Mental Mothering

Excuse my tardiness of late – it appears I have actually been living my life rather than just writing about it so the posts have been a little thin. Funny how that happens! But I’m back, from Sydney, and only just back. We snuck off Saturday morning to head to a fabulous 4th birthday party for my niece and then to a Christening for friends that live in NYC who were over here with their newest member of their family. We stayed at Mum’s and had a great time catching up with people, relaxing, eating and drinking. We also celebrated the end (thank GOD) of Masterchef with a fabulous dinner with my little sis and her husband last night. I think I drank too much red wine because my head hurts a little today. I hit the road with the girls this morning and spent an hour getting onto a main freeway out of town. I do not miss Sydney and it’s shitty traffic. Not one bit. Not one little bit.

I got home about an hour ago and instead of just packing down and enjoying the cooler weather I have managed to unpack everything, throw out all the flowers that I had in the house, replace them with all new flowers from the garden, sweep, water the pots, put a load of washing on, DUST almost every surface and have a cup of tea. I am MENTAL. Seriously. I have some kind of mental disorder than has me in a frenzy upon return to my house from anywhere. I need to unpack. I need order. I need things to be nice. And pretty. And orderly. Before I can relax. MENTAL.COM.AU At least the house looks nice though and I can pack down for the afternoon. It’s cold too – it’s back – of course it’s back – so I think I’ll be getting the fire on and a roast chook too. Monday night calls for it I think – just to ease my headache at least…

One last thing, on the trip up to Sydney on Saturday the girls were a little flustered by the time we hit Sydney Saturday afternoon traffic. And it was hot too – a dangerous combination. Harper started talking and said one sentence perfectly. It took us all a little by surprise and it was hilarious too so we all laughed, and so she said it again. And again. And again. It is one of the funniest things I have ever heard, but then again I am mental, so maybe it’s not.

Just remember “It’s not Daisy’s sock. It’s MY sock.”

My Die.


  1. Hilarious!
    BTW can you please clean my house?

  2. HAHAHAHAAAAAAAA lil darlin’! Don’t you love how when they do shit like that you can’t stop a. laughing and b. asking them to do it again!

  3. I love the “Are we there yet?” in amongst the claims of sock ownership.
    A necessary comment on any family car trip.
    And the only way to be is MENTAL!
    LOVE IT!

  4. cookcleanstudy says

    I’m exactly the same when I come home from a trip. So either you’ve got another person in your ‘mental’ club with wanting everything unpacked upon arriving home or we’re normal and any other way is just weird. xx

  5. And one more time for the cheap seats in the back! She’s too funny…

  6. I should be clear that my type of mental mothering doesn’t involve the need to clean…I am just plain mental.
    Sometimes I wish I had your sort of mental…..

  7. Loves it.

    And now it begins. The talking. Imagine all the lovely little things that will soon be leaving her mouth. MY DIE!!

  8. Bahaha that is super cute! I especially love the ‘are we there yet?!’
    Glad you had a good weekend and that masterchef is over also, thank god!
    Have a good week! xx

  9. LOLOLOLOLOL!! What was that again Harper? I didn’t quite catch that!
    Too funny and too cute!

  10. I have tears! Tears! I also loved the “Are we there yet?” getting a good look in then! Haha, I’ll be thinking of that all afternoon and saying to myself: “It’s not Daisy’s sock. It’s my sock.” Pal will think I’ve gone a bit mad, but then, what else is new!

  11. ROFL, that’s awesome 😀

    I’m with you on the Sydney traffic….hate it with a passion.

  12. Hehehe gorgeous!! Thanks for the giggles :o)

  13. Oh my gosh, could she BE any cuter?!! Doubt it…

  14. Ridiculously cute!


    Awesome first proper sentence 🙂

  15. I like to unpack and make myself at home when staying at a hotel room. And no, it’s MY sock. Cute.

  16. Those random little videos are the most precious of all.

    I totally get the ‘everything needs to be done and THEN I’ll relax bit’. x

  17. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  18. That is AWESOME.

    I love when they say their first proper sentence, and they know we think it’s funny so they say it over and over and over. Hilarious!

  19. Way tooooooo funny……love it.

  20. LOVE IT!!! She looks so cute. Can’t believe how much she was saying when Lucy gave her the phone to speak to me last night!!! So impressed!!! Where did it suddenly come from?

  21. My die! So funny! Adorable – Harper is just a touch older than our littlest. I love Daisy’s “are we there yet?” too.

  22. I want to hear her say ‘ham hock’. She’s nail it. Just saying. x

  23. You’re not mental, she IS really funny! SUCH a gorgeous little lady. As for doing all those chores as soon as you got home… now that’s a little mental ;o)
    I get the washing order though, gotta have order about the washing xo

  24. Me too I go mental when I get home from a trip and just want the house clean and tidy, clothes wash and hung, clothes unpacked. Very crazy and loopy.

  25. OHHH Miss Harper, you are too cute!! xxx

  26. Oh that is just too cute!

  27. bahahah who’s sock is it? I’m sure Veggie Dad and I had a kid for our own amusement. They do the coolest things x

  28. Too cute! I love the look on her face. Totally has her audience wrapped around her finger. xx

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