A VLOG? No way!

So. This is what happens when you are left alone. At home. For 2 days straight with a sick kid and no sleep. The double chin, washed out complexion, strange insect bite and liver spot on my cheek are all real though. I promise to get better at these. Maybe.

You are most welcome.


  1. That was hillarious!! Couldn’t stop giggling. Looking forward to the next one. Hope Harper feels better soon and you get some bloody sleep!!!!

  2. Oh my! Where to start!

    Your hair looks fabulous! Totally loving having a ‘voice’ to go with your blog! Give us more!!!

    And poor wee Harper and those teary eyes and red cheeks… I could just come over, sit on your Chair and hug her and read stories while you cook me a roast if you like?

  3. You’re a legend! I hope you get some sleep soon and Harper gets better (she has grown up so much!)

  4. oh beth. you made me smile. took my mind off work that i really should be doing. nice to meet you. hope little harper is feeling better soon.

  5. Raff has just run into my studio, jumped on my knee and shouted “I LOVE THAT GIRL,.SHE IS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL.” lol. and now we have to watch ‘my Harpa, again. X

  6. dear me

    How fun was that!! – except for poor little Harper – totally feel your pain and Harpers, hope you are both feeling better soon and get some sleep.

    Sarah from Canberra.

  7. Tee hee, it feels like now we’ve properly met!

    Scout thought you were both very fascinating and rather funny. As did I…

    Get better soon Harps – and gee, how long is her hair now?!?

  8. Ohh that was cool! Harper is just adorable and I hope she feels better soon….No Way! lol

  9. It gets better. I’m home with a sick 11 year old and he’s playing playstation.I even popped out for half an hour and left him at home on his own (does that make me a bad mother?)
    Hope things improve and everyone feels happier soon xx

  10. That was awesome and you made me laugh in that nervous kinda way because I’ve been dealing with the exact same thing as you except I’m now going on 4.5 days with 2 children that are sick and not sleeping. So I sooooo know where you are right now.


  11. Your HAIR! Ridiculously gorgeous even on minimal sleep. Hope poor lil Harper feels better soon.

  12. PURE. GOLD.

  13. Is it because you say what the rest of us are thinking? Hilarious as always.


    Oh sweet heavens I cried and cried, watching that. From love, recognition, sadness, everything.

    Please vlog every day for the rest of your life. Thank you. I need it. I need your vlogs in the world.

    Oh my die.


  15. aww bubba. I can relate. thankfully I am kid cold free at the moment, but instead I am lumped with a sooky husband just out of hospital for tonsils and deviated septum surgery. yay me.

    oh, just as a side note, I had this game


    running in the background while I was watching this, and it added a very spooky soundtrack!!!

  16. Awww little Harps! Give your mum a rest OK?

    NO way!


  17. So precious!! Harper is just SO gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing! I loved the credits at the end!

  18. keepin’ it real, Beth. Keepin’ it real.

    love it.

  19. seriously though, you’re looking pretty good all things considered. Plus you are one fuunnnnnny lady! *s*

  20. Oh her little face, poor little cherub!!

    You look a shitload better than I do at the moment.

    Please keep up with the vlogs! You have inspired me to try one soon too.


    PS: Your hair is amazeballs. The end.

  21. Babymac – nice to meet you (sort of) in the flesh! LOVE how you’re still rockin your Newtown ‘do with your rockin biker boots – rock on sister!! You SHAKE UP that lil country committee you got yourself on! xx

  22. oh wow… cutting edge I tell you, cutting edge!

    great hair. next time you get a haircut, do a VLOG, much better at showing off the Do.

    love Harper’s ‘performance’, they just never do it on cue do they.

    so nice to see you. chin up, sick kids get better, and one day they’ll all go off to school {hooray!}


  23. You are a funny chicken….kids and sickness is enough to turn anyone to tears…apparently Harper just needs Mum and a computer xx

  24. Lovely to see you! And hope little Harper is feeling better soon. x

  25. No way!

    That is awesome.

    Hope you both have a better day tomorrow.


  26. Oh she looks so unwell, poor bugger. Hope you all are sleeping soundly as I type this!But seriously that was freaking hillarious. I agree with everyone giggling along : )


  28. LOVES IT! But ow! Look at her poor little cheeks. Poor little chicka. My almost 14yr old has been home all week sick, he is now driving me nuts with his “needs”. I need a tissue, I need a drink ,I need a panadol. Shutup already! I need a holiday… 🙂

  29. Poor bubs, poor you… but hey, better bedraggled than bedazzled! Love the vlog and hate that your hair looks that good after so little sleep. I instagrammed my head the other morning because honestly, it was scaring my children!

  30. Ohhh lady, it is SO good to see you again. I’m all for you doing your vlog thing as a regular… I miss those facial expressions, too funny!
    Harper is so CUTE, but boy did she look ‘bedraggled’! xoxo

  31. Nice to meet you! That was so fun – well, for us, anyway, poor little Harper, she looked so NOT well! And I hope you get some sleep soon, too!

    And I really can’t wait to see the next one! You were right with that!


  32. I didn’t think this was possible, but I officially love you even more after watching this! xxx

  33. For a tired Mumma you are looking pretty good. Love the hair colour and style. Poor little Harper looks so sick and so tired. Hope you both got some sleep and that she is on the mend. Vlog on, xxx

  34. PURE GOLD!! x

  35. Just loved it. Hope Harper is feeling much better and you could go some sleep.

  36. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!

  37. I want more.


    Hey – for someone who is tired and bonkers, you look pretty damn good.


  38. Aaaaawww! She is just adorable. And Harper’s cute too LOL
    Great Vlog. Loved it!

  39. LOVE this and disagree with bedraggled statement – hair looked awesome! I’ve had my youngest home sick this week for three days. Feel. Some. Of. Your. Pain.

  40. Love it. More please.

  41. You are totally super!! I love you even more now. And Harper – so cute! No way! 🙂 xx

  42. That was great!! You are so “normal”!! Your Harper is gorgeous… And it was so funny…More please

  43. oh man- dave and I just sat and giggled our way through that. you make bedraggled look EASY!!!!!! what the hell?

    You are so excellent. i want more. hear me? I WANT MOREE!!!!!

    xo em

  44. Loved your first vlog!! And as i’m sure mother’s everywhere have already told you – you’re not alone. Sometimes we just have crap weeks, but they pass and something wonderful always happens at the end. Sometimes tis a bit hard to remember that when it’s all shite.
    Hope you get some shut eye soon.

  45. Loved it!! Though I must say Harper stole the show. Can’t wait for the next episode :o) xx

  46. love it, your hair looks nice …

  47. Bloody good TV, my friend…although I don’t think my hosting career is under threat at this point…So cute and so funny and so lovely to hear your voice! Remember the lippy next time XX

  48. No way.

  49. Finally got round to see your first vlog. It was great my 4 year old son and I watched it and he said that he liked it. We also saw the vlog from your birthday and my son commented “That was funny” and he had a smirk on his face all throughout the piece/skit.
    You seem like a person that is really together and very nice. Have a nice weekend with your father and stepmother!

  50. I love this! Harper’s little face is gorgeous, the poor sick little thing! You do this really well, even with nothing planned, you rocked it! I would be umming and aahing all over the place! Do more!
    Rach x

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