11. Reading this just made me fall even more in love with this beautiful city. I’m glad she treated you so well. And you really did discover some beautiful spots in your whirlwhind tour!

    Oh, and the black skinny leg jeans … tres awesome!

  12. Lovin’ the pics. That place looks magnificent. My kinda food.


  13. Ok so the boots look fab and the food is making my mouth water… I have had such a busy day and am doing bacon rolls for dinner…its all Masterchef in this necka tha woods!!

  14. Phew! I’m exhausted. And a little tipsy after all those cocktails πŸ˜‰

  15. You seriously took all of those incredible images on your phone?!?! Well done, well. done. Looks and sounds like a fab 24 hours :o) xo

  16. Oh my god the food looks amazing. Looks like a great weekend.


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