The only biker boots in the Village

We live in one of the prettiest villages (in my humble opinion) in NSW. With just about 150 residents it’s small. It’s old (main buildings date back to the late 1880’s). It’s pretty. It’s quaint. And I am SO lucky that I get to call it my home town. We don’t have much in town – a fabulous pub, a butcher a real estate agent and a cafe/restaurant and a Primary School.

Last week Daisy attended the open day at the Public School as she is starting there in January. The school is small – just 35 kids from Kindergarten  to Year 6 small – and when she was introduced to the school at Assembly with the Principal and all 35 kids stood and looked at her and said (as only kids can in their sing song voices) “Good Morning Daisy. Welcome to our school” my heart just about burst with pride and excitement. The school is so sweet. Their playground is a grassy hill with the most spectacular outlook over the valley dotted with Silver birches and clusters of daffodils and blossoms. The teachers lovely and the kids kind to each other and happy. Her classroom (which is K-2 composite) looked just like mine did when I was in Kinder but with interactive whiteboards instead of blackboards. I think she is going to be very happy there and the fact that she will be able to walk herself to school in the years to come with her friends past paddocks of cows – well it’s just about the best start to life a kid could get isn’t it?

When we were walking home from the School I ran into a woman who is the President of the local School of the Arts which is a historic building in town that is run and looked after by the residents for the residents to enjoy. They hold fundraisers throughout the year to raise money to maintain it – balls, movie nights, trivia nights etc – and they were looking for a new committee member – and she asked me to be that person! I was headhunted! Mostly because after 276 wines at said events through the year I must have talked up how much I wanted to get involved and help out. So Saturday morning I trotted up the the AGM, stood up when I was nominated and accepted a round of applause from the town! At the morning tea afterwards I met almost everyone and was well and truly scoped out by the oldies (I am the youngest on the committee by about 15 years I reckon and let me tell you there were a lot of puffer vests out there). Peeps, my baking is going to have to pick up – I am a committee member after all you know and I am going to have to keep the biker boots for a few meetings at least. Bev is about to come into her own! Tonight we have our first meeting to go through fundraisers through the year – what do you think they’ll think of a travelling drag show all the way from the big smoke? A bake off? I think it could be just the ticket…

While we still haven’t quite been here for a year I most definitely feel like this is home. Our home. Our town. The blossoms that were out when we moved in are almost out – we have almost seen our home in all four seasons. I am so excited about getting involved even further in the next year – being a part of a wonderful community and adding a little biker boots into the mix along the way.

There is, however, one part of this rural living that I just don’t get. Not sure if you have ever seen any a country television network with their Good night message for the children? I remember when I was a kid visiting friends we always saw Big Dog say goodnight to the kiddies. He was a freaky looking dog – still scarred by that. Here we have The Workers. Who are they? NO idea. Where do they come from? NO idea. What a strange motley crew of middle aged entertainers. Freaky? Yep. Creepy? That camp fireman with the creepy eyes? MAKE IT GO AWAY.


  1. Go Bev!!!

  2. i can’t unsee the creepy eyes. i think the workers probably came from a theatre restaurant that closed down. i love you post about feeling like home. we moved to the land of big dog, and slowly, slowly, we are feeling like we belong. ten more years and we’ll be locals!

  3. Are Giggle & Hoot not nationwide?? Or do you get The Workers in addition to Giggle & Hoot?

  4. Stop it, you’re making me very homesick. My childhood was everything that you just described. I’ve moved to the ‘big smoke now’ but sometimes wish i was back in the highlands giving my kids the lifestyle that i had. I will now just live it all through your posts.
    I think the bake off will be a winner.

  5. I have seen that clip down here also.
    it disturbed me greatly.
    congrats on the committee – you’ll do great!
    cheryl xox.

  6. HA! I said the same thing to hubby last night… who the frick are these “workers”? But i noticed last night it was a different one here in the ‘berra. He looks less scary. still pedo scary, but not “i am going to eat you” scary.

  7. Yeah, we have The Workers up here on teh Sunny Coast too. It’s not just the creepy, creepy eyes that make me shudder…it’s the policeman’s wave too. So, SO creepy!
    Congrats on the committee!

  8. It’s so lovely to visit your child’s school and know that they are going to love it. Such a great feeling as your baby starts schooling (it goes on for such a long time).
    Congratulations on your committee membership- you go girl!

  9. Go Bev!

    The way you told this story, I felt like I was right there. Just warmed the heart!

    Your daughter has an amazing childhood ahead of her 🙂


  10. Rock those boots all over the town….those boots were made for rocking and thats just wot they’ll do……

  11. We have the Workers too!! They drive me and my kids insane!!

  12. Oh that school sounds like something from Little House On The Prarie, I love it.
    I agree with you about ‘the workers’ they are both scary and hilarious at the same time!!

  13. You are so morphing into a junior CWA candidate. Pretty soon that creepy fireman is going to start looking hot and then you’ll know Bev is in trouble. x

  14. way to go Biker Bev you rock that committee

    We have “The Workers” too – on the Sunshine Coast so its not something country tv. Just plain weird!

    I think it was “Fat Cat” doing goodnight messages when we were kids or was that road safety ???

    Either way its just all wrong

  15. wow, me and my partner saw that clip for the first time the other night.. We were highly disturbed and giggled like school girls for like and hour afterwards. freaky much!? I think so!

  16. i’d like a little school like that for my boys … rock those biker boots sister !

  17. ……. what the f*ck?? Why are they so old? And why are they singing about grabbing my blankey and teddy bear? Definitely would not want to hear that song right before going to bed. Creepy dot com. xxx

  18. So BabyMac is moving to, well I know you can keep your end up in the baking department so I’m sure you’ll succeed in raising lots of dough for the arts!

  19. you are too funny! i have never heard of the workers and think i will leave it at that. sounds like a gorgeous place where you live. and how quaint a school. a beautiful start to education.

  20. Every time that ad comes on the TV we are totally creeped out by the fireman – seriously WTF!!!

  21. So are puffer jackets THAT bad? Surely not! I heart mine, and even blogged about it the other day. It’s a bit Bear Grylls though, so perhaps it’s semi-cool…? Oh wait, he eats raw offal. Probably not.

  22. As a child who was one of a class of 6 when she started school, I can assure small schools rock! Your daisy will just love it and your hometown sounds divine!

  23. Look at you, all settled in! It’s great to hear lady. You really made the right choice and I always thought you would do wonders for the country community. I do hope your title was a play on Little Britain, it made me laugh out loud… just don’t tell me if it isn’t, I like to think that’s where you were going ;o)
    Look out Southern Highlands, Bev has been injected xo

  24. I just happened to come across your blog this week and stopped in my tracks when I saw the school house…ar ha…right away I knew you must be living in our beloved Burrawang. We lived there in Crown Street in a quaint little pink house that has recently been renumbered as No. 6 and loved every moment of our time living there. Alas time has moved on…kids grow up and want the city lights and fun, the police dept moved my hubs to Sydney and so here we are. We recently took a drive back, and were sad to see Scarlett’s shop is closed and the General Store is closed. I would love to see new people come to Burrawang to breathe life back into those delightful stores where you could help yourself to the freshly delivered bread on Scarlett’s doorstep and push your money under the door. So many great memories were made for us there. Wishing and your sweet little family of cuteness a long and happy life in Burrawang.

  25. That was your ploy wasn’t it. To lull us all into that delightful GO BEV revery and then slap us around the head with that wet dead scary fish. W.T.F??????

  26. I love little towns. and baking. Can I move in with you? Meanwhile, we totally get that creeeepy ad here, it wigs me out endlessly!

  27. Oh have you seen the new version? i think its meant to be less creepy, but it doesn’t work. My almost 2yr old waves at the TV when they are on. That really creeps me out.

  28. the workers are hilarious. kesh and i lose it every time they come on.

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