Holy sunshine Batman!

It’s 16 degrees here today. 16! It hasn’t been that warm in goodness knows how long. I have done 4 loads of washing and it’s drying. I have windows open. I have cut flowers from the garden inside. I have fertilised flowers, cut and pruned and weeded. Trying to get things in order before spring begins. Whilst I was out and about doing all this a little something caught my eye…

Teeny, tiny, precious pink buds of spring, waiting patiently.

And I’ll do the same. And count my blessings for the little tastes of spring that we get along the way! I hope you get to enjoy the sunshine today – wherever you are!


  1. I can’t wait for spring! a beautiful mild day here too, reminds me i should get my butt outside and make the most of it! x

  2. It’s a gorgeous sunshiny day here too. I’ve actually got my washing hanging outside on the line! Not inside on racks or covering every piece of furniture we own! Bliss!

  3. Oh let it shine!!

  4. the weather in Newcastle was brilliant over the weekend. oh I love spring. the sunshine is perfect this time of year. i love that you can actually enjoy it minus the humidity.

  5. Love blossom. Just spent the weekend in Willunga and all the almond blossoms were out – gorgeous x

  6. Hi Beth..I always noticed in Canberra that the almond tree was the first. I used to watch for the wattle and the daffodils too..all that bright yellow cheerfulness.

  7. Be patient, honey, and don’t wish poor August (the BIRTHDAY month!) away… x

  8. How great is the weather?! It’s been 20 degrees here for the past three or four days. Frickin love it. If only it could be this perfect temperature all year round xxx

  9. Bring. It. On.

  10. We drove down a street today with trees all in blossom.

    It gave me hope.

    Only one month of winter left. Phew.

  11. Yep it was a little slice of heaven here in Sydney today too lady. Oh August, how I love thee! It always delivers that little teaser of Spring. Seeing those bubs ready to burst forth gets me every time… I can’t wait for the jasmine to start blooming :o)
    And YAY for washing on the line again! xo

  12. Beautiful. Nothing beats spring blossoms ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Ooooooh! Look at those buds just waiting to burst! Glad it was a lovely day!

  14. Yay! – No jackets, no heater, lots of Sun. Beeeyoootiful winters day!

  15. There is NOTHING more beautiful than a haunting magnolia. STUNNING!

    Thanks for sharing. I’m hanging out for spring. xx

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