It’s only a day away. Or maybe the next. Or maybe even the one after. And that’s when I’ll be back on here…


  1. My mum took me to see the stage show of Annie. It was then i started crafting my Oscar’s acceptance speech.

  2. Oh, you can have Annie & my theatre singing sister (who lives in Bowral) all to yourself, i just can’t do that musical. Love Posie

  3. She’s just delicious! xxx

  4. Beautiful. MUCH better than the Silverchair version.

  5. Go on – swap small people with me!

  6. Oh that is the cutest thing ever.

    What I am going to do in the mornings when I get to work if you don’t blog every day.

  7. too girls loved that movie too…cheers

  8. Every kid should know all the words to the songs in that movie! Fantastic!
    Rach x

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