Round Here

: There’s washing hanging in the glorious sunshine and drying

: There’s always so much pink despite my protests it’s what is sort out, it’s what’s worn

: There’s deep blue sky and birds flying through it chirping away

: There’s the strong sweet perfume coming from my 3(!) Daphne bushes out the front and I’m finding excuses just to walk that way so I can get a hit. There are wee bunches of it next to our beds, in the bathrooms wherever I can put it!

: There’s my winter roses (Hellebore’s) standing straight up looking like fairy lamp posts. Until last week when I got really stuck into the garden you couldn’t even tell that they were in there – a lovely surprise!

: There’s an excited Preschooler who was enrolled into “big School” yesterday asking if today is the day she starts? Someone is so ready for school – it’s going to be a long 6 month wait!


  1. Even though its August, Im so excited by all teh cherry blossom buds, jasmine buds and I even have jonquils popping up all over the place. Cant wait to make ice-cream!
    T x

  2. Oh I so miss our daphne! I wonder what chance I would have of it growing up here. Hmm. Looks like a beautiful day!

  3. You are sooo lucky to have established Daphne thriving away. It’s a winter sweetener. xx

  4. i envy that garden!!

  5. Ha ha SNAP – this post made me think of this post

    Not all your pink though – all about the blue around here (even with 50:50 gender split)

    PS your garden is gorgeous!

  6. Reading this post I had a sense of deja vu .. crazy old world.
    Beautiful garden and how I wish I had a lovely Daphne bush .. and I miss the hellebores I had in New Zealand .. not much in this garden, violets, roses, magnolia .. lovely but not enough for me!

  7. Love your glimpses into the day-to-day – so normal but so beautiful.

  8. Daisy. BIG school. OMG! She’s gonna thrive there lady. Thrive I tell you. Beautiful images of your Wintery day xo

  9. I fucken LOVE daphne : )

  10. Ha! I relate. We have four loads – colours, whites, darks and pinks.

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