Let me guess…

The bowls are filled with food and there are flowers all around…

There’s plenty of booze…

There’s some pork belly, bacon, and a home made meat pie on my bench…

A stack of cheese and pate and crackers to graze on…

And some cold bubbles sitting there just waiting to be popped…

Why I do believe that means we must have visitors coming! And we do! My Dad and step mum are down all weekend which will be lovely. I don’t see my Dad as much as I would like to, or should do, so we are going to savour the 2 nights we have planned with good food and wine, sunshine, a visit to the pub, sitting by the fire at night and a little football watching thrown in too I suspect. Sounds {and looks} pretty good to me.

Hope you have a great one too!


  1. Yummy, scrummy! sounds divine. My hubby is away for five days so I will be curled up in the foetal position with the three children yelling at me constantly ‘I WANT SOMETHING TO EAT’. I will be thinking of you – jealously!! x

  2. you can afford bananas?

    xo em

  3. You really do love pork and champagne don’t you?

    Wanna swap fridges? You can have my half eaten banana and four day old leftover lasagne… oh, and the out of date yoghurt’s all yours, too.

  4. Em, even better…I can even afford to WASTE bananas.

  5. mmmm. pork belly. mmmm.

  6. Enjoy it hun. It looks and sounds amazing!


  7. Wow you have a clean fridge! Maybe I should go clean mine…

    Can I come stay too?? Sounds like a great weekend.

  8. pork belly + vino +open fire = heaven

  9. sounds like you have everything you need for a fab weekend. Enjoy! x

  10. Perfection – enjoy.

  11. You make everything look {and sound} so beautiful!

    Enjoy! xx

  12. Goodness! I might just happen to be wandering through the ‘Wang and have to drop in with that spread lying there. Even if i do have to drive 1.5 hours out of my way. Enjoy, sounds divine. x

  13. THAT IS IT!

    Let’s nail down a date so you can cook for me! I will bring the wine xx

  14. I bet you’d even beat Mr P23 in a lasagne showdown.

    Nosey parker question, but what do you do with Filo pastry? I have some and need to use it.

  15. So it seems I have a new job for you.

    You could invite people like me (domestic goddess failure) to your place for the weekend and show me what to prepare for those weekends that you are expecting guests.

    This type of thing fills me with fear. I don’t know where to start and always feel stressed about having the visitors and what they are eating rather than enjoying their company.

    Let me know when the first weekend is on.

  16. What are bananas? cheers for weekend!

  17. I’M ON MY WAY.

    SERIOUSLY, I need to stop reading your blog you always make me hungry.

  18. I’d like to meet Mrs Woog. Let me know the date. I’ll lock it in too.

  19. Oh Enjoy!

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  21. My God it sounds PERFECT.

    I miss my parents. They’re in their 80s so don’t travel over from Perth anymore – haven’t done so in years. I find it difficult to get back to Perth with 3 boys and commitments. Terrible.

    Enjoy every minute. Even the football watching sounds like fun (and I’m not a big football viewer)!


  22. Gosh you keep a clean fridge.

    Those white flowers with the green centres are beautiful, what are they?

  23. Oooh, I know you’re going to have a good time! And so will they.

    Plus, your fridge looks exactly like mine…. clean and full of lovely goodness 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  24. I wish my parents or even my in laws lived closer….in the same country would be useful x

  25. This makes me happy. please read my fathers day post that I did a day or so ago and you will know why. Or is it all the booze thats bringing a smile to my face???
    have a great time!
    T xx

  26. sounds like the perfect weekend on tap. have fun. cheers Wendy

  27. Yumbo, looks like a delicious weekend & how good are the strawberries right now (& their price??) Love to your family, love Posie

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