Red and green should never be seen

Edited to add: Rob just woke up and said “I think it’s Blue and Green should never be seen”. Not red. That’s a good combination. I think he’s right. I have NO idea what I am talking about most of the time. Now there’s a surprise…

The person who said “Red and green should never be seen” had clearly never seen my new Samantha Robinson bowls I got for my birthday.

Nor the bunch of tulips sitting on my hall table.


  1. They look like watermelons! Divine!

    (actually,. red and green are complimentary colours. they are made to go together ;))


  2. Samantha Robinson ceramics make me giddy. Adore!

  3. I thought they were watermelons too for a second! Then my brain kicked in and I realized they were THOSE bowls. De. to the Vine!

  4. It is blue and green 😉

    But how delightful are those bowls….supremely jealous!!!

  5. Those bowls should always be seen

  6. Yes! its
    ‘blue and green should never be seen, unless theres a colour in between’
    like, red!
    Lovely bowls – they look like watermelons!
    T xx

  7. Yes, I think you can put any colours together that you want. Your bowls look great and i love tulips!

  8. ooo yes, show pony said that too! watermelons!

  9. Oh look at you with your Samantha Robinson goodies!! Lucky you!! I don’t mind red and green at all.

  10. Blue and green should never be seen, except within the washing machine


    Blue and Green should never be seen, without a colour in between.

    Those tulips – love em!

  11. I have lusted over those bowls
    (sad, but true)
    Lucky you!!!

  12. Apparently it’s ‘Pink and Green should never be seen’ according to my MIL who quotes this at me every time I dress the Toddler in something that might have pink and green together.
    Some days I do it just to annoy her.

  13. I think Pink and Green sounds pretty lovely, Kel!

  14. Love Samanthas work…..have invited er on my site for next month ad am fingers crossed she will like it xx

  15. I AM SO ENVIOUS …. sorry, but I am. I love love love these bowls – love them!! YAY!!

    Oh, and I have a giveaway at the moment that you might like if you have a second to check it out?

  16. And can I just add …. when was your birthday – did I miss it or is it today? Sorry that I have to ask – does that make me a bad blogging friend?

  17. LOVE those bowls! And the tulips are Gorgeous 🙂

  18. These are gorgeous..bowls and tulips!

  19. A bit behind the times but I thought it was Purple and Green?

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