Mama’s payday

Day in, day out you will find me and my little white Macbook at the dining room table tap tap tapping away. Sure, there are even times when twitter  my work keeps me giving, ahem, 100% of my attention to my kids. Which I suppose isn’t ideal, but hey, I am never going to organise a craft activity for my kids. I won’t do it, I just won’t do it. And a happy Mum makes for a happy chum(?!), or kids, or something.

A couple of weeks back a truck pulled up in our driveway which is a big deal around these parts because trucks never pull up in our driveway. OK maybe occasionally a truck pulls in to deliver some online shopping but never a truck I’m not expecting! So it’s Friday afternoon when it drops off this ginormous box and I was running late for ballet with 3 kids so I left it in the front door, then rushed off. A few hours later we arrived home, in the dark (literally as we had a black out) so the box sat, lonely until Saturday morning. I had a quick sneak and realised it wasn’t for me but for two other little people in the house, so I let them do the honours…

I love her face here…”HOLY SHIT MUM, it’s toys! A SHITLOAD of TOYS!” or words to that effect…

And it was just that a big box filled with a shitload of toys from Fisher Price. Along with a fancy note from a fancy PR company telling me “my gorgeous girls” might like them. And I might like to write about them? Hmmm…

So then I ran around the house, chest puffed, feeling like I had “made it!”. Text messages may or may not have been sent to my siblings saying that I had indeed, made it! My brother was quick to reply “You’re nothing until you get offered 2 first class tickets to Dubai by Etihad”. What would he know stupid older brother?  I may have said aloud a few times “Rob, look at me! My blog! I’ve made it!” People wanted to BRIBE ME FOR MY OPINION. I’m like John Laws! Awesome. There was finally some pay for all the non attention my kids get!

So, the kids opened the toys and they were awesome. Well, most of them were awesome. The Dora toys were first to be grabbed with their flashy commercial Doranisms BUT they were the first to be discarded too. She’s all flash and no depth that Dora. Harper loved the Learning Kitchen and I was OK with the fact that it had annoying music and songs because it had an English and not American voice. There was a Doodle Bear in there that comes with textas but by GOD there was no way I was showing my kids that you can draw on anything other than paper. Sure it washes off, but does the permanent marker on my nice couch come off when that inevitably happens Fisher Price? I don’t think so. Daisy loved the Digital Camera and hasn’t put it down weeks later. It was a hit at a Sydney birthday party we attended later that day which is always good to be a country kid with something cool for those fancy Sydney siders!

Seriously, Dora, what’s with the hooker purple highlights? YOU USED TO BE ABOUT THE BACKPACK. She’s changed.

And then, well, like a binge on cakes and chocolate, I felt a little woozy. I needed a shower. When Rob pointed out to me that we should have donated them to a hospital, or to someone who actually needs them, I agreed. I got a little carried away with it all. I mean, this blog is never going to have advertising on it, or be about “stuff” and when I am going to let my ego move out of the way?

A few weeks later, a little distance from it all, and I have some perspective. Dora is upside down in the toy basket with those nasty purple highlights all tattered and knotted. The bear is hidden and the textas thrown away never to be seen again. The camera and the kitchen – quality toys are being used and enjoyed. I hope that occasionally I can work with brands that are quality, that are liked, and that are used by my readers. You won’t see flash in the pan things in here, just because. But Fisher Price, well, they have been making toys forever (since I was a kid) and if they want my humble opinion on something, and my kids get something out of it, well then that’s OK by me. Am I no longer a pure blogger? Maybe. Have I sold out? Maybe. But really, at the end of the day, who cares though…right?

So. There you have it. My first ever post about something that someone gave me. See? I’VE MADE IT. Not. I hope you don’t feel let down by it, or cheapened, or somethinged. I didn’t get paid for it, my kids got some stuff from it, which means that I can write more blog posts while they are entertained. And it doesn’t involve setting up a craft activity. Winning!


  1. Love it.
    “hooker highlights”

  2. I am actually quite keen to hear about which items were keepers and which weren’t. It is often hard to tell until after I have handed over the cash.

    I have a few Dora’s in perfect condition, no one ever plays with her. Trollop that she is, getting famous and then turning all glam.

    So feel free to sell out a bit more often if the boxes keep coming and the reviews tell me something I need to know.

  3. You’ve got a 3rd child now?

  4. I. Need. To. Make. It.

    you are my hero.

  5. That Doodle Bear (or whatever it is called) would never have seen the light of day at my place either, obviously designed by someone who does not have children.

    Great post. I loved your honesty and don’t feel like you “sold out”.

    Good for you and may the freebies keep landing on your doorstep.

    I wonder if a box of Horny Goat weed will turn up next week after last nights post???

  6. I think it’s great to get something back….good luck with the first class tickets!!

  7. I agree Fisher Price toys are great. Except you need an engineering degree to remove the packaging.
    I like free stuff. Enjoy. Share. Who cares?! My free stuff admittedly is a roadside find, so the idea of brand new free stuff is very exciting!

  8. Oh I LOVE! Fisher Price is such a great brand. Makes me feel comforted … I still have my campervan circa 1977. It’s even got its own TORLET in it, and outlasted most of my childrens toys.

  9. Well, if you’re going to be lured in by the big companies for a comment then at least you made it humourous..and your girls got a truckload of playing out of it can’t disregard that! It’s ok, don’t panic..we’re still here.

  10. please please please dont become a sponsored blog whore! i’ve seen too many of my favourite blogs become one giant ad.

    having said that… the occasional treat for your gorgeous girlies is more than ok!

  11. “she’s changed.” snort xx

  12. Bahahahaa! BEST REVIEW POST EBBER! I loved this! Like Claire I like to hear what’s a “keeper” and which toys got discarded quick smart.

  13. good on you, and good to get something for your kids, i wouldn’t mind that a bit myself..
    the girls look so cute in their jarmies! xx

  14. Loving the facials, could Daisy be anymore like you?? Great photos! I think you’re allowed to be a tad chuffed with a delivery of that calibre. I think you should take up every offer you want to lady. You give good review ;o) xo

  15. I’d be a tad exfriggincited about a delivery of that nature round here too.
    I am dead against any toy that misleads children to believe that you can go to town on a toy or clothing with textas – and hey, it’s okay. No. No. No.
    Ok – Etcha Sketch excepted.

  16. I think if you directed us to a great Nigerian sign up for an inheritance website, you may have possibly sold out & gone nuts, but toys, you have children, kind of goes together.
    I LOVE Lego, do PR for them all the time, but long after i did many posts about Lego bought by me, played by my children, no ulterious motives. Ditto for IKEA.
    I often blog about my Army house, i’d like a free house. While i’m at it, my 16y.o. is a huge part of my life & features in my blog accidentally, often, i’d like a new one of them sent in a big brown box too. Maybe swap the Toyota badge with a Mercedes one?? I’m easy. Love Posie

  17. I’ve only just started writing about brands and stuff – and have only done it a few times – but I have this internal debate every time. I don’t know, but at the end of the day if the kids are happy (read: letting you sit down for five minutes) and you’re happy, then go for it.

  18. My two cents?

    I really like that you don’t have ads. Sure I read lots of blogs that do, but the fact you don’t makes it all feel more … real? I think you nail ‘real’. A la the sex post.

  19. I do feel a bit grubby after reading that one, B. x

  20. GO YOU and go girls. Dora comes and goes in our house. I really wish they would improve her hair.

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